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Mandarin Airlines is a Taiwanese airline based in Taipei, Republic of China.
Mandarin Airlines currently operates to over 30 destinations including Hualien, Kaohsiung, Kinmen, Makung, Taichung, Taipei, Taitung, Changsha, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Shantou, Shenyang, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, Kota Kinabalu, Seoul, Hanoi.
The Taiwanese carrier was founded in 1991 and has a parent company, China Airlines. The airline operates regional international and domestic flights, while it's parent company China Airlines focusses on the international and continental operations.
Mandarin Airlines main hub is located at Taipei Songshan Airport with their other main hub found at Taichung Airport.


Mandarin Airlines fleet currently includes the following aircraft; Embraer E-190 and Boeing 737-800's, totalling nine aircraft. It is known that Mandarin Airlines also have additional aircraft on order. 
Mandarin Airlines announced the lease of 3 Embraer E-190s and 5 Embraer E-195 aircraft from GE Commercial Aviation Services.
Mandarin Airlines is majority owned by it's parent company China Airlines which is currently part of the SkyTeam alliance making Mandarin Airlines a SkyTeam affiliate.
SkyTeam was the last of three major airlines alliances to be formed, however over recent years has grown to become the second largest airline alliance.


Mandarin Airlines also has codeshare agreements with China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Xiamen Airlines.


Frequent Flyer Program
Mandarin Airlines offers a frequent flyer program - Dynasty flyer
Dynasty flyer offers frequent flyers lounge access along with many offer perks.


4th December 2017
Mandarin Airlines takes first ATR 72-600 in regional fleet expansion

Taiwanese carrier Mandarin Airlines took delivery of the first of three ATR 72-600s Nov. 24 on long-term lease from Singapore-based lessor Avation.

The turboprop aircraft, in a single-class, 70-seat configuration, will operate on Taiwan’s domestic network, which ATR has described as a competitive, highly challenging market.

Mandarin Airlines is a regional subsidiary of Taiwanese flag carrier China Airlines.

“With ATR 72-600s joining the fleet, Mandarin Airlines will significantly increase the flight frequencies on each domestic route and then introduce some potential new sectors afterwards,” Mandarin Airlines president Jenny Tsao said. “The ATR 72-600 contributes to increased flight frequencies … for example, three to five daily flights instead of one to two daily currently. Intensive flight frequency is a main goal as we introduce ATRs into our market.”

ATR indicated it is also willing to provide engineering and technical support to China Airlines and its subsidiaries to set up in-house capabilities for ATR heavy maintenance, up to C checks.

Mandarin Airlines entered into its eight-year lease arrangement with Avation July 19 as part of its fleet optimization plan, which calls for leasing three ATR 72-600s and the purchase of an additional six 72-6200s directly from ATR for a total of nine to be deployed by 2020.  Mandarin announced its purchase of the six 72-600s the same day. The airline is expecting delivery of the three leased aircraft by the end of 2017. The six aircraft ordered directly from ATR are expected to be delivered in 2018 and 2019.

Describing its fleet plan, Mandarin said the new ATR 72-600s are “very suitable for [the] domestic network in Taiwan.” The new turboprops will join Mandarin’s fleet of six Embraer E-190s and two Boeing 737-800s as the airline “will continue to expand its domestic, international and cross-strait routes by means of synergic collaboration with its parent company China Airlines.”

Mandarin said its E-190 fleet will focus on more international and cross-strait routes as well as flexibly support domestic routes to meet peak season and holiday demand.




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Route Map 



Popular Routes


Taipei   Kaohsiung


Taipei    Hualien


Changsha   Taipei


Nanjing    Taipei


Hong Kong    Xiamen


Taipei    Kinmen


The Fleet











Boeing 737-800













Taipei Songshan Airport 

HUB Airport


Taipei Songshan Airport is an airport serving Taipei, China and is the hub airport for Mandarin Airlines. It is the also the focus city for China Airlines and EVA Air.

The airport has one runaway and can handle nearly 10 million passengers every year. Airlines which fly to and from Taipei Songshan Airport include Air China, All Nippon Airways, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and many others. 





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Find Out More

Mandarin Airlines (AE) is a regional scheduled airline based in Taipei, Taiwan and operating in South East China and Pacific Asia.


Mandarin Airlines flights

Founded in 1991 as a joint venture between Taiwan's China Airlines and Koos Development Corporation to operate international routes, Mandarin Airlines was restructured as a domestic and regional airline in 1999, and is now 94% owned by China Airlines. Flight operations are based at Taipei International airport and include domestic services to Taichung, Hualien, Makung, Kinmen, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan and Taitung; regional flights to China, serving  Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Yancheng, Nanjing, Changsha, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, and international flights to Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam 

The airline operates a fleet of modern  Embraer E190 twinjets, which are proving ideally suited to the network.

Mandarin Airlines SE Asia Flights

Mandarin Airlines are a progressive airline and benefit from the backing of  the huge aviation giant that is China Airlines. Flying on some of SE Asia’s prime business and leisure routes this modern airline will appeal to both the corporate customer and intrepid traveller alike.

Mandarin Airlines trivia : The golden eagle Hai Tung Ching, which according to an old Chinese legend has a small but agile body, is the company’s logo.

In 2015, the route network of Mandarin AIrlines has grown to include:


International destinations:

Taipei – Boracay, Philippines
Taichung – Hong Kong
Taichung – Hanoi, Vietnam
Taichung – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 
Taichung – Okinawa, Japan
Taichung – Seoul, Korea
Kaohsiung – Okinawa, Japan
Kaohsiung – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 
Kaohsiung – kumamoto, Japan 

Cross-Straight Routes:

Taipei Songshan Airport – Wenzhou 
Taipei Songshan Airport – Huzhou
Taipei – Shenyang
Taipei – Zhengzhou
Taipei – Yancheng
Taipei – Nanjing
Taipei – Ningbo
Taipei – Changsha
Taipei – Xiamen 
Taipei – Lijiang
Taipei – Wenzhou
Taipei – Changchun
Taichung – Ningbo
Taichung – Zhengzhou
Taichung – Hangzhou
Taichung – Changsha
Taichung – Meizhou
Kaohsiung – Xiamen
Kaohsiung – Hangzhou
Kaohsiung – Changsha 

Domestic Routes:

Taipei Songshan Airport – Kinmen Airport
Taipei Songshan Airport – Magong Airport
Taipei Songshan Airport – Taitung Airport
Kaohsiung Airport – Hualien Airport 
Taichung Airport – Kinmen Airport
Taichung Airport – Magong Airport

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