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What is a Medium-Haul Flight?

The definition of a medium-haul flight might differ slightly from airline to airline. But generally, a medium-haul flight is any direct or non-stop flight that has a flight duration time of between 3—6 hours.

Airlines can operate medium-haul flights on the same route around 2–4 times a day and will typically be operated by narrow body aircraft from major aircraft manufacturers.

Medium-haul flights are usually international and more often than not either fly transcontinental or intercontinental routes. However, in larger countries such as the US and China, it can be quite common for a medium-haul to stay within the domestic border. For example, a flight from Phoenix to Indianapolis will fall under the medium-haul flight category.

Because any flight between 3–6 hours doesn't necessitate for a full service with a complimentary meal and in-flight entertainment, a medium-haul flight can be operated by any type of airline, regardless of whether it's a legacy carrier or a low-cost one.

Medium-Haul Flight

What is classed as a medium-haul flight?

A medium-haul flight is any non-stop or direct flight that flies for between 3–6 hours. However, different airlines and institutes within the airline industry might have different definitions of what a medium-haul flight is. This is because some will determine a medium-haul flight by the distance that it flies, rather than the amount of time that it flies for. For example, the EU law defines a medium-haul flight as a flight that covers 1,500km–3,500km in distance.

How many hours is a medium haul flight?

A flight has to last between 3–6 hours for it to be classed a medium-haul. This might differ from airline to airline, but generally, 3–6 hours is the most common definition.

Can I get compensation if a medium-haul flight is delayed?

By EU law, those flying on a medium-haul flight that covers a distance of between 1,500km–3,500km can claim compensation if their flight is delayed by three hours or more.

This is strictly for certain flights to/from or within the EU and the airline must directly be at fault. This means if the flight is delayed by as a result of bad weather or of the fault of the airport or air traffic control, no compensation can be claimed.

For flights outside of the EU, different rules may apply. If you've booked a flight with Alternative Airlines and would like to know if you're entitled to compensation, contact us and we'll let you know if/what you can claim back.

What is a medium-haul flight destination from the UK?

A medium-haul flight destination from the UK can be any flight that flies to Russia or destinations in the south-east of Europe, such as Greece and Bulgaria. As well as destinations in North Africa such as Morocco and Egypt and destinations in West Asia such as Azerbaijan.

What is a medium haul flight on Thomas Cook?

Medium-haul flights on Thomas Cook typically have the same service and amenities that a short-haul flight does. This includes in-flight entertainment and a standard meal-service.