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About Wingo Airlines Colombia

Wingo is a low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Copa Holdings S.A. (Copa Airlines). Wingo replaced Copa Airlines Colombia in 2016. Wingo flies to many destinations including Bogota, Cartagena, San Andreas, Barranquilla, Cali, Aruba, Caracas, Havana, Mexico City, Panama, Punta Cana, Quito and Medellin.  Wingo began operations on 1st December 2015, flying from Bogotá to Cancún. Wingo flies to 14 destinations in 8 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Wingo operates a fleet of 4 Boeing 737-700s with a capacity of 142 passengers in one cabin. Wingo Airlines has been certified by the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) program, which sets forth more than 900 operational standards and practices, including flight operations, ground operations, engineering and maintenance, cargo and transportation of special goods, dispatch, operational control and air safety.  This allows the guaranteed safety on each and every one of Wingo's flights. 


Wingo Fleet

The Wingo fleet includes four Boeing 737-700 aircraft.


Wingo Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Wingo passengers are entitled to one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 10kg and the maximum dimensions of 40 x 35 x 25 cm. Carry-on baggage has to be stored in the overhead baggage compartment above the seats on the plane. In addition to this, passengers are entitled to bring one personal item, with a maximum weight of 6kg and maximum dimensions of 40 x 35 x 25 cm. 

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is available to purchase prior to your Wingo flight. Wingo passengers are allowed a maximum of three pieces of checked baggage at a weight of 20kg per piece. This baggage must also not exceed the overall dimensions of 158cm.


Wingo Check-In

Wingo Online Check-In

Passengers can check-in for their Wingo flight between 72—4 hours before their scheduled flight departure time. To check-in online, passengers must visit the Wingo online check-in page and enter their flight reservation code and surname. Online check-in allows you to print your boarding pass for your Wingo flight, which you must bring with you to the airport. 

Wingo Airport Check-In

Airport check-in opens three hours before scheduled flight departure time and closes one hour before for all Wingo international flights. Airport check-in opens two hours before scheduled flight departure time and closes 45 minutes before for all Wingo domestic flights. Passenger can check-in by visiting the Wingo check-in agents at the dedicated Wingo check-in desks. If passengers have any checked baggage, they can drop it at the Wingo check-in desk. 


Book Wingo Flights in English

Looking for Wingo flights in English? Alternative Airlines is the perfect place. We offer our customers an easy booking service, completely in English, when booking their Wingo flights. You can pay Wingo airline tickets with PayPal, or use the currency of your choice and contact our fantastic customer service team if you have any problems with your booking.



Wingo Food

Wingo Meal Options

Wingo do not provide any complimentary meals or snacks on board their flights, however passengers can purchase items from the onboard menu. The onboard menu can be found online on the Wingo website. They offer items such as sandwiches, granola bars, instant noodles and pasta, crisps, nuts, biscuits and confectionery. For domestic flights, passengers must pay in Colombian pesos, but American dollars for international flights. Wigno only accept cash payments.


Wingo Special Dietary Requirements

Because Wingo do not provide any complimentary meals, they do not cater specific meals for passengers with special dietary requirements. Passengers can select items from the onboard menu which are suitable for their special diets, or bring their own food onto the plane with them.


Wingo Drinks & Alcohol

As with the food offered, Wingo do not provide any complimentary drinks but passengers can purchase drinks from the onboard menu. Drinks available to purchase include beer and whisky, but also soft drinks such as water, fruit juices, iced tea, fizzy drinks and hot drinks such as tea and coffee.


Wingo Hub Airport

Wingo Hub Airport

Wingo is based at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá. Other airlines that operate out of the airport include Avianca, LATAM ColombiaSatena, Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas, Avior Airlines and JetBlue.

Aerial view of El Dorado Hub Airport


Wingo Route Map

Wingo route map

Wingo Hub Airport

Wingo News

15th January 2018

Colombian LCC Wingo prous of 2017 figures

Wingo can boast a fantastic season, resulting from the extension of several flight frequencies, which brought forward great reults for the end of last month. "We finish the high season with brilliant results. We believe this is due to our very competitive rates and the qualty of our servicce. This is a source of pride for the Wingo team. In 2018, we want to continue being the first choice airline for Colombians and Latin Americans" said General Leader of Wingo, Catalina Bretón.  The airline carried more than 81,000 passengers during December, reacing 98.97% in the 673 flights operated.  


16th August 2017

Colombian LCC Wingo: Copa becomes first Latin American airline group to test out multi-brand model

The Panama-based airline group Copa Holdings is testing out the multi-brand model with its LCC brand Wingo, which launched operations in late 2016 and is now operating 17 short haul routes. Wingo has already captured a 2% share of seat capacity in both the group’s home markets, Colombia and Panama. Copa is following a typical multi-brand strategy by using Wingo to take over unprofitable routes that were previously under the full service brand Copa Colombia, as well as launching new point-to-point leisure routes that would not be viable under its normal two-class full service product. However, Copa has decided not to follow the typical multi-brand strategy of establishing a new airline from scratch; Wingo uses the Copa Colombia operators certificate, providing economies of scale and minimising risk, but potentially limiting the potential benefits. As the first LCC under a Latin American full service airline group, Wingo is an experiment in many respects. If the initial trial using four single class 737-700s is successful, Copa could use Wingo to expand in Colombia and Panama as well as potential other Latin American markets while other full service airline groups may be compelled to establish their own LCC brands or subsidiaries.


21st April 2017

Discount Airline Wingo Begins Flying from Bogotá to Caracas

Discount Colombian airline Wingo will begin flying from Bogotá to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas today. The Bogotá-based carrier, an offshoot of Copa Airlines Colombia, will operate four flights weekly. The airline says it has launched the route in response to customer demand and to help better connect the two nations. From 2013 to 2016, according to Wingo, more than 1.2 million Venezuelans entered Colombia as the economic, political, and security situation deteriorated in their home country.

“We want Venezuelans living in our country to feel closer to their homeland and also more Colombians to discover the Wingo side of Caracas,” said Catalina Bretón, general leader at Wingo. “Plus, Caracas is a very important business destination in the region.”

The flight will depart El Dorado International Airport in the Colombian capital at 4:29 am each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, arriving in Simón Bolívar International Airport in Caracas at 7:24 am. The return leg will depart from Venezuela at 8:31 am and land back in Bogotá at 9:30 am. (All times local.)

Daniel Pages, president of the Association of Venezuelans in Colombia (AsocVenCol), was pleased with the news. “We strive for strategic partnerships that benefit our fellow citizens,” he said, adding that “in addition to providing commercial service between Venezuela and Colombia, Wingo has identified the need to connect to sister nations.”


19th April 2017

Wingo announces strong results

From April 7 to 17, Wingo transported about 26,455 passengers (load factor higher than 82%) on 266 flights operated to different destinations in Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean. According to data provided by the airlines, Mexico City, Punta Cana, Cartagena and San Andres were the preferred destinations during Easter. 


4th February 2017

Wingo waltzes from Panama City into Cartagena

Wingo’s inaugural flight between Panama City/Balboa and Cartagena was welcomed with a water arch salute on 23 February. The airline will offer three weekly flights between the two airports, facing indirect competition from Copa Airlines and its subsidiary, Copa Airlines Colombia, which both serve the city pairing, but operate from Panama City’s main airport – Panama City.


3rd October 2016

Copa Holdings Launches Colombia’s LCC Wingo

Copa Holdings has unveiled Wingo, a new Colombian low-cost carrier (LCC), intended to compete with VivaColombia’s point-to-point business model. The Bogota-based carrier is set to start operations on December 1st, and it will operate administratively and functionally under Copa Airlines Colombia unit, with autonomous structures for its commercialization, distribution systems and customer service.


“We are proud to launch Wingo, which diversifies and expands Copa Holdings’ business and operational models, allowing us to better serve a market segment where many opportunities for growth and development still exist”, said Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Holdings. The new airline will be led by Carolina Breton, who has over 12 years of experience in the industry, with Eduardo Lombana, current Copa Colombia CEO will oversee the operations of both carriers.


“In addition to being a low-price business model, Wingo will deliver reliable service and operations, thanks in part to the support it will receive from the Copa family. Furthermore, Copa Holdings’ economies of scale and business culture will allow Wingo to control costs better”, Heilbron said. “We are confident this will be a winning formula.” The low-cost airline will begin operations initially with service to 16 cities in 10 countries, taking over most of Copa Colombia’s routes.