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Find the most direct flight with our Fastest Flight Filter and get where you need to go as quickly as possible. We can help you search for the quickest flights from A to B with just a push of a button – here's how you do it...

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What is a Direct Flight?

The phrase 'direct flight' means something a bit different in the airline industry than it probably does to you and me. A direct flight is any flight between two points that doesn't change flight numbers. This means that even though we call it a direct flight, there may be one or stops at intermediate points. Flights with no intermediate stops are normally called non-stop flights.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to get a non-stop flight to where you want to go. But, if time is of the essence, we can help you find the flight with the shortest journey time so you can get to your destination as quickly as possible. Simply select our 'Fastest Flight' filter to find the flight with the earliest arrival time. Here's how you do it:

How to Make a Direct Flight Reservation with Alternative Airlines

Step 1 - Search for flights

Search for flights

Use our search form to enter where and when you want to fly and hit 'Search Flights'.

How to Make a Direct Flight Reservation with Alternative Airlines

Step 2 - Filter search and select non-stop / fastest flights

Filter your search

On this page, you'll see all available flights for this route. By default, we display the lowest price flights first. Locate the 'Sort By' drop-down list found on the left of your screen.

From the 'Sort By' drop-down list, select 'Fastest Journey Time'.

How to Make a Direct Flight Reservation with Alternative Airlines

Step 3 - Select flights and confirm booking

Pick your flights

There you have it! Now, you'll be able to search with the fastest journey flights displayed first and can easily and quickly find the most direct flight between your chosen destinations.


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Direct Flights FAQs

How can I find direct flights?

You can find the most direct flight with the shortest journey time easily at Alternative Airlines. All you have to do is use our handy 'fastest journey time' flight filter to sort the flights by the quickest and most direct route.

Why are direct flights more expensive?

The reason that direct flights are sometimes more expensive is a more direct route results in fewer stops. Therefore, the airline is counting on high demand for the flight. This means that an airline might charge a slightly higher price to cover any losses if it's unable to fill the plane.

Direct flights aren't ALWAYS more expensive, though. For example, if the route is a popular and the airline can easily fil up the flight, there's no reason for the airline to charge extra. Sometimes, a direct flight can actually be cheaper than stopping at other destinations on the way.

Which US cities have direct flights to Montego Bay?

You can get direct flights to Montego Bay from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Washington D.C, New York City, Atlanta and Charlotte on a range of different airlines. To see the airline available on these routes, use our search form at the top of the page.

Which US cities have direct flights to Hawaii?

There are more than 20 cities in mainland US that have direct flights to Hawaii, including Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Phoenix and Dallas. The main airline offering flights from the US to Hawaii is Hawaiian Airlines. Although, there are lots of other airlines flying these routes too.

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