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Search and buy domestic flights within Japan with Alternative Airlines! Discover the benefits of catching a domestic flight, and check out our list of FAQs…

Mount Fiji, Japan

What are domestic flights?

Domestic flights can also be referred to as internal or short-haul flights, due to their short duration—all domestic flights from Tokyo have a duration up to just 2 hours, for example. Essentially, domestic flights depart and arrive within the same country.

Generally speaking, check-in deadline on domestic flights are usually closer to the flight departure time compared to international flights. Japanese passengers on domestic flights would not need a passport for immigration, whereas foreign travellers are still required a passport when travelling.

The Major Airlines

ANA Group (All Nippon Airways)

The group consists of All Nippon Airways, as well as smaller airlines, including Air Nippon. In total, the group operates over 100 routes across Japan.

Check-In Online: Online check-in is available from 24 hours up to 75 minutes prior to departure.

Check-In Airport: Airport check-in closes 20 minutes before departure.

Jal Group (Japan Airlines)

The JAL Group consists of JAL Domestic and JAL International, and has several smaller airlines, including Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter. The airline offers economy class travel for budget prices, and flies between all major airports.

Check-In Online: Available between 24—1 hour before flight.

Check-In Airport: It is advised to check-in no later than 30 minutes before departure time.


Budget Airlines


Skymark offers one of the most extensive route networks among Japan’s discount airlines, operating affordable services from its main bases in Tokyo and Kobe.

Check-In Online: Available between 24—1 hour before flight.

Check-In Airport: Closes 40 minutes before flight.

Peach Aviation

Peach Aviation commenced operations in 2012 and was Japan's first real low-cost carrier, offering fares not previously seen in the country. The airline offers affordable services from its bases at Osaka, Tokyo, and Okinawa.

Check-In Airport: Passengers will need to check-in at the airport counters. Check-in opens 90 minutes and closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Vanilla Air

Vanilla Air currently operates a few routes out of Tokyo’s Narita Airport. During 2019, Vanilla air is set to be incorporated into Peach Aviation, with the last flights to operate within October 2019.

Check-In Online: Web Check-in is available for passengers on domestic flights, available from 48 hours to 2 hours before departure time./p>

Check-In Airport: From 90 min. to 30 min. before departure

JetStar Japan

Jetstar Japan offers the largest domestic network of low-cost carriers within Japan. The airline operates from Tokyo's Narita Airport, Osaka's Kansai Airport, and Nagoya's Central Airport.

Check-In Online: or domestic flights in Japan, online check-in opens two days before your flight, and closes 35 minutes before your flight departs.

Check-In Airport: Airport check-in closes 30 minutes before departure.

Spring Airlines Japan

Spring Airlines Japan connects Tokyo's Narita Airport with Hiroshima, Sapporo and Saga, as well as destinations within China.

Check-In Online: Online check-in is open 24 hours before departure.

Check-In Airport: It is advised to arrive an hour before departure for check-in.

Air Asia Japan

Air Asia Japan was re-launched in 2017 by Air Asia, but unfortunately, it had to shut down again on October 8th due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check-In Online: For most flights, self (web)check-in opens 14 days before departure and closes 1 hour before departure.

Check-In Airport: Airport check-in opens 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Fuji Dream Airlines

Fuji Dream Airlines was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shizuoka Airport and Nagoya Airfield, Japan.

Check-In Online: Online check-in isn't available.

Check-In Airport: Airport check-in must be completed 20 minutes before departure time.

Oriental Air Bridge

The airline was founded in June 1961. Based at Nagasaki Airport, the airline is currently operating these routes.

Check-In Online: Online check-in isn't available.

Check-In Airport: It is recommended to arrive as early as possible.


J-Air is a regional airline based in Japan and a subsidiary of Japan Airlines. It was founded in 1996 and is based at Osaka International Airport.

Check-In Online: Online check-in isn't available.

Check-In Airport: It is recommended to arrive as early as possible.

New Central Airservice

New Central Airservice is a domestic Japanese airline that operates flights to four destinations from Chofu in Tokyo. The airline currently operates flights to Oshima, Niijima, Kouzushima and Myakejima.

Check-In Online: Online check-in isn't available.

Check-In Airport: It is recommended to arrive as early as possible.

New Japan Aviation

New Japan Aviation is a small Japanese airline that operates scheduled passenger flights between Niigata and Sado Island. It's also used for flight training and charter services. New Japan Aviation is based at Kagoshima Airport.

Check-In Online: Online check-in isn't available.

Check-In Airport: It is recommended to arrive as early as possible.

Beautiful view of Mount Fuji under autumn leaves. Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi, Japan

Why book domestic flights?

Most tourists tend to head straight to Honshu, the largest island, on which Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is located. On this island you will also find the other big city names, including Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Honshu is diverse, and to make the most of your trip, inter-regional travel will be essential.

Furthermore, Japan consists of numerous other interesting and incredibly beautiful islands, such as Shikoku and Kyushu, as well as the tropical islands of Okinawa.

This is where domestic air travel comes in. Due to the deregulation of Japan's airline industry, numerous low-cost and discount airlines have sprung up; as a result, domestic airfares have seen a dramatic drop. On many routes, catching a domestic flight will be much more economical in comparison to the Shinkansen (Japan’s famous bullet train). To demonstrate, a journey between Tokyo and Nagasaki by train would take 8 hours with a cost of $233 USD (¥26,000 Japanese Yen); in comparison, the same journey by air takes approximately 2 hours and, for a regular ticket, costs around $269 USD (¥30,000) for a return ticket.

Airlines that offer Domestic Flights within the country

There are two groups in particular that dominate air travel in Japan: Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA). Each consists of several airlines, and between them operate operate flights to all 20 major airports, as well as numerous smaller airports, within the country—over 100 destinations in total.

There are also smaller airlines, including Peach Aviation and Skymark, which compete on price on the most popular routes, as well as offering flights to less traveled destinations.

If you would like to know more about each airline, including baggage allowance and class fares, simply follow the links below!

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Domestic Flights Japan FAQs

Do I need a passport when travelling domestically within Japan?

Most airlines do not require a passport for domestic travel within Japan; however, valid identification will be required. Most airlines will accept the following as a form of valid identification: passport, drivers license, and government-issued photo identification.

Do I still need to go through security if travelling on a domestic flight in Japan?

Passengers travelling on domestic flights still need to comply with all airport security procedures, and are still subject to screening prior to arriving in the boarding area. However, travellers are not required to pass through customs or immigration before boarding. On arrival, passengers are able to disembark and head straight to baggage claim, without having to pass through immigration or customs.

How much baggage can I take on domestic flights within Japan?

Most airlines will offer free hand luggage when travelling domestically within Japan. We always recommend checking with each airline to find out more!

JAL Group:
 You may carry onboard one bag containing personal belongings (handbag, camera, etc.) and one additional bag that meets the sizing conditions, with the total weight of both bags not to exceed 10kg (22lbs). For checked-baggage, up to 20kg is free of charge for each passenger.

ANA Group:
 Free checked baggage up to 20 kg (Economy), or 40 kg (Premium) with a total linear dimension of 203cm. For carry on, the total weight of all personal belongings is 10 kg, with a total linear dimension of 115 cm.

Can I book domestic flights in Japan online?

Alternative Airlines offer online booking for your domestic flights. When buying flights through Alternative Airlines, you can choose from over 20 payment options, including PayPal.

Use our search bar to search and buy flights with different airlines to destinations across Japan.