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About Firefly

Firefly is a point to point airline based in Malaysia and is a 100% owned by national carrier Malaysia Airlines. The airline operates both domestic scheduled service within Malaysia and international flights Firefly flies from Subang to Penang, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Kerteh, Johor Bahru and Alor Setar.

Regional routes are Koh Samui, Medan, Pekanbaru and Batam. Firefly has also started its new route to Singapore from Subang, Ipoh, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. At the same time, Firefly also flies from its other hub in Penang to Subang (Kuala Lumpur), Langkawi. Regional routes are Phuket, Banda Aceh and Medan. The airline has a twin hub strategy with flights flying from Subang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport) and Penang. Despite its ownership being 100% in the hands of Malaysia Airlines, Firefly operates with a separate management team and its own fleet of 7 orange liveried twin turbo prop ATR 72-500 aircraft.

Firefly's fleet consists of ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600. Firefly has a separate management separate from its parent company, Malaysia Airlines. 


Firefly Airlines Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers flying with Firefly Airlines are permitted one piece of hand luggage, weighing a maximum of 7kg. This item must not exceed 56 x 36 x 23cm in dimensions.


Checked Baggage

Passengers are given 20kg of free checked luggage. Bags which exceed this limit will be charged for excess luggage. Alternatively, passengers can purchase extra baggage when purchasing their tickets.



Firefly Airlines Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Firefly currently offer online check-in for passengers travelling domestically within Malaysia, or between Malaysia and Singapore. This web check-in service will open at the earliest 14 days before departure, closing 1 hour before departure. Once passengers have checked in successfully, they must print their boarding pass to take with them.

The online check-in service can be found here.


Airport Check-In

Passengers who are not eligible for online check-in with Firefly Airlines must check-in air the airport check-in counters. Please ensure you arrive with plenty of time, as passengers who arrive late to check-in will not be allowed on the flight.



Alternative Airlines to Firefly

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Firefly Hub Airport

Penang International Airport

Penang International Airport is one of Malaysia’s busiest airports. It was opened in 1935 where it was known as the Bayan Lepas International Airport and is located on Penang Island within George Town.

The airport is also a hub for AirAsia, Malaysia Airlinesand Malindo Air.



Firefly Destinations

Firefly Airlines flies to the following destinations.

Banda Aceh



Alor Setar

Kota Bharu

K. Terengganu




Johor Bahru




Firefly Route Map


FireFly Route Map



Economy Class

FireFly’s only cabin class is FlyBASIC, which equates to their economy class. All passengers will have a standard seat in the aircraft.

Economy Class Facilities

Seating is allocated to passengers in FlyBASIC, meaning passengers are given a seat rather than choosing it themselves. FlyBASIC includes refreshments on board, typically snacks such as fruit and drinks such as soft drinks, juices and hot tea or coffee.

Economy Class Seats

Seat pitches on FlyBASIC is 30 inches large, in both the ATR 72-500 and the ATR 72-600.



Premium Economy Class

Passengers can choose to upgrade their fare to FlyPREMIER. On this ticket type, passengers will be able to bring with them more luggage, and have a more flexible ticket wherein they can have one free date or time change (up to 2 hours before flying).

Premium Economy Class Facilities

Not only do passengers in FlyPREMIER get an extra 10kg of checked luggage, they also get priority baggage. Passengers in Premier class also have the option to get access to the SkyLounge at Subang Skypark Terminal (if flying from this airport).

Premium Economy Class Seats

All seats on FireFly planes are the same 30 inch seat pitch size. However, as passengers in FlyPREMIER have the option to select their seats free of charge, they can choose to select the seats at the front of the plane with extra legroom.



Business Class

FireFly are yet to have a business class on their flights.



First Class

There is currently no first class available on FireFly flights.


Firefly News

27th February 2018

Firefly launches 'FY is for You' plan

Firefly Airlines has launched its 2018 campaign, themed “FY Is For You”, which is aimed at providing hassle-free regional connectivity for its passengers.Firefly has always been about convenience and seamless service in short-haul air travel and this strategy plans to emphasise this. “The campaign will carry out substantial segment marketing such as FY Convenience, FY Benefit, FY Opportunity which covers business to-business (B2B), FY Action, FY Enjoyment, FY Engagement and FY Info covering business-to-consumer (B2C),” Ong said.

He added that in terms of attracting businesses, the main focus will be on aircraft advertising, C-wallet corporate packages, partnerships and collaborations. In terms of its consumers, he said it will focus on campaigns and promotions, value-added services, viral videos on social media, contests and media releases. The main idea of “FY is For You”, according to Ong, is to provide better services to meet Firefly’s customers’ needs and improve the airlines competitive position to increase sales and its market shares.

As part of the campaign, passengers who purchase return flight tickets with the airlines will get a free unique Grab voucher code valued at RM10 that can be used to and from domestic airports where Firefly operates. Firefly has also unveiled the “Everyone Gets a Prize” campaign where customers stand the chance to win a gift box and receive prizes such as a one-way flight ticket, RM50 e-wallet voucher, RM50 Firefly online store voucher or Firefly Holiday online voucher after purchasing a ticket on its website.


19th October 2017

Malaysia Airlines mulls stake sale to another carrier

Bellew: It allows for balanced growth. If you look around the world, a lot don’t have partners in Southeast Asia. 

Malaysia Airlines Bhd is exploring the option of having another airline on board by selling a strategic stake in the national carrier, among other measures, before its listing exercise that is slated to take place in 2019, according to its chief executive officer (CEO) Peter Bellew.

“Listing is one route. It could also be that we are more inclined to do deal with another carrier, do a more detailed partnership with another carrier — a trade investment, but we should be listable by 2019, and I expect we will list, but it’s not the only route that we may take.

“It’s the trend these days; that’s what’s happening. Other airlines, they take a portion of somebody else, get really close [working] together … what it does is it generally lifts overall value, and you have other commercial operation opportunities, maybe you can have joint purchasing, maybe you cooperate on aircraft, you have the same product line, that’s the trend where the industry is going, and it makes a lot of sense.

Bellew, however, was quick to add that negotiations towards this end have yet to commence. He cited Delta Airlines buying into Virgin Atlantic, who worked in a cross-shareholding with Air France-KLM, as a business model that he was looking at.

In July, Delta Airlines announced that it was looking at buying a 10% stake in Air France-KLM for US$438 million, while Air France-KLM buys a 31% stake in Virgin Atlantic forking out US$287 million.

China Eastern Airlines, meanwhile, bought a 10% stake in Air France-KLM for the same amount — US$438 million.

“It’s an option,” Bellew explained without divulging any information.

“We’ve worked very hard over the last 12 months in building bridges with other carriers all over the world; I think it’s going to pay off very well for us over the next two years,” he said.

The option of having another airline to hold a stake in Malaysia Airlines is entirely new.

In 2011, the then Malaysian Airline System Bhd’s (MAS) parent Khazanah Nasional Bhd announced a comprehensive collaboration framework (CCF). Under the CCF, Khazanah, which then owned a 69.5% stake in MAS, was supposed to swap its 20.5% stake in the national carrier for a 10% stake in AirAsia Bhd with Tune Air Sdn Bhd.

Khazanah also had an option to acquire a 10% equity stake in AirAsia X Bhd.

Part of the deal involved having MAS and AirAsia serve separate business segments, and effectively compete for different consumers.

MAS was to focus on becoming a premium airline and transform its turboprop unit Firefly into a full-service carrier. AirAsia, on the other hand, was to retain its focus as a regional low-cost carrier (LCC), while its subsidiary AirAsia X would remain a medium- to long-haul LCC.

However, the deal fell through due to resistances from the unions months later. Subsequently, Khazanah took the airline private and commenced its 12-point plan to revive the national carrier, in a whopping RM6 billion corporate exercise in 2014.

The floatation exercise is part of the plan. Another key aspect of Khazanah’s plan is for Malaysia Airlines to turn the corner by next year.

For its financial year ended Dec 31, 2016 (FY16), the airline’s after-tax loss narrowed to RM438.87 million from RM1.12 billion. Its revenue expanded substantially to RM8.57 billion from RM3.14 

billion the year before.

The carrier’s total liabilities had shrunk to RM4.91 billion as at end-2016 from RM9.83 billion a year ago. Its total assets also contracted to RM6.07 billion in FY2016 from RM9.11 billion in FY2015.

Bellew acknowledged that Malaysia Airlines will remain loss-making in FY17 which is within expectations. “I think we are on track to be profitable in the second half of next year,’’ he added.

The national carrier is in the midst of leasing six Airbus A330-200 from AER Capital, 25 planes from Boeing, eight of which are 787 Dreamliners, 16 are 737 Max 8 and an option for eight more 737 Max 8, largely to replace ageing planes.

At present Malaysia Airlines has a fleet of 48 737-800 aircraft, 15 A330-300, six A380 planes, and hope to increase the fleet to about 80 over the near term.

Currently, the airline has a healthy average load factor of about 80%.


20th September 2017

Airline produces short video on sense of belonging and unity

FIREFLY Airlines has come up with a Malaysia Day short video, entitled Bring Me Home on national unity.

The video, carrying the meaning of “Connect the Disconnected”, directed and produced in-house by the airline’s marketing and communications team, began with a mother and daughter hugging each other and crying, when suddenly an angry father standing near a window shouted, “Why did you do this to us?” in Tamil.

It then moves on to the daughter asking for forgiveness for going against her parents’ wishes by marrying a man of her own choice.

The fuming father pulled away his wife from the daughter and told both his daughter and son-in-law to get out of the house, making the latter promise them that he will take care of their daughter till his last breath.

The scene then moves on to a present day scene in which the daughter sends off her son to school and reminds him not to choose his friends based on skin colour as he has all of it in him.

The boy then becomes the glue to reunite his parents and grandparents by arranging a surprise flight with Firefly for the meet up after he found out what had happened years ago.  

The 3’ 26” video speaks volumes and has touched many hearts, reminding Malaysians to put the negativities aside, instilling the feeling of belonging and togetherness in all Malaysians.

“The reality is that every connection in the end, begins with a noble struggle and incomparable sacrifice.

“We live in a diverse country filled with people whom we call family despite our different cultures and races, a country rich in resources and free from natural disasters. 

“Many stories from the man in the street will confirm that most Malaysians are blind to each other’s skin colour,” said Firefly Airlines chief executive officer Ignatius Ong.

Through the various internal and external engagements lined up, the airline hopes to bring to light the simple pleasures in life that makes each and every moment special when flying with Firefly.