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Ceased, Defunct and Suspended Airlines

Find out which airlines are defunct and no longer flying

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Ceased Airlines

Want to find out which airlines have ceased operations? Take a look at our list below - this up-to-date list consists of all ceased/defunct airlines that are no longer operating.

Click on any of these airlines to find out more about the airline itself, why it ceased operations and alternative airlines that you can fly with!

All Ceased / Defunct Airlines

Ceased in 2023

Ceased in 2022

Ceased in 2021

Ceased in 2020

Ceased in 2019

Ceased in 2018

Ceased in 2017

Ceased in 2016

Ceased in 2015

Ceased in 2014

Ceased in 2013

Ceased in 2012

Ceased in 2011

Ceased in 2010

Ceased in 2009

Ceased in 2008

Ceased in 2007

Ceased in 2005

Ceased in 2004

Ceased in 2002

Ceased in 2001

Ceased in 1989

Ceased in 1979

Other ceased airlines:

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Why do airlines stop flying?

There are many reasons as to why airlines cease operations and stop flying. Some of these reasons include:

  • Financial difficulties or bankruptcy
  • Increased competition in the market
  • Rising operational costs (e.g., fuel prices)
  • No demand for their services
  • Loss of operational licence or safety issues
  • Mergers or acquisitions with other airlines
  • Ageing fleet and maintenance challenges

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines are no longer operating?

Many airlines have ceased operations over the years - for a full list of ceased airlines, please take a look at the list above. We have ordered this by year that the airline has ceased operations.

Why do airlines cease operations?

Airlines stop flying for several reasons. A common reason and major cause is financial difficulty. Airlines operate on tight margins and competition in the industry can be fierce, so when events like economic downturns, rising fuel costs and unexpected maintenance expenses occur, it can tip the scales towards bankruptcy.

Another reason is due to mergers and acquisitions. Airlines sometimes merge with others to create a stronger presence within the market. This will however lead to the disappearance of one of the involved airlines.

A less common reason is safety issues. If an airline encounters a series of accidents resulting in the loss of public confidence in safety standards, it can force the airline to ground its fleet.

What happens if I have a ticket on an airline that has ceased operations?

This can be a frustrating situation and your options will depend on the specific airline as well as how recently they ceased operations. If you booked your flights through Alternative Airlines and the airline has now ceased operations, please contact us immediately - our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you solve this issue.

If you didn't book your flight through Alternative Airlines:

  • Check for refund information - the airline may have issued a statement outlining how passengers can claim refunds for unused tickets.
  • Contact your credit card company - if you paid for your ticket(s) using a credit card, you may be able to file a chargeback to get your money back.
  • Look for travel insurance - if you had travel insurance, it might cover some or all of your losses in case of airline closure.