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Flight Insurance - Protect Your Booking

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Airline Ticket Insurance

Buy airline ticket insurance for your flights with Alternative Airlines. Flight insurance entitles you to a refund if you need to cancel for a variety of reason. At Alternative Airlines, you can search and buy flights from more than 600 airlines and add flight insurance to your booking for peace of mind.

To get flight insurance with Alternative Airlines, find the flights that you want to buy on the Alternative Airlines website and select 'Cancellation Protection' at checkout.

Cancellation Protection features

Flight travel insurance

Book travel insurance for your flight with Alternative Airlines.

Our flight insurance product — Cancellation Protection — is available to add to your flight booking at checkout for any of the 600+ airlines on the Alternative Airlines website.

Flight insurance covers you and entitles you to a full refund if you're unable to use your flight for any of the circumstances set out in the terms and conditions.

Flight insurance gives you peace of mind for your flight for just a little extra cost, meaning that you can buy your flight and not have to worry about losing money in case you can't use it for reasons outside of your control.

What does flight insurance cover?

Death of Immediate Family

If you, a member of your party or an immediate family member of you or a member of your party passes away prior to the booking (up to 4 weeks before), you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if: the person(s) died more than 4 weeks prior to the booking or before the booking was made.
You must provide evidence of death certificate

Find out more about claiming a refund in the instance of accidental death.

Flight Cancellation

If the airline cancels your flight with no indication that they were going to cancel it before you booked, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if if you have a right of compensation from the airline itself. OR if you knew about the disruption to the flight before booking. OR if the airline has ceased operations due to financial difficulties.
You must provide evidence of your airline ticket and proof of cancellation from the airline

Medical Condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition (physical or mental health) that ordinarily would not prevent you from flying, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if the pre-existing medical condition would ordinarily prevent you from flying.
You must provide evidence of a Doctor's note/medical certificate.


If you or an immediate family is accidentally injured or gets an illness and you can no longer use your flight because of this, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if you knew about the injury/illness prior to booking
You must provide evidence of a Doctor's note/medical certificate stating that the injury/illness has prevented you from flying.

Complication of pregnancy

If you have a complication in your pregnancy that you didn't know about at the time of booking, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if your pregnancy doesn't have any complications or you knew about the complications prior to booking.
You must provide evidence of a Doctor's note/medical certificate

Public transport failure

If the public transport that you were using to travel to your flight fails or disrupts and you were unaware of this prior to travelling, you'll be entitled to a full refund:

You won't be entitled to a refund if public transport was disrupted due to financial failure.
You must provide evidence of a notice of the public transport's failure or disruption.

Mechanical breakdown

If the vehicle that you were using to travel to your flight breaks down, is involved in an accident rendering it unusable, catches on fire or is stolen within 24 hours before your flight, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if you didn't leave a long enough time to travel to your flight. You did not attempt to make alternative travel arrangements to catch your flight.
You must provide evidence of a breakdown note from the recovery service or a police report for theft or accident.

Court summons & jury service

If you are called to the court as a member of the jury or as a witness over the date of the flight, you'll be entitled to a refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if you are a named defendant or the subject of criminal proceedings.
You must provide evidence of a copy of the letter of court summons or jury service

Adverse weather

If the government has warned you not to travel because of adverse weather, you'll be entitled to a refund.

You won't be entitled to a refund if no Government has warned not to travel.
You must provide evidence of the travel warning from the Government and confirmation of closures that are relevant.

You'll also be entitled to a refund if you can't use your flight due to any of the following reasons:

  • Home emergency
  • Armed Forces & Emergency Services recall
  • Relocation for work
  • Theft of your ticket
  • Government travel ban
  • Examination date change

For official wording for each of these circumstances, please visit the terms and conditions.

How to add flight insurance to your booking

Adding flight insurance to your booking is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the destinations you want between and the dates that you want to fly on and click 'search flights'.
  2. We'll display all flights from airlines that fly between those destinations and on those dates.
  3. Select the flight that you want to purchase and click 'Confirm Selection'
  4. Once you've filled out all passengers details, you'll see a box offering you Cancellation Protection. This is the name of our flight insurance. If you'd like to add Cancellation Protection to your booking, confirm it by clicking 'Yes, protect my booking'.
  5. Cancellation Protection will now be added to your booking, as shown by the blue tick next to 'Yes, protect my booking'. Once you've chosen to add Cancellation Protection to your booking, the price of the flight insurance will automatically be added to the overall cost of your flight. Continue with your booking and purchase your flights as normal. A record of you purchasing Cancellation Protection will appear on your e-ticket once you've purchased your flight, along with details on how to make a claim for a refund.

Note: if you're still unsure on what flight insurance offers, you can see the full terms & conditions here:

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Flight Insurance — Cancel for Any Reason

Ever bought a flight and then months later, an unforeseen circumstance completely out of your control means that you won't be able to make the flight anymore? You probably would have contacted the airline in hopes of getting a refund only to have been told that your flight is non-refundable per the airline fare rules and that there's no hope in you getting your money back.

Don't you wish you'd purchased flight insurance?

If you're an experienced traveler, you'll know the vast majority of airline tickets are non-refundable. To get a completely non-refundable airline ticket that requires no cancellation fees in order to get your refund, you'll have to spend at least double the price of a non-refundable airline ticket. Air travel can be expensive as it is, so we understand that buying a completely non-refundable ticket is sometimes out of the question.

That's why, at Alternative Airlines, we let you insure your flights for just a little extra of the cost. If you choose Cancellation Protection at checkout, you only have to pay a small percentage of the total cost of your flight and you'll be covered for a full refund if you are no longer able to use it due to a number of emergency circumstances that are out of your control.

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What is flight insurance?

Alternative Airlines' flight insurance — named Cancellation Protection — is a flight add-on that protects you if you purchase a flight but can no longer use it due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control. With Cancellation Protection, you're eligible for a total cash refund if you purchase an airline ticket with Alternative Airlines and can no longer use it due to one of the reasons set out in the terms and conditions.

Is flight insurance worth it?

Yes, if you want total peace of mind when booking a flight, then flight insurance is worth it. Many airline tickets are non-refundable by default, so if you need to cancel your flight due to a reason outside of your control, you most likely won't be able to without flight insurance.

The great thing about Alternative Airlines' flight insurance is that it's much more affordable than buying a fully refundable ticket.

Do I need flight insurance?

No. You don't need flight insurance to travel. You can buy a flight at Alternative Airlines without flight insurance and use it as normal with no problems.

However, flight insurance does bring a layer of protection to your flight booking that will give you peace of mind and cover you for a refund if you can no longer use it due to a reason that is outside of your control.

Can I get a refund for my flight for any reason?

No, you won't be able to get a refund for your flight for any reason. It has to be one of the circumstances set out in the terms and conditions and you must be able to provide evidence of the reason when required.

How much is flight insurance?

Flight insurance costs 10–30% of the price of your airline ticket. This is cheaper than buying a fully-refundable airline ticket, which can often cost more than double the price of your ticket.

Where can I buy flight insurance?

You can buy flight insurance at Alternative Airlines. Flight insurance is available to add-on to any flight that you purchase through the Alternative Airlines website. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines, including Delta, United, Spirit, American Airlines and many other worldwide carriers.

Can I use this flight insurance for any reason?

Cancellation Protection won't cover you for every reason. For example, if you buy a flight and decide that you don't want to use it later simply because you don't want to go on the trip anymore, you won't be covered for a refund with Cancellation Protection.

However, there are many different reasons that Cancellation Protection does cover you for a refund, including illness/injury, home emergency, death of an immediate family member, mechanical breakdown, public transport failure, relocation for work, pregnancy complications and more. You can see what you're covered for with Cancellation Protection in the terms and conditions.

Can I add flight insurance after booking a flight?

No. Unfortunately, with our flight insurance, you can only add it at the time of booking.

Can I get flight insurance for life?

Alternative Airlines' Cancellation Protection only covers you for the booking that you've added it to. If you want flight insurance for future flights that you book through Alternative Airlines, you'll have to add Cancellation Protection to each individual flight at the time of booking.

Will flight insurance cover added seats and baggage?

Yes, Cancellation Protection covers you for your total basket amount and not just the flight itself. This includes any additional baggage or pre-selected seats that you've added to your booking