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About MYAirlines

MYAirline is an ultra-low-cost airline in Malaysia that was established in January 2021. MYAirline is the 2nd airline in 2021 to be established in Malaysia, with the 1st being SKS Airways. The airline hasn't yet begun operating services but has been awarded a temporary Air Service License from the Malay government. The license will run from 1st January 2022 until 31 December 2022 where it may be extended. The airline plans on operating a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft with 2 of these due to be delivered at the beginning of the year.


As of January 2021, MYAirways hasn't yet published its intended route network.


Carry-on Baggage

The airline hasn't yet stated their baggage policy, however, it is likely that the airline will allow you to bring 1 personal item to fit under the seat in front of you.

Checked Baggage

As MYAirline plans on operating as an ultra-low-cost (ULC) airline it isn't not expected that checked baggage will be included in your ticket and will come at an additional cost. The airline may offer various fare types allowing for a checked bag, however, more information will be provided upon the airline's launch.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

MYAirlines doesn't currently have a website so it is unsure if online check-in will be an option. However, as the airline is a ULC carrier it may offer this to keep costs and ticket prices down.

Airport Check-In

It is expected that the airline will offer airport check-in facilities. It is currently unsure if these will come at an additional surcharge similar to Ryanair or if this will be a free service for all passengers.

Travel Classes

Economy Class

Information about the airline's cabin configuration is currently unknown. However, as the airline plans on operating as an ultra-low-cost airline, it is expected that an all-economy configuration will be installed. It is unlikely that complimentary drinks, snacks or entertainment will be offered with all additional services being charged. Similarly, it is not expected that checked luggage will be included in most tickets and may need to be additionally purchased.

In-flight Entertainment & Wifi

As the airline will operate as a ULC it is unlikely that inflight entertainment or wifi will be installed. The airline may offer an inflight magazine, however, we recommend bringing your own entertainment with you.

Food & Drink

MYAirline is not expected to offer complimentary food and beverages onboard as it is a ULC airline. The airline instead may choose to offer a buy onboard meal service. However, more information will be provided once services begin.

Frequent Flyer Program

MYAirline doesn't currently offer a frequent flyer program and is not expected to do so upon the launch of services.

Airline Alliance

The airline isn't currently part of any airline alliance and it is unsure if it will join one. As the airline will be a ULC airline this may not be likely.


MYAirline plans on operating 2 Airbus A320 aircraft upon its launch in 2022.

Hub Airport

MYAirline is yet to publish its intended route map, so currently, it is still unsure which airport the airline may choose to be its hub airport. However, it could be likely that the airline may choose to base its operations from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 2) as this is designed specifically for low-cost airlines. The airline could choose to operate from Subang International Airport, the capital's secondary airport or the airline could choose a different destination entirely. More information will be provided once the airline announces its route network.

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