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Purchasing flights with Alternative Airlines just became even easier with PayPal

Looking to pay for flights via PayPal? Alternative Airlines, a travel website, accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit. You can use PayPal and PayPal Credit to pay for your flights when booking through the online flight search Alternative Airlines. All you need to do is a make a search by inputting your departure airport and your desired destination, choose your flights from the wide range of airline and routes results and select PayPal as your payment method when you decide to book. Make flight PayPal payments with Alternative Airlines!

You can either sign in to your PayPal account or pay as a guest. We love that we can offer PayPal for flights and know that you will too. This process of paying for flights with PayPal makes flight reservations with Alternative Airlines easier than ever before! Read below to find out all information on how to pay for flights via PayPal, how to use PayPal and PayPal Credit and where to find PayPal voucher codes.

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PayPal and PayPal Credit: Best ways to pay for flights

  • Flight PayPal payments done easily with Alternative Airlines. An online flight search that offers domestic and international flights to anywhere you want to go.

  • Pay for flights and travel with PayPal with just an e-mail address and password. Don't carry those plastic bank cards around.

  • Choose to pay flights with PayPal now in one full transaction or later with PayPal Credit.

  • Pay flights with PayPal with lots of PayPal promo coupons and voucher codes.

  • Use PayPal anywhere in the world with Alternative Airlines and find the flights you want.

Paypal FAQs

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an e-wallet (electronic wallet) or also known as an online wallet, that is a safe, convenient, smart way to pay online. PayPal allows an individual with an e-mail address to send and receive payments online in a secure and cost-effective way.

PayPal can be used from computers or web-enable smart phones. All you need is an email address to make secure online payments using your credit, debit card, bank account or PayPal balance.

By using PayPal as a payment method, you are only a couple of clicks away from flying away and your payment is completed within seconds!

Why use PayPal?

PayPal is a useful and simple payment method to pay for airfares and other travel transactions. It is a form of electronic wallet that stores information securely without you needing to use your bank account infomation. You are able to set up an account easily and draw funds from your current back accounts with just the use of an e-mail and password - no worrying about locating your bank cards. It is simple, secure and convenient. Especially for travel, you are able to search for flights and pay there and then, fast and securely! 

Why should I use PayPal?

Good question and we understand that it might seem a long process to use. But it's not! All you do is create an account by signing up and then link your bank accounts and you're ready to go. You can transfer money to friends and family easily through the PayPal app and also store funds which you can use to pay your flights with. Many of our customers need to use up the funds stored in the PayPal account so they can do that by Split Your Payment method. This is another payment method we offer that uses PayPal for airline ticket payments. We recommend using PayPal as its easy, secure and convenient way to pay for flights. PLUS, we offer PayPal discount codes and PayPal coupons to save money on your flight reservations! 

How to pay via PayPal?

If you are wanting to pay for flights via PayPal you are at the right place. It's easy to do and once you have found the flights and routes suited to you on our worldwide flight search, select PayPal and PayPal Credit at the checkout page and a small window will open. You can either sign up to register which is free to do and link your bank accounts through it. Once you are linked to your debit or credit card accounts, you can pull the funds through or use funds that are currently in your PayPal account. You will just need to use the e-mail address and a password that you used to regsiter and pay for your flights that way.

How do I use PayPal?

How to use PayPal is easy. First you simply create a PayPal account buy clicking on the 'Sign Up' button above or Sign Up to PayPal. Or select the PayPal icon at checkout which will open a dedicated PayPal window for you to either create a new account or log in. Once you have created a new account, then you link a payment type either your credit/debit card. Once this is completed, you are ready to use PayPal!

Look for the PayPal icon at checkout and all you need then is your an e-mail address and a password to log into your account or pay. You can either pull through funds from your chosen bank account through PayPal when paying or a PayPal balance.

How do I pay with PayPal?

PayPal is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that stores your bank information or funds and you only need to remember your e-mail address and password to make payment. Therefore you don't need to carry your bank cards around with you. Once you sign up to a PayPal account, you can link your bank accounts to it and then it's easy to use. You can also get PayPal offers and discounts with Alternative Airlines to use on flights.

Can I use money in my PayPal account to pay for flights?

Yes you can with Alternative Airlines. You search flights to anywhere and everywhere and also alternative routes and pay with the money in your PayPal account. You use up the money in your PayPal account and pay with another payment method on a flight booking with Split Your Payment too. Use the leftover money in your PayPal account on paying for flights!

How do I pay for flights via PayPal?

You can pay flights and airfares via PayPal through, a Travel website that accepts PayPal. Just search for flights from the departure and to the desired destination and once you have filled out your details, select PayPal and PayPal Credit icon and follow the steps in the window that opens. You create a PayPal account buy clicking on the 'Sign Up' button above or Sign Up to PayPal. After creating a new account, link a payment type which can be either your credit/debit card. You are then ready to use PayPal for making flight reservations!

Look for the PayPal icon at checkout and all you need then is your an e-mail address and a password to log into your account or pay. You can either pull through funds from your chosen bank account through PayPal when paying or a PayPal balance.

Who takes PayPal for flights?

We do! We are an online travel website that accepts PayPal payments for flights. We also accept PayPal Credit so you can buy your flights on finance, by paying off your airline tickets in monthly installments. This is also refered to as buying flights now but paying later. Find loads of PayPal promo codes with us!

Do I have to pay for a PayPal account?

No, you are not charged to open a PayPal account, it is completely free. It is also free to send money for personal payments and between friends and families, if there is no currency conversion involved.

How do PayPal payments work?

PayPal payments work by instant transfer. This means it takes seconds for the money to land in the recipient's account. For example, if you are wanting to do a PayPal payment for flights, with Alternative Airlines, all you need to do is send the money from your account to our PayPal account by going through the checkout process when you are ready to pay for your flights. If you need to send a transfer to a family or friend, you must have registered with PayPal and have debit or credit card linked to your PayPal account in order to access funds.

Add to your PayPal payment with a flight PayPal promo code

Can I make a PayPal payment if there is no money in my account?

Yes, you can make a PayPal payment if you don't have enough to cover a transaction in your account, such as flights. The funds will be pulled through the debit or credit card that is linked to your PayPal account. Or, if there is not enough funds in your PayPal account to cover the PayPal payment, then the remainder will be pulled from your linked debit or credit account. Also, if you have created a PayPal account but don't have any bank account linked to it, then the funds will be pulled from your bank account and you have used PayPal as an intermediary. Which is great when you don't have your bank cards with you as you just need ot remember your email address and password used to create the PayPal account. 

How can I make a PayPal payment if I don't have money in my account?

You can still make a PayPal payment for flights if there aren't any funds in your PayPal account. All you need to do is make sure that your bank card accounts (either debit or credit) are linked to your PayPal account and once you confirm payment, funds will be pulled through from your the bank accounts. We find this a great method too if you are on the road off traveling around and you don't lose or don't have your bank card with you, then all you need to is remember your email address and password that you used for your PayPal account. 

What are the fee charges for using PayPal?

There is no charge for UK customers buying flights using PayPal with Alternative Airlines. Find out all information on fee charges when buying flights with PayPal in all other countries.

Why should I buy flights using PayPal?

There are many reasons we love using PayPal to buy flights at Alternative Airlines. One of the reasons is that you only need to remember your e-mail address and password to pay if you are in a place with limited access to online banking. If you’re not sure if you should be using PayPal or PayPal Credit to make your flight reservations, have a read through our 8 reasons to use PayPal.

What is PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is a way of buying your flights now and paying later. Simply spend over £150 and get 0% interest for 4 months on your purchase. One of the best things about PayPal Credit is that you automatically get 0% for 4 months every time you spend over £150. PayPal Credit is a safe and user-friendly way of spreading the cost of huge flight ticket purchases.

How do I use PayPal Credit?

You use PayPal Credit to pay the cost of purchases over a period of time, in instalments. See more on paying flights with PayPal Credit. Using PayPal Credit for flights is a way of purchasing your flights now and paying later. Sign up to a PayPal account today and submit an application to find out how much you are able to pay in each instalment. PayPal Credit is a safe and user-friendly way of spreading the cost of large flight ticket transactions.

How do I sign up for PayPal Credit?

To apply for PayPal Credit, complete a short application and PayPal will let you know straightaway whether you are eligible to buy your flights and other purchases with PayPal Credit. You can do this before you book your flight or when you select your payment method at the checkout, whatever works for you!

What currencies can you use to pay with PayPal?

PayPal can be used for any online transactions on in: Australian Dollars (AUD $), Brazilian Real (BRL), Canadian Dollars (CAD $), Swiss Franks (CHF), CZK, DKK, Euros (EUR €), Great British Pound Sterling (GBP £), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD $), Hungariant Forint (HUF), Israeli Shekels (ILS), Japanes Yen (JPY ¥), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR RM), MXN, NOK, NZD, Philippine Peso (PHP), PLN, RUB, SEK, Singapore Dollars (SGD $), Thai Baht (THB), TWD $, United States Dollars (USD $).

Is PayPal safe?

Yes! PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when sending a payment using PayPal, the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account details. This makes sure that you don't have to worry about paying people you may not know.

Can I pay using PayPal Credit?

Yes! Many of our customers choose to pay in monthly installments by using PayPal Credit. To find out whether PayPal Credit is available to you, search and select flights and click the PayPal Credit button as the payment method. Once you are redirected to the PayPal website, login and you will see PayPal Credit as a payment option if it's available to you. Please note that if you are searching for Bill Me Later, this is now PayPal Credit. See all informaiton about booking flights with PayPal Credit.

What is Bill Me Later?

Bill Me Later was the previous name for PayPal Credit. PayPal acquired Bill Me Later in 2012, in favour of a brand that reflected the name 'PayPal'. The Bill Me Later website ( now redirects you straight to PayPal’s domain, so you can buy all of your PayPal travel needs through PayPal credit instead.

Is Bill Me Later the same as PayPal Credit? 

Yes PayPal Credit and Bill Me Later is the same payment method. Bill Me Later does not exist anymore but you can still buy flights and pay later on finance with PayPal Credit and Alternative Airlines. 

Does Bill Me Later still exist?

No Bill Me Later does not exist anymore. It is now PayPal which does the same thing as Bill Me Later. If you are wanting to use Bill Me Later for paying for flights you can do that with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines is an online flight travel website that accepts PayPal for paying flights and making airfare reservations.

Can you buy flights with Bill Me Later?

You can no longer buy flights with Bill Me Later as it no longer exists. However, you can buy flights with PayPal Credit and Alternative Airlines. Just select PayPal Credit as your preferred method of payment once you have set up your account.

Can I travel using PayPal?

Of course, using PayPal for travel plans is a great benefit for being able to pay for flights easily. Imagine you are in a location or remote destination where you cannot access your online banking, all you need to do is select PayPal at checkout and remember your e-mail address and password. Flight travel to anywhere and everywhere couldn't be any easier with Alternative Airlines. Plus, add to your PayPal payment experience with a flight PayPal coupon code!

What are the benefits of paying with PayPal for flights?

One of the benefits of using PayPal for flights and for making reservations is that you can do it quickly on either your mobile or desktop computer. Another benefit is that if you are a remote where access to your online banking is limited, you just need ot remember your e-mail address and the password that you used to sign up to PayPal with. See all our benefits and reasons for buying flights with PayPal.

Another benefit for using PayPal is that you can Find PayPal deals, PayPal flight discounts and PayPal promo codes within all current flight offers!

Which Airlines accept PayPal?

You can buy flights with any airline that Alternative Airlines has to offer through PayPal. Because Alternative Airlines is an online travel site that accepts PayPal, you can purchase all of our flights using PayPal or PayPal Credit payment methods. This includes American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines flight reservations.

Can I pay for airline tickets with PayPal?

Yes you can use PayPal to buy airline tickets with Alternative Airlines. The online flight search site allows flights to be paid with PayPal and PayPal Credit and finds you flights anywhere in the world, from domestic to world-wide. You can fly on any airline and pay with PayPal. Also, you are able to collect points with any frequent flyer loyalty membership you are joined with. Pay for any airline ticket with PayPal and Alternative Airlines, collect mileage points and save with a PayPal promo coupon code!

How can I pay for flights with PayPal?

Easily with Alternative Airlines. The flight search site accepts PayPal and PayPal credit to buy airline tickets. First you will need to Sign Up to a PayPal account. Then search and select your flights on and once you have filled out your customer information, select PayPal as a payment option and follow the steps. Easily done in a couple of clicks!

What Travel websites accepts PayPal?

We do at Alternative Airlines! is an online flight search site that accepts PayPal and PayPal credit. The travel websites specialises in providing a wide choice of flights to off-the-beaten-track destinations to well-known locations. We know that this is a safe and secure way to pay for many of our travelers and want to make sure they feel comfortable when reserving their flights. So search flights on our site and pay with PayPal!

PayPal flight promotions

Alternative Airlines offers flight PayPal promo coupons and voucher codes for any airline reservation. We offer PayPal promos and coupons for buying flights online when you pay with PayPal. It's really simple, just search for flights with us from the departure and arrival you want to go. Find the PayPal promo code suitable to the currency you want to pay in and add to the promo code box at checkout. Grab flight discounts with Alternative Airlines offers and deals.

Do you offer PayPal coupons?

Yes! Alternative Airlines work with PayPal in order to provide our customers with PayPal flight coupons and promo codes. Throughout the year, you can find different ways of saving money at Alternative Airlines by using PayPal to buy your flights. Find out what PayPal promo codes we currently have on offer by visiting our offers page. Make sure to check our terms and conditions, and ensure that the PayPal promo code you use is for the same currency in which you buy your flights (eg. A USD $20 PayPal coupon will only work on flights bought in US dollars). We often offer PayPal coupons in different currencies at different times of year, so be sure to keep checking back at Alternative Airlines for the best deals!

Can I use PayPal flight discount coupons?

Of course! Alternative Airlines provides many flight promo coupons to use with PayPal. We offer discount codes for flights with different currencies. You can have airline coupons in Singapore Dollars (SGD), Thai Baht (THB), Malaysian Ringgit (RM), Philippino Peso (PHP), Vietnamese Dong (VND), USD, Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), GBP Sterling. Look through all our flight discount codes. Make sure that the PayPal flight voucher code you use is for the same currency that you are buying your flights with (eg. A GBP £20 PayPal promo code will only work on flights bought in US dollars).

Where can I fly to using PayPal?

You can fly anywhere and everywhere using PayPal with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines, an online flight search, accepts PayPal for any flight reservation. We know that is can be difficult to sometimes find secure travel websites. As long as you are paying in a supported currency (see above), you can pay for ANY flight found on our site using PayPal. Some of our popular destinations include Amsterdam, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Miami, New York, Paris, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Sydney.

Can PayPal be used internationally?

Yes. PayPal can be used internationally. One of the great things about PayPal is that it can be used to pay in a number of different currencies across the world. You can link your debit card, credit card and bank account to PayPal and start making safe, convenient payments right away.

Is there PayPal for flights online?

Yes with Alternative Airlines! The online flight search accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit to pay for flights. You can either pay in one transaction or spread the cost of your booking over time. Either used internationally or paid in different currencies, let Alternative Airlines find you the flights and routes that suit you and pay now or pay later.

Are PayPal accounts free?

Yes. PayPal accounts are free. There's no fee to create a PayPal account and no fee when buying goods and services — including flights! The only information you need to provide in order to create a PayPal account is a valid email address, your full name and your phone number.

Can I collect air miles with PayPal?

Yes, pay airfares with PayPal and collect air miles! You don’t have to miss out on those precious frequent flyer points when you buy airfares with PayPal and Alternative Airlines. This is a great benefit to build up air miles whilst on the road.

How do I collect air miles with PayPal?

First, make sure your cards are linked to your PayPal account to enjoy the benefits of both PayPal and your chosen loyalty program. Once you’ve found the flight you want, you’ll be taken to our Passenger Details page. Here, all you have to do is select special assistance and find the frequent flyer box where you can enter your frequent flyer program and number before you make your reservation. It’s as simple as that! Visit our page on how to book frequent flyer flights for more information.

Which rewards programs allow you to collect miles with PayPal?

If you’ve got a credit card linked to your airline loyalty scheme which is also linked to your PayPal account, you should be able to collect points with any frequent flyer program or their alliance partners.

Can I collect AAdvantage points with PayPal?

AAdvantage: American Airlines. Yes you can when buying flights with Alternative Airlines. Just make sure you upload your Amex card details to PayPal, or any other card associated with your AAdvantage account and get all the rewards you’re entitled to! American Airlines is part of Star Alliance, which means you can use your PayPal account to collect air miles with all Star Alliance members.

Can I pay Delta airline tickets with PayPal?

Yes, with Alternative Airlines, you can use PayPal for Delta airline tickets. The online travel site accepts PayPal to buy airline tickets including Delta, American Airlines and more.

Can I collect Delta SkyMiles with PayPal?

SkyMiles: Delta. Buy flights with Alternative Airlines and PayPal to collect SkyMiles. You can combine your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card with your PayPal account to feel the benefits of collecting air miles with PayPal. Delta is part of Skyteam Alliance, allowing you to use your PayPal account to collect air miles with all SkyTeam partners.

We love that you love PayPal


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Alternative Airlines handles all your travel arrangements and payments, complete with ticketed confirmation. We do not direct you to other websites or service providers. We help you through the process. This is what makes us Alternative Airlines. Check out our reviews on Feefo or our reviews page. If you want to know a little bit more about us, read our blog for our alternative travel secrets and stories. Browse for flights, find some amazing deals, make a reservation and pay in the currency of your choice today with Alternative Airlines. Let Alternative Airlines help find you the best prices and make international and domestic flight reservations with us today.

Alternative Airlines Announces PayPal as an Additional Payment Method
for Booking Flights

Alternative Airlines, the specialist online travel agent in booking lesser known airlines, is delighted to announce it will now accept PayPal on all of its websites making flight purchases easy and safe for its customers. PayPal is one of the leading forms of online payment, with more than 169 million accounts worldwide.PayPal's popularity among Alternative Airline's internet-savvy customer base is already apparent. Commercial Manager Sam Argyle, stated, "At Alternative Airlines, we are always trying to make flight bookings easier for our customers. Adding a convenient, secure payment method like PayPal was a natural fit. "PayPal enables any individual or business with an email address securely, easily and quickly to send and receive payments online. PayPal enables global ecommerce as consumers can purchase goods with PayPal in 190 markets and 24 currencies around the world.

Why is PayPal popular you ask? PayPal payments today are becoming increasingly popular as it is a secure way when people are on the go. In the travel world, paying flights with PayPal or using PayPal Credit as a pay later scheme is great to use on flight travel websites. We also offer PayPal coupon codes and PayPal promo codes to get discounted flights when you pay with PayPal.