IQUITOS: facts, flights and advice

Brianna Mills, 01.02.18

Alternative Destinations: 7 min read

Isolated. Exotic. Intriguing. Peru's Iquitos, the largest town inaccessible by land, has all...

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Top 10 Alternative Pancake Experiences Around the World

Brianna Mills, 13.02.18

The Alterative Canteen: 10 min read

Food. Our love of it is universally binding. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're fr...

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8 reasons to buy flights with PayPal

Brianna Mills, 01.03.18

Alternative Thrift Shop: 8 min read

Buying flights can be stressful. Even though we try to make the experience as stress...

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How to book flights with long layovers

Brianna Mills, 21.03.18

Alternative flights: 10 min read

When most of us take a long-haul flight, we end up stopping somewhere. Usually, all this means is a ...

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9 of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe

Brianna Mills, 05.04.18

Alternative Destinations: 10 min read

Europe is a treasure trove of wonderful places. What's more, with low-cost carriers such as t...

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Other-Worldly Adventures

Dom Herrera, Brianna Mills, 04.05.18

Alternative Destinations: 7 min read

There are an estimated 200 billion galaxies in the universe. It’s impo...

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Alternative Hotels

Dom Herrera 15.05.18

Alternative Thrift Shop: 6 min read

First you decide on the country you’re visiting, then you decide on the hotel in that y...

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The best frequent flyer programs 2018

Brianna Mills, 21.05.18

Alternative travel tips: 12 min read

What are frequent flyer programs?

Frequent flyer programs are the loyalty ca...

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Is there a cheapest day to buy flights?

Brianna Mills, 19.04.18

Alternative Thrift Shop: 12 min read

Cheap flights. We've all Googled it. Whether it's a business trip, you're head...

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