PAWA Dominicana has signed a joint-venture business agreement with Aserca Airlines of Venezuela!


PAWA Dominiciana, the fast-growing Dominician airline has announced the signing of a joint-venture business agreement with its Venenzuelan sister carrier, Aserca Airlines. PAWA Dominciana currently serves Antigua, Havana, Port au Prince, Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, San Junao Fernando Luis Ribas Domincci and Miami. 


Any customers travelling from any of Caracas, Valencia Arturo, Maturin, Puerto Ordaz, Barquisimeto, Barcelona Anzoategui, Maracaibo, Porlamar and Las Piedras may purchase tickets for any of he seven Caribbean destinations PAWA Dominciana serves from its Santo Domingo Las Americas hub. This is PAWA's first such venture since it resumed operations last year in August. Aserca's owner, Simeon Garcia owns 99.9% of Clipper Aviation Services as well as 63% of PAWA Dominicana. Book your PAWA Dominicana flights through