8 Affordable Romantic Getaways

Beth Watson, 15.01.19
Alternative Destinations

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing shows your significant other you care more than a romantic geta...

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Best places to spend Chinese New Year

Dom Herrera, 10.01.18
Alternative Destinations

With parades, dragon dancing, floats, firecrackers, beautiful Chinese lanterns and much more, Chinese New Y...

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San Francisco Bay Area Travel Guide

Natalie Arney, 02.01.19
Alternative Destinations: 10 min read
The San Francisco Bay Area is known as the home for America’s free spirits, alongside the thrivin...

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A Local's Guide to Salvador da Bahia

Beth Watson, 14.12.18

A city which often gets passed up for the pull of São Paulo and Iguazu falls, Salvador da Bahia is a place steeped history and tradition. With a lively ...

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The Best Airlines for Wifi

Natalie Arney, 12.12.18
Alternative Travel Tips

Whether you want to complete a pressing item for work, complete an assignment to submit, or entertain your...

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6 of the cheapest countries in South America

Dom Herrera, 06.12.18
Alternative Destinations

With amazing wildlife, rich and diverse cultures and an irresistible charm, Read more

The Best Airports for Shopping

Emma Langley, 27.11.18
Alternative Travel Tips

Airports can often be mundane places, a simple waiting place, dull in comparison to the excitement of the t...

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A Local's Guide to Rwanda

Beth Watson, 19.11.18

Alternative Destinations

With a large gorilla population, volcanic hiking trails and a safe and clean capital city, Rwanda shou...

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9 Best Ski Resorts in the World

Dom Herrera, 15.11.18
Alternative Destinations

With many ski seasons around the world opening soon, at Alter...

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A Local’s Guide to Malta

Sophie Georgalakis, 8.11.18
Alternative Destinations

Malta has become an increasingly popular European destination to visit in recent years and there’s ...

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Get the Best Black Friday Flight Deals

Beth Watson and Emma Langley, 30.10.18

Alternative Travel Tips: 6 min read

Black Friday is so much more than packed superstores and fighting s...

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Best Cities For New Year's Eve

Dom Herrera, 23.10.18
Alterative Destinations: 7 min read

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, why not end 2018 in the most spectacular way possible an...

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Singles Day 2018

Sophie Georgalakis, 17.10.18
Alternative Travel Tips: 6 min read

So you think that only people in relationships get to celebrate all things love on
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Where to see the fall colours in 2018

Beth Watson, 09.10.18
Alternative Destinations: 5 min read

Whether it’s “leaf-peeping” in the US or momijigari (red-leaf hunting) in Japan, g...

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Different and Unique Christmas Markets

Emma Langley, 02.10.18
Alternative Destinations: 9 min read

When you think of Christmas markets, you’ll be imagining being wrapped up in layers, gazing ...

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Inspiring Solo Travel Influencers


Natalie Arney, 20.09.18
Alternative Friends: 6 min read

As part of #SoloSeptember, we at Alternative Airlines thought it was only ...

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A Local's Guide to Germany

Dom Herrera, 12.09.18

History, art, architecture, a past of innovative technology, food, beer, hiking, music and nightlife. There’s so many things to see, do and taste in Ger...

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Top Ten Tips for Traveling Solo


Beth Watson, 31.08.18
Alternative Travel Tips: 6 min read

As a woman who’s traveled alone, I know that planning for a solo-trip ...

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A Local's Guide to Bogotá

Dom Herrera, 22.08.18
Alternative Destinations: 10 min read

In recent years, Colombia has begun a modern-transformation. And as people start to realise th...

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Locations Where Movies Were Filmed

Dom Herrera, 08.08.18
Alternative Destinations: 8 min read

It’s a sad day when you grow up to find out that most of your favourite movies were filmed on...

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A Local's Guide to Sri Lanka

Brianna Mills, 24.07.18
Alternative Destinations: 10 min read

The teardrop of India, Sri Lanka has recently transformed from a blip on the tourist radar t...

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Unique Wedding Destinations

Dom Herrera, 17.07.18
Alternative destinations: 6 min read

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life, and saying ‘I do’ in your dre...

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World Cup Locations

Dom Herrera, 27.06.18
Alternative destinations: 9 min read
The World Cup is well underway. Millions of people have travelled to Russia to support their nation. B...

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Prohibited Items

Dom Herrera, 19.06.18

Alternative travel tips: 8 min read

Packing for a holiday can sometimes be stressful. There are a number of things that you n...

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The Best Street Food Around the World – Asia

Brianna Mills, 06.06.18
Alternative Canteen: 10 min read

Forget fancy restaurants – some of the best meals in the world are served up on the streets. Fr...

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The best frequent flyer programs

Brianna Mills, 21.05.18
Alternative travel tips: 12 min read

What are frequent flyer programs?

Frequent flyer programs are the loyalty cards of t...

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Unusual Places to Stay

Dom Herrera 15.05.18
Alternative thrift shop: 6 min read

First you decide on the country that you’re visiting, then you decide on the hotel that you’r...

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10 Unbelieveable Places on Earth

Dom Herrera, Brianna Mills, 04.05.18
Alternative destinations: 7 min read

There are an estimated 200 billion galaxies in the universe. It’s impossible t...

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9 of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe

Brianna Mills, 05.04.18
Alternative Destinations: 10 min read

Europe is a treasure trove of wonderful places. What's more, with low-cost carriers such as the c...

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How to Plan the Perfect Long Layover

Brianna Mills, 21.03.18

Alternative flights: 10 min read

When most of us take a long-haul flight, we end up stopping somewhere. Usually, all this means is a ...

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10 Reasons to Buy Flights with PayPal

Brianna Mills, 01.03.18

Alternative thrift shop: 8 min read

Buying flights can be stressful. Even though we try to make the experience as stress-fr...

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Top 10 pancakes to try around the world

Brianna Mills, 13.02.18
The Alterative Canteen: 10 min read
Food. Our love of it is universally binding. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you...

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Iquitos: Facts, Flights and Advice

Brianna Mills, 01.02.18
Alternative Destinations: 7 min read
Isolated. Exotic. Intriguing. Peru's Iquitos, the largest town inaccessible by land, has all the mak...

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The World's Most Creative Airline Designs

Dom Herrera, 25.05.18
Alternative Flights: 6 min read

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes. It's a plane. But why has it got Homer Simpson's face on it?


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Is there a cheapest day to buy flights?

Brianna Mills, 19.04.18

Alternative Thrift Shop: 12 min read

Cheap flights. We've all Googled it. Whether it's a business trip, you're heading h...

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