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J-Air is a Japanese scheduled airline. The airline is the regional subsidiary of Japan's national carrier, Japan Airlines (JAL). J-Air is based out of Osaka International Airport but also flies regularly out of New Chitose Airport, Sapporo. As a regional airline, J-Air flies domestic flights within Japan and no international flights. Because of this, it's route network in Japan is big. It flies to more than 25 destinations within the country and — along with its reliability from being Japan Airline's subsidiary — is one of the top choices for domestic flights within Japan.

The airline launched as the regional subsidiary of Japan Airlines in 1996. It flew its first flights from Hiroshima, focussing on the on routes that were less in-demand than JAL Japan were flying at the time. Over the years, J-Air grew its route network, eventually taking Osaka International as its main hub and establishing a secondary hub at New Chitose Airport.

Although J-Air still focuses on the smaller-demand routes in Japan and a few of the big cites are instead flown to by its parent airline, the airline is still one of the most well-connected airlines within the country, with one of the largest route networks.


J-Air flies to more than 25 destinations across Japan, flying to destinations such as Akita, Iwate-Hanamaki, Kōchi, Kumamoto, Misawa, Oki, Osaka, Tokyo, Yamagata and more.

Akita Akita Airport
Amami Amami Airport
Aomori Aomori Airport
Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport
Hakodate Hakodate Airport
Iwate-Hanamaki Hanamaki Airport
Izumo Izumo Airport
Kagoshima Kagoshima Airport
Kōchi Kōchi Airport
Kumamoto Kumamoto Airport
Matsuyama Matsuyama Airport
Memanbetsu Memanbetsu Airport
Misawa Misawa Airport
Miyazaki Miyazaki Airport
Nagasaki Nagasaki Airport
Nanki Shirahama Nanki–Shirahama Airport
Niigata Niigata Airport
Ōita Oita Airport
Oki Oki Airport
Osaka Osaka International Airport
Sapporo New Chitose Airport
Sendai Sendai Airport
Tokunoshima Tokunoshima Airport
Tokushima Tokushima Airport
Tokyo Haneda Airport
Yamagata Yamagata Airport



Each passenger with a J-Air ticket is entitled to 10 kg of free carry-on baggage. This baggage must fit within the dimensions of 55 cm (21.5") x 40 cm (16") x 25 cm (10") (W x H x D)


Each passenger with a J-Air ticket is entitled to 20 kg of free checked baggage. Unfortunately, because J-Air flies with smaller aircraft, checked baggage is not guaranteed with every flight.

Economy Class

The airline flies only with Economy Class, which is perfect for travelling across Japan in comfort. Along with an expertly trained cabin crew who are available to attend to passengers throughout the entire flight, passengers can also enjoy a food service, in-flight entertainment and more.


Seats are set out in a 2 x 2 formation on all flights, guaranteeing that each passenger is sat by either the window or aisle.

In-Flight Entertainment

J-Air offers a free video program service as in-flight entertainment. Passengers can connect their own personal device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to the J-Air video program service and watch a range of movies, television shows and videos, as well as giving passengers the ability to search the web!

J-Air's in-flight entertainment is completely free and really easy to connect to a device once in-flight.

Food and Drink

The airline offers a range of hot and cold drinks throughout the flight, with a choice of drinks such as coffee, apple juice, green tea, water and more.

Although the airline doesn't have a full food service, passengers can enjoy candies of many different flavours, including apple, vanilla yoghurt, Ryukyu brown sugar, acerola and herbal throat lozenges.

If passengers want to eat something more substantial, they can bring their own food on to the flight with them, however, it must fit within the regulation set out by airport security.

Check-In Information


Passengers can check-in for their J-Air flight through the Japan Airlines check-in. This is available from 24 hours up until one hour before flight departure time.


Passengers can also check-in at the airport of departure, prior to their flight. Passengers should arrive for airport check-in no later than 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure time. They must have all relevant travel documents on-person, ready to present to the check-in agent at the airport.


The airline's fleet consists of Embraer 170 & 190 aircraft, as well as Mistibushi SpaceJet planes. Overall, the airline has more than 30 planes within its fleet at one time.

Frequent Flyer

JMB Fly On

J-Air is part of Japan Airlines' JMB Fly On frequent flyer program. JMB Fly On rewards all frequent flyers of Japan Airlines and its subsidiaries by allowing them to earn points on each flight that they take and spend those points on a range of different rewards, such as future flights, JAL lounge vouchers, experiences and much more.

The more points that JMB Fly On members earn, the more perks they receive. Perks include lounge access, extended baggage allowance, priority check-in, among a range of other flight add-ons to enjoy.

Airline Alliance


J-Air is an affiliate member of the Oneworld alliance, through Japan Airlines. As part of the Oneworld alliance, many of J-Air's flights have interline agreements with other airlines across the world, making it easy for passengers on J-Air to travel throughout Japan and beyond. It also means that passengers can earn JMB Fly On points when travelling with certain other airlines within the Oneworld Alliance.

Hub Airport

Osaka International Airport

Osaka International Airport (ITM) is an international airport in the city of Osaka, as well as the main hub for J-Air. The airline has used Osaka International as its main hub since it moved away from its previous hub, Nagoya Airfield, in 2011. J-Air also uses New Chitose Airport as a secondary hub. The airport itself has two terminals and two runways. J-Air uses the North Terminal for all of its flights. When at usual demand, Osaka International serves over 14 million passengers per year.

Other airlines that use Osaka International as a hub include ANA and Japan Airlines.

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