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About ANA

ANA airlines, also known as, All Nippon Airways or Zennikkū (全日空), is the second largest airline in Japan and is headquartered in Shiodome City Center in Tokyo, Japan. ANA's hubs are based at Narita International Airport, Tokyo and Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

The airline was funded in 1952 and currently operates services to both domestic and international destinations. ANA currently controls many subsidaries such as ANA Wings and Air Japan.




ANA Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

International Flights

Each passenger can bring one piece of luggage with them when boarding.

The item must be of a total, maximum weight of 10kg (22kb), and have total linear dimensions of no more than 115cm (45 in), where the length of each side should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (22 in x 16 in x 10 in), including handle and wheels.

Domestic Flights

Each passenger can bring one bag with them when boarding the aircraft.

The item must be of a maximum total weight of 10kg.

For aircraft with 100 seats or more, the bag must have total linear dimensions of 11cm, and for aircraft with less than 100 seats, the total linear dimensions of the bag must be no more than 100cm.


Checked Baggage Allowance

International Flights

Economy Class (including Premium Economy): Up to 2 pieces, with total linear dimensions per itemof no more than 158cm, including wheels and handle. Maximum weight of all free checked baggage per Economy Class passenger is 23kg (50 lb).

Business Class: Up to 2 pieces, with total linear dimensions per item of no more than 158cm, including wheels and handle. Maximum weight of all free checked baggage per BusinessClass passenger is 32kg (70 lb).

First Class:Up to 3pieces, with total linear dimensions per item of no more than 158cm, including wheels and handle. Maximum weight of all free checked baggage per First Class passenger is 32kg (70 lb).

Domestic Flights

Economy Class: There are no restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage for Japanese domestic flights, however, the weight of EconomyClass passenger luggage is free to a maximum of 20kg, and total linear dimensions of each item should be no more than 203cm.

Premium Class: There are no restrictions on the number of pieces of luggage for Japanese domestic flights, however, the weight of Premium Class passenger luggage is free to a maximum of 40kg, and total linear dimensions of each item should be no more than 203cm.

Baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance set by the airline will be subject to excess baggage fees.



ANA Check-In Information

Online Check-In

People flying with ANA can check-in online up to 24 hours before departure. Checking-in online will allow you to do such things as make an All Nippon Airways seat reservation and keep up to date with the latest flight information. Visit the ANA online check-in page to complete the online check-in process or visit our general online check-in page for further information. 


Airport Check-In

Passengers who have not completed online check-in must do so at the airport. To complete check-in, visit an ANA check-in counter in the airport. Please not different airports have different check-in opening and closing time, so be sure to check on the ANA website to see what time you need to arrive at the airport.


Outside the front of Tokyo Narita Airport at night



ANA Frequent Flyer Program

ANA offers a frequent flyer program, called ANA Mileage Club whereby regular passengers can earn miles by flights, shopping or other participating partners.

Family Account Service allows passengers to combine the miles earned by your family, and to redeem awards such as ANA and Partner Flight Awards, and ANA International Upgrade Awards. 

When you make an ANA flight booking, you can collect frequent flyer points with Alternative Airlines. Go to our Airline Alliances page to find our how, or check out our article on airline loyalty programs to learn more about which frequent flyer program to join.



ANA Seat Selection

Book your ANA flights with Alternative Airlines to be able to select your seats for the flight before departing. We offer passengers flying with ANA to book their flights using an interactive seat map where they can see available seats as well as choose seats with extra legroom. Find out how to book seats



Book ANA Flights in English

Alternative Airlines provide an English website, so that you can book your ANA flights with us in English. The whole booking process is communicated in English to provide you with a comprehensive flight-buying service. Should you have any enquiries or issues throughout, we also have a dedicated English-speaking customer service team who are available 8am-8pm every day (UK time).



ANA Destinations

ANA has an extensive route network including Bangkok, Beijing, Chengdu, Brussels, Chicago, Dalian, Delhi, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Honolulu, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mumbai, Oshima, Tottori, Okayama, Yonago, Shonai, Sendai, Odate and many others.

All Nippon Airways has codeshare agreements with Air Canada, Air China, EVA Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and many others.



All Nippon Airways Popular Routes

Tokyo dark grey plane icon Osaka

Hanoi dark grey plane icon Tokyo

Hangzhuo dark grey plane icon Tokyo

Tokyo dark grey plane icon Bangkok

Delhi dark grey plane icon Tokyo

Tokyo dark grey plane icon Jakarta



ANA Route Map

ALL Nippon Airways Route Map



Alternative Airlines to ANA

Please click on the logos below to find out more about airlines that fly similar routes to ANA:


jal japan airlines logochina airlines logochina southern logochina eastern logo



Economy Class

Economy passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey from the airport to during the flight.

Economy Class Facilities

Passengers will receive a personal entertainment system on their flights, controlled by the touch-screen seat TV. In-seat USB and power charging ports also allow passengers to charge their personal devices. Passengers on qualifying flights will also enjoy meals or snacks, depending on the length of your flight. Read more about food provided in the ‘Food’ section below. Passengers can also receive select amenities such as pillows, blankets and stationary.

Economy Class Seats

Economy seats are designed to give passengers more space. Seat pitches consist of 34 inches, with slim design of chairs enabling more legroom. The seat’s shell design allow passengers the ability to recline without worrying about the passenger sitting behind you.



Premium Economy Class

Premium economy passengers can enjoy extra space and additional comforts, allowing for better relaxation and enhanced experience.

Premium Economy Class Facilities

Premium economy gives passengers premium amenity kits, from a standard pillow and blanket, to slippers, toothbrush, eye masks and ear plugs. Meals will also be from a more premium menu including a carefully planned meal and drinks service.

Premium Economy Class Seats

Premium economy seats feature a spacious 38 inch pitch, designed for optimum legroom. These seats also recline, and have an adjustable headrest. They also have a power port and USB port, personal adjustable light and personal entertainment system.



Business Class

Business class passengers can enjoy their space however they like, whether that’s on a lie-flat bed to get a good nights sleep, or sitting upright with plenty of space to complete some work.

Business Class Facilities

Passengers get access to the free entertainment system from their 18 inch personal screen, complete with provided noise-cancelling headphones. Passengers will also receive amenity kits consisting of a premium pillow and blanket, and a pouch full of items to keep you refreshed, such as a face wash, lotions, creams, tooth brush, eye mask and ear plugs. Snit wear and pajamas are also available for free rental. Passengers will also enjoy a fine dining experience, inspire by Japanese cuisine or Western cuisine.

What are the Business Class Seats Like?

Business seats vary depending on what aircraft you are in. Most beds have the ability to lie-flat, like a bed meaning you can relax privately, in comfort. Seats are arranged in a staggered format, meaning that every seat has direct aisle access.



First Class

The first class experience is the height of luxurious, with passengers receive the ultimate experience with space, privacy and comfort.

What does First Class Include?

Passengers have a 23 inch touchscreen personal screen, with noise-cancelling headphones. There is also a large adjustable dining table, and cocktail table for you to be able to enjoy your first-class dining experience. There is also storage compartments for any clothes or bags you may wish to stow away for your flight. The private enclosure for first class passengers have doors, so passengers can choose to remain private and enjoy their own personal space. Seats include power charging points, complete with USB slots.

Does First Class Facilities Have a First Class Lounge?

There is an ANA lounge at Haneda and Narita International Airports, along with some at other airports. They provide passengers with a full-course dining experience, comparable to that in a highly-rated restaurant. Passengers can also enjoy a seamless check-in service, streamlining the time you would’ve spent stuck in queues.



ANA Fleet

dark grey plane icon

Airbus A320-200

Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-700ER

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 767-300

Boeing 767-300ER



ANA Hub Airport 

Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport is an international airport serving Tokyo, Japan. It lies between the city of Narita and Shibayama. Narita is the main international airport in Japan. Narita serves as the main international hub of Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, JetStar Japan, Peach and Vanilla Air. The airport has two runways and can handle nearly 40 million passengers every year. Other airlines which fly to and from Narita International Airport include Aeroflot, Air Busan, Air Canada, Alitalia, All Nippon Airways, Skymark Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and many others.


Narita International Airport



ANA Alliance

Star Alliance is one of the leading global airline network, which has 27 member airlines. Star Alliance was founded in 1997 with the five founding airlines: Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Canada, Lufthansa and United Airlines. The alliance has grown considerably now to airlines which fly to 1,321 airports and 193 countries, carrying 637 million passengers every year!


Star Alliance Logo



ANA News

13th June 2018

All Nippon Airways parent increases space-venture investment

All Nippon Airways parent company is pumping additional money into a Japanese space-venture company.

ANA Holdings is injecting 200 million yen into PD Aerospace two years after jointly investing 20.4 million yen two years ago alongside H.I.S., one of Japan’s biggest travel agencies.

They forged a capital alliance with PD Aerospace to develop commercial space flight using a new type of spacecraft.

PD Aerospace last year succeeded in an experimental propulsion system, which can alternate between a jet engine and rocket engine function.

The aim is to fly an unmanned spacecraft equipped with a revolutionary new propulsion system up to an altitude of 100km next year.

ANA aims to create new markets and demands such as space travel and high-speed transport which will significantly shorten travel time of commercial flights.

The additional funding will help the Japanese space company transfer its research and development site to a new location, including a hangar for the spacecraft which is eight times bigger than the current one.

ANA Digital Design Lab vice president Yoshiaki Tsuda said: “ANA is excited about the future of transportation and how PD Aerospace’s space technology will play an integral role.

“We are increasing our financial support to help expedite the project’s timeline of testing, certification and first flight.”