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VivaColombia is now Viva Air Colombia


About VivaColombia

In May 2018, VivaColombia rebranded as Viva Air. VivaColombia is a Colombian low-cost airline based in Medellín Colombia. The airline is partly owned by Europe's largest low-cost airline, Ryanair. Other airlines flying within Colombia include Satena and Wingo. VivaColombia's fleet consists of 13 A320 aircraft with the registration numbers: HK4818, HK4817, HK4811, HK4861, HK4905, HK5051, HK5125, HK5142, HK-5164, HK-5191, HK-5202, HK-5221, HK-5222 and HK-5223. The latest-generation aircraft can accommodate 180 passengers.




Viva Air Colombia offers for all domestic and international flights one piece of hand luggage at no charge with a maximum weight of 6 kg and dimensions of 40x35x25 cm.


With carry-on luggage, you can bring a piece of 12 kg (26 pounds) and 55x45x25cm in the aircraft cabin. In addition, passenger will get priority boarding with group 1 for free. 


The VivaMax fare includes one (1) piece of Carry-on luggage of 12 Kg (26 pounds) and 55x45x25 cm. This additional service allows you to bring a bag of 20 kg (44 pounds) and 158 linear cm, which correspond to the bag total length + width + height. 


Luggage will be carried in the aircraft hold and must be checked at the counter of Viva Air Colombia at the airport. The VivaSuper fare includes one (1) piece of Checked Luggage of 15Kg and 158 linear cm, which is exclusive for this fare and will count as the first piece.


The VivaMax fare includes the first piece of checked luggage of 20Kg and 158 linear cm. Viva Air Colombia offers three types of fares: Viva, VivaSuper and VivaMax. Viva fare includes personal item of 6kg and 40x35x25cm of hand luggage.


VivaSuper fare includes personal item of 6kg and 40x35x25cm, checked bag of 15kg and 158 linear cm, Fast Line priority.


VivaMax includes personal item of 6kg and 40x35x25cm, luggage on board 12kg and priority boarding, checked bag of 20kg and 158 cm, seat assignment, fast line, check-in airport and date, time, routes changes without penalty. 



About Irelandia Aviation

Declan Ryan, founder of this group that is the investment vehicle of the Ryan Family, is the president of the Board of Directors of VivaColombia. 


Irelandia Aviation is one of the leaders in the development of Low Cost Airlines. Irelandia has succefully developed 6 LCC's around the world to date, namely: Ryanair (the largest low-cost airline in Europe) was founded in Ireland in 1985, Tiger Airways, in Singapore in 2004, Allegiant Air, in the United States in 2005, VivaAerobus México, in 2006, VivaColombia in 2012, and ;Viva Air Peru in 2017. Irelandia  Aviation owns 100% of the shareholdings of VivaColombia.







Apartado - Antonio Roldan Betancourt Airport

Barranquilla - Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport

Bogotá - El Dorado International Airport

Bucaramanga - Palonegro International Airport

Cali - Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport

Cartagena - Rafael Núñez International Airport

Cucuta - Camilo Daza International Airport

Leticia - Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport

Medellín - José María Córdova International Airport Hub

Montería - Los Garzones Airport

Pereira - Matecaña International Airport

San Andrés Island - Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport

Santa Marta - Simón Bolívar International Airport



Quito - Mariscal Sucre International Airport



Panama City - Panama Pacifico International Airport



Lima -Jorge Chávez International Airport


United States

Miami -Miami International Airport




15th June 2018

Viva Air Group to lower prices

Viva Air Group, made up of Viva Air Colombia, Viva Air Panama and Viva Air Panama have plans to lower its prices by 10—15% in the next few years. The airline group is adding a total of 50 new aircraft to its fleet, including 35 A320neos and 15 A320ceos, which it will look to use to fly to new destinations, meaning the group will be able lower prices due to a rise in expected profit.


CEO of Viva Air Group, Felix Antelo, also announced that by 2021, Viva Air Group look to be listed on the stock exchange. Antelo stated that the airline group has seen a great process of growth on an international scale, so there doesn't appear to be any reason why the airline group can't achieve this within the next 3 years.


10th May 2018 

Viva Air names new CEO

Good news for Viva Air Colombia! The discount airline group Viva Air has named Felix Antelo as its new CEO. Grupo Viva Air Colombia is especially pleasd about this! Antelo, an Argentine with nearly two decades of aviation industry experience, will on May 15 formally take over as head of the Panama City-based group, which is majority controlled by Irelandia Aviation. He has acted as CEO as LATAM Airlines Perú. “I have the big challenge of continuing to consolidate Viva Air in Latin America,” said Antelo, noting Viva Air’s expansion from its beginnings as VivaColombia into a regional carrier with operations in Peru, as Viva Air Peru.  The new vision of Viva Air will be to carry more than 38 million passengers by 2020. 


2nd May 2018

VivaColombia rebranded to Viva Air Colombia

Grupo Viva Air Colombia announced (02-May-2018) VivaColombia rebranded as Viva Air Colombia to resemble Grupo Viva's other carrier, Viva Air Peru and in line with the group's expansion plans. Both carriers' are also accessible via one website, Grupo Viva Air CEO Félix Antelo stated: "As the group grows and new markets are open, the carriers will maintain the name of the group and the country as a nickname". He added the group expects to handle 34% more passengers in Colombia in 2018 and over 100% more in Peru.


19th April 2018

Colombian airline considers introduce 'standing seats' on flights

The Colombian airline is considering a novel way of making flying even cheaper — by removing seats and making passengers stand up during their flight.

According to foreign media reports, it’s not the first time an airline has floated the idea, but low-budget carrier VivaColombia says it was very interested in the radical idea, which could help drive down the cost of airfares and make them more accessible to more people.

“There are people out there right now researching whether you can fly standing up,” VivaColombia s founder and CEO William Shaw said.

“We’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive.”

VivaColombia is not the first airline to consider stand-up flights. In 2010, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary expressed interest – and even doubted whether seat belts were necessary.


30th January 2018

Viva Air Colombia Selects airRM as their Revenue Management System

Viva Air Colombia has announced that it has selected Revenue Management Systems, an Accelya Group Company, with its state-of-the-art revenue management, inventory control, and reporting tools. 

airRM will enable both airlines to identify sales opportunities, maximize passenger revenues, closely control pricing, and analyze performance.

airRM is a continually evolving airline revenue management system with ground-breaking tools that integrate and display a wealth of critical information from multiple sources, enabling airlines to make better and more profitable decisions. The solution is currently used by more than 90 of the most successful carriers in the world.


5th January 2018

Declan Ryan Replaces Viva Air Colombia Founder William Shaw as President of Viva Air

Viva Air, the umbrella brand that includes discount airline VivaColombia under a revamped organizational structure, has named a new president: Declan Ryan, current chairman of the Viva Air board of directors, managing partner of Irelandia Aviation, and son of Ryanair co-founder Tony Ryan.

Ryan takes over the president role from William Shaw, founder of VivaColombia, as the carrier continues its major expansion plans following last year’s $5.3 billion USD purchase order of 50 Airbus A320 aircraft that will begin to be delivered in the second half of 2018, according to the company.

Shaw, will continue as a member of the board of directors and “advise the executive team from the board,” said Viva Air in a statement.

Viva Air launched last year as the Peruvian sister airline of VivaColombia, which was founded by Shaw before the Ryanair-affiliated company Irelandia Aviation took control of Colombia’s leading discount carrier. Both Andean airlines, as as well as VivaAerobus of Mexico, fall under the wider Viva Air umbrella.

Declan Ryan has been involved with the founding or management of six discount airlines over the past 30 years, including Ryanair, VivaAerobus, Tiger Airways of Singapore, and Allegiant Air in the United States.


5th September 2017

DAE Capital delivers three Airbus A320-200 aircraft to VivaColombia

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise’s (DAE) leasing division DAE Capital has delivered three Airbus A320-200 aircraft to low-cost airline VivaColombia. The newly delivered aircraft are powered by CFM International (CFMI) engines. The delivery has offered VivaColombia an option to deploy the planes to its newly launched sister company Viva Air Peru.


VivaColombia CEO William Shaw said: “We are pleased with the flexibility of the fleet solution provided by DAE Capital, which has enabled us to bridge our fleet requirement ahead of receiving our new aircraft order from Airbus.” DAE CEO Firoz Tarapore said: “Our team worked very closely with the VivaColombia team over a number of months to develop a deal that met the specific needs of a modern low-cost operator.


“These transactions demonstrate the capacity of the DAE platform to provide tailored solutions for our customers, whether they are start-ups, regional airlines or legacy carriers.” Last month, DAE Capital leased two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on a long-term basis to Russia’s Nordwind Airlines. These aircraft were previously placed on lease with Taiwan’s EVA Airways. DAE Capital currently operates a fleet of 400 owned, managed and committed aircraft. With six offices in Dubai, UAE; Dublin, Ireland; Singapore; and the US; the company leases its aircraft fleet to airlines based in 60 countries worldwide.


30th June 2017

Passenger potential for standing in-flight

Budget airline VivaColombia is considering plans to remove all seats from its planes and make passengers stand. They hope the move will drive down fares by allowing them to squeeze more passengers into each flight, opening up air travel to working class Colombians and budget holidaymakers.


The no-frills carrier announced this week that it is adding 50 new Airbus 320s to its fleet to capitalise on the country's growing tourist market. The new planes will have more seats and lower running costs with the first one going into service at the start of 2018. VivaColombia’s founder and CEO William Shaw told the Miami Herald the airline was looking into vertical travel options. He said: “There are people out there right now researching whether you can fly standing up – we’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive.”


He added: “Who cares if you don’t have an inflight entertainment system for a one-hour flight? Who cares that there aren’t marble floors… or that you don’t get free peanuts?” The concept is not new and airlines have been toying with the idea of standing sections on flights for years. In 2003 Airbus came up with an idea of allowing passengers to be braced in a vertical “seat”.






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