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About Hahn Air

As an international air travel company and member of IATA, Hahn Air Lines regularly operates domestic and international scheduled and charter flights using ultra-modern Cessna business jets. 


Brand new aeroplanes and exceptionally well trained pilots mean the highest level of safety for passengers. Hahn Air Lines is inspected by IATA every two years for compliance with IOSA standards and recommended practices, which is a requirement for all IATA member airlines.


Fleet operates from Düsseldorf Airport, with plans to operate from Egelsbach Airport in Frankfurt in the future.



The Hahn Air Group is an international corporation based in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany, while the Hahn Air Lines’ fleet operates out of Dusseldorf Airport. The Group, which has offices around the world, including Minneapolis, Montevideo, Paris, Casablanca, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Manila, achieves an annual global turnover of approximately 1 billion USD for its clients. Hahn Air has signed contracts with more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partner.


The company's core business is a ticketing solution that gives travel agencies access to airlines via computer reservations systems and allows them to issue on the Hahn Air HR-169 document. 


The company also offers distribution services for other airlines, such as tariff and flight plan transmission.

Internationally, over 100,000 travel agencies use Hahn Air’s services. Hahn Air also offers scheduled flights between Dusseldorf and Luxembourg. 


Hahn Air has been offering charter flights since 2004. The purchase of a Cessna Citation Sovereign in 2015 has helped to extend its reach to medium and long-distance routes. In 2016, the airline’s charter business further expanded thanks to an additional Cessna Citation Sovereign aircraft.


Today, Hahn Air is capable of serving 1,500 airports worldwide. 


Hahn Air is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Although not well known to the general public, it is a globally connected stakeholder playing a leading role in the airline distribution industry.


In 2016, Hahn Air took delivery of a second Cessna Citation Sovereign, which replaces one of its two Cessna Citation Jet 4’s.

In 2015, Hahn Air supported Interline Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (IEMDs) enabling interline partners to sell ancillary services in markets where they have not joined the local settlement system (BSP).  



Hahn Air Baggage

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Hahn Air Check-In Information

Check-in times and whether passengers can check-in online or need to check-in at the airport will vary depending on which airline is operating the Hahn Air flight. Visit the airlines we can ticket and click on the airline that is operating your Hahn Air flight to view that airline's check-in policy.


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Hahn Air News


20th June 2018

Hahn Air adds Sunwing to global network through new interline agreement

Hahn Air has signed an interline agreement with Sunwing Airlines, allowing travel agents to access more vacation options through eight GDSs.

The German airline announced that it has activated ticketing on the HR-169 document for Sunwing Airlines, which means that Sunwing can now be booked in Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Infini, Sabre, Topas and Worldspan GDSs under its own code and issued on Hahn Air’s insolvency-safe ticket worldwide.

With this new agreement, Sunwing joins Hahn Air’s network of over 350 air, rail and shuttle partners.

“We are pleased to finalize this agreement with Hahn Air that will now mean we can offer our wide range of flights to the sun to an increased audience both in Canada and in our destinations,” said Andrew Dawson, President of Tour Operations.

Steve Knackstedt, Hahn Air’s Vice President of the Airline Business Group, added: “We’re happy to help Sunwing optimize its distribution strategy and offer wider exposure through eight Global Distribution Systems. Now travel agents, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access services of this major player in the field of leisure travel, can offer their customers additional vacation options, generating incremental business for Sunwing.”



28th February 2018

Hahn Air Group: Unprecedented network growth in 2017

Reporting network growth of over 16%, the year 2017 proved successful for the Hahn Air Group. Despite the challenging times for the industry, the distribution specialist integrated a total of 46 new carriers into its network of air, rail and shuttle partners, enabling them to be ticketed on the Hahn Air HR-169 document in over 190 markets. To date, more than 350 partners take advantage of the group’s ticketing solutions that provide the missing links in airline distribution via Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) worldwide.

Last year alone, the HR-169 product was chosen by 29 additional partners. Airlines that signed an interline agreement with Hahn Air, such as Flair Airlines (F8) from Canada or La Compagnie (B0) from France, enhanced their distribution strategy to include ticketing on the HR-169 document under their own designator. One unique partner is the UK-based high-speed rail operator Eurostar (9F). By joining Hahn Air’s partner network, it became the first and only Hahn Air rail partner to use the HR-169 product.

Hahn Air Systems, a subsidiary of the Hahn Air Group, also recorded expedited expansion with 17 new partners. The majority of new additions, such as Jeju Air (7C) from South Korea and Citilink (QG) from Indonesia chose its H1-Air product, which allows their distribution in all major GDSs under the H1 two-letter code. Tallink (1TL) from Estonia, the second ferry partner to take advantage of Hahn Air Systems’ other product, specifically 5W-Rail&Shuttle, was introduced in March 2017.

Additionally, eight airlines joined the list of Dual Partners, reaffirming the growing trend of airlines trying to expand their commercial reach by taking advantage of more than one product by the Hahn Air Group. Among the new Dual Partners are, for example Beijing Capital Airlines (JD) from China, FlySafair (FA) from South Africa and NokScoot (XW) from Thailand.

Hahn Air’s General Manager, Nikolaus Gormsen, commented, “Both Hahn Air and Hahn Air Systems have been striving to offer quality products and customer service that’s tailored to the needs of all our partners, no matter their business model and size. The fact that we’ve achieved a turnover of 1 billion USD for our clients speaks volumes for the popularity of our ticketing solution and directly reflects our dedication to both sides of the customer spectrum. Propelled by the 2017 results, we look forward to continuing our mission in 2018 and creating additional business opportunities for air, rail and shuttle companies as well as travel agents worldwide.”


18th December 2017

Flair Airlines Enters Interline Agreement with Hahn Air

German airline Hahn Air has announced a new partnership with Flair Airlines.

The Canadian low-cost carrier from British Columbia has joined Hahn Air’s network of more than 300 partners to benefit from its distribution services.

Specifically choosing the HR-169 product, Flair Airlines expands its commercial reach to more than 100 thousand travel agencies in over 190 markets worldwide, enabling the issuance of its flights on the HR-169 ticket through the Amadeus GDS.

Mirza Smajic, director, passenger sales and marketing, Flair Airlines, commented, “We are very excited about this new era of optimised distribution where Flair Airlines has the ability to reach Hahn Air’s large network of travel agencies worldwide.”


26th September 2017

Citilink Available On GDSs Via Hahn Air Systems

Global consolidation service Hahn Air Systems has signed an agreement with Citilink Indonesia, enabling the low-cost carrier to offer its flights to travel agents without needing its own GDS interface.

Juliandra Nurtjahjo, CEO, Citilink Indonesia, commented “This cooperation is an important strategic step for Citilink Indonesia especially in our efforts to take our indirect distribution to the next level. By leveraging on Hahn Air Systems’ innovative distribution solution, we are now able to unlock new business opportunities and capture incremental bookings via travel agents.”

Hahn Air Systems connects more than 70 air partners to all major GDSs through its H1 network and provides a similar service for rail and shuttle providers.


6th September 2017

Hahn Air Signs Interline Agreement with Myanmar's Asian Wings Airways 

 Hahn Air has signed an interline agreement with Asian Wings Airways (YJ) of Myanmar (also known as Burma).

Asian Wings Airways is based at Mingaladon International Airport (RGN) in Yangon, Myanmar. The deal enables travel agents in 190 markets to issue services of the domestic airline on the HR-169 document.

The airline serves 14 domestic destinations with a fleet of three ATR 72 aircraft. Its route map covers some of Myanmar’s favorite destinations, including Mandalay (MDL), Monywa (NYW), Kalay (KMV) and Keng Tung (KET).




24th August 2017

Hahn Air Appoints An Ngo as Director Global Account Management

Hahn Air has appointed Ms. An Ngo as Director Global Account Management.Ms. Ngo takes over the role from Ralf Masermann who has assumed the position of Vice President TMC (Travel Management Companies) based at Hahn Air’s head office in Germany.

Ms. Ngo has over five years of experience in the financial industry having worked with the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank). She has also been engaged with the Ministry of Planning and Investment (Vietnam) and Foreign Economic Relations Department.Working closely with Hahn Air’s respective local Service Partners, Ms. Ngo will be responsible for supporting travel agents in Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam with dedicated sales and marketing activities. She will also conduct trainings and deliver presentations covering Hahn Air’s ticketing services.

She holds a Bachelor of International Economics and Business from the Foreign Trade University, Vietnam, and a Masters of Economics, Finance and Management from University of Bristol, United Kingdom.bMs. Ngo speaks fluent English and Mandarin in addition to her mother tongue, Vietnamese.


15th August 2017
Hahn Air enables ticketing for Red Wings Airlines

Hahn Air has activated HR-169 ticketing for its new interline partner Red Wings Airlines (WZ). Flights of Red Wings Airlines can now be issued on the insolvency-safe HR-169 document by Hahn Air’s global network of 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets worldwide.

Red Wings Airlines is a Russian airline based at Vnukovo Airport (VKO) in Moscow. It offers scheduled passenger services to 22 mainly domestic destinations, including Krasnodar (KRR), Mineralnye Vody (MRV), Saratov (RTW), Sochi (AER) and Ufa (UFA). Its international route network includes Tivat (TIV) in Montenegro.


3rd August 2017
Hahn Air enables ticketing for FMI Air

Hahn Air Systems introduced FMI Air as the next partner distributed globally under the H1 two-letter code. Over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets can now book services of the domestic Burmese airline in all major GDSs using their standard reservation process and issue tickets on the HR-169 document.

Founded in 2012, FMI Air is the third largest Burmese airline in terms of fleet size. From its base at Mingaladon International Airport (RGN) in Yangon it flies to nine destinations with two ATR 72-600 and two Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft.

19th July 2017
Hahn Air appoint Amine Bellamine as director global account management France and Monaco
Hahn Air announced the appointment of Amine Bellamine as director of global account management for France and Monaco starting 1st July 2017. Amine succeeds this position from Christine Fluhr, who retired after a career of more than 40 years in the air transport industry. 
14th July 2017
Hahn Air announced that VI Airlink distributes worldwide under H1

VI Airlink signed an agreement with Hahn Air Systems which makes it available in all major GDSs worldwide under the H1 code. Over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets can book services of the regional airline using their usual GDS reservation process. Tickets for VI Airlink can be issued on the HR-169 document via the standard GDS ticketing process.

VI Airlink, also known as Virgin Islands Airlink, is an airline based at Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS) on the British Virgin Islands’ Beef Island. It serves five destinations in three countries using a fleet of a Beechcraft 1900, a Beechcraft King Air and a Cessna 402 aircraft. VI Airlink's direct competitor is BVI Airways, who operates services in the British Virgin Islands.


12 July 2017
Hahn Air announced that it has entered into an interline agreement with Loganair

Hahn Air announced that it has entered an interline agreement with Loganair, a Scottish regional airline based in Glasgow. By joining Hahn Air’s network of more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners, Loganair became available for ticketing on the HR-169 document under its own LM designator. Travel agents using the GDS Amadeus can now book Loganair’s services and issue tickets via their standard GDS reservation and ticketing process.

Loganair is a Scottish regional airline that was founded in 1962. From its base at Abbotsinch International Airport (GLA) it serves 28 destinations across the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Norway. Loganair has a fleet of 28 aircraft and operates five different types to meet the varied requirements of regional flying within the UK.

27th June 2017
Hahn Air announced the start of an internline partnership with Mauritania Airlines International
Hahn Air and Mauritania Airlines International have announced the start of an interline partnership, which will allow Mauritania's national flag carrier to explore new markets where it is not yet a member of Billing and Settlement Plan. With this agreement, Mauritania Airlines International becomes part of Hahn Air's network of more than 300 air, rail and transfer partners, benefiting from Hahn Air's distribution services. 
19th June 2017
Beijing Capital Airlines signs Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreement with Hahn Air
Beijing Capital Airlines has signed an Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreement (IET) with Germany’s Hahn Air, which will allow the former to sell its flights even in markets where it is not participating in the local BSP. Travel agents worldwide using the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) namely Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Travelsky, Apollo, Worldspan, Axess or Infini can issue the services of Beijing Capital Airlines on Hahn Air’s HR-169 ticket under the IATA code JD. 

Based at China’s Beijing Airport (PEK), Beijing Capital Airlines operates a fleet of 78 Airbus aircraft and flies more than 200 domestic and international routes. Its network spans 73 destinations in 10 countries, including Madrid, Moscow, Sydney, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
2nd June 2017

The German scheduled airline Hahn Air announced a new Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreement (IET) with La Compagnie (B0). The French boutique airline offering all-business-class flights from Paris to New York joined Hahn Air’s unique network of more 300 air, rail and shuttle partners to enhance its global distribution. Its flights are now available on Hahn Air’s HR-169 ticket to travel agents using Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Apollo and Worldspan under La Compagnie’s IATA code B0 – even in markets where it is not a member of the local Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

La Compagnie is a French airline with operational base at Paris’ Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) airport. With a fleet of two Boeing 757-200, it offers up to two daily flights from Paris (CDG) to New York City (EWR) and from New York City (EWR) to Paris (CDG). The aircraft are equipped with only 74 seats and provide a business class experience for each passenger, complete with two items of checked luggage, priority access at the airport and free access to the business class airport lounges. In its three years of existence, the airline has operated more than 2,000 flights and carried more than 115,000 passengers.


In June 2017, Hahn Air announced it had opened an additional ticket office in Myanmar. Myanmarian agencies now have access to Hahn Air’s 325 air, rail & shuttle partners through an additional Ticket Office, Columbus Travels & Tours Ltd. The agency is available to provide support with HR-169 ticketing as well as information about Hahn Air’s services.

In April 2017, Hahn Air announced 11 new partners in the first quarter of 2017. Hahn Air announced that in the first quarter of this year it has already integrated eleven new carriers into its global network of more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners. With its ticketing solutions, the German IATA airline facilitates global business between travel agencies and airlines. Its global infrastructure consisting of connections to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and memberships in almost all Billing and Settlement Plans (BSPs) enables 100,000 travel agencies worldwide to issue transportation services of Hahn Air partners on the HR-169 ticket. Of the eleven new partnerships, eight are interline agreements with carriers that are now available on the HR-169 ticket under their own designator. Among them are Nile Air (NP) from Egypt, Atlantic Airways (RC) from Faroe Islands, Yamal Airlines (YC) from Russia and Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas (PU) from Spain. Hahn Air also signed its first interline agreement with a rail company, the UK-based high-speed rail operator Eurostar (9F), whose services are now available to almost all travel agents worldwide for ticketing on Hahn Air’s HR-169 document. In April, FlySafair, the South African low-cost carrier, entered into an agreement with Hahn Air to distribute its flights via travel agents worldwide. The airline’s inventory will be available for ticketing on the Hahn Air HR-169 document in all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) worldwide. Hahn Air is a German scheduled airline and the leading provider of distribution services for other airlines. With the agreement, FlySafair joins Hahn Air’s network of more than 300 air, rail and shuttle partners and expands its commercial reach to 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets worldwide. The airline is the 9th partner to benefit from two products of the Hahn Air Group to optimise its distribution strategy.

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