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Cheap Domestic Flights in Colombia


What are domestic flights?

A domestic flight within Colombia is any flight that departs from a destination in Colombia and arrives in another location within Colombia. An example would be a flight that departs from the country's capital, Bogotá (BOG), and arrives at Medellin (MED). Although a relatively large country, all internal Colombian flights are short-haul, mostly with a journey time of under three hours.

Internal Colombian flights are usually provided by Colombian airlines, some of the most popular airlines are:

  • Avianca
  • VivaColombia
  • LATAM Colombia
  • Wingo
  • GCA Air

Key Airlines within Colombia

For more information on each individual airline, click the airline name to visit each airline page.


Avianca is the national airline and the largest airline in the country. It also owns a subsidiary airline called Avianca Express, who also flies domestically. Founded in 1919, it's one of the oldest airlines in the world and most recognisable airlines in South America.

Although best known for international flights, offering connections to Bogotá from destinations within the Americas and Europe, Avianca also has an extensive route network within the country. Overall, the airline flies to more than 20 destinations within Colombia and has four hubs, once in each of Bogotá (BOG), Cali (CLO), Cartagena (CTG) and Medellin (MDE).

Check-in times

Online: Online check-in opens 24 hours before scheduled flight departure time.

Airport: Airport check-in closes one hour before scheduled flight departure time if using the check-in counter and 35 minutes before if using the self-service kiosk.


VivaColombia is a low-cost airline that mostly flies internally but also flies to a small number of international destinations.

It's one of the larger airlines in the country and flies to more than 10 destinations overall. It has hubs in Bogotá, Medellin and Santa Marta.

Check-in times

Online: Online check-in is available from 72–2 hours before flight departure time.

Airport: Airport check-in opens two hours before flight departure time and closes 40 minutes before. However, you must arrive at the boarding gate no later than 45 minutes before departure time.


LATAM Colombia is the Colombian brand of LATAM Airlines and the second-largest airline in the country. It only operates flights and flies to 15 different destinations including its hub in Bogotá (BOG), Cali (CLO), Cartagena (CTG), Cúcuta (CUC), San Andrés (SMR) and Yopal (EYP).

The airline used to fly to international destinations as well, however, made the decision to focus exclusively on internal flights. LATAM Colombia is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance and through this alliance, offers interline flights from and to destinations outside of Colombia.

Check-in times

Online: Online check-in is open from 48–1 hour(s) before your scheduled flight departure time.

Airport: Airport check-in closes 45 minutes before scheduled flight departure time.


SATENA is a government-owned Colombian airline. It has the largest domestic route network in Colombia, flying to more than 30 destinations within the country. The airline's main hub is in Bogotá (BOG) and also has a secondary hub in Medellin (EOH).

As well as its extensive route network within the country, SATENA also offers charter flights to a number of international destinations.

Check-in times

Online: Online check-in open from 24–2 hours before scheduled flight departure time.

Airport: Passengers must arrive at least one hour before scheduled flight departure time for airport check-in.


Wingo is a low-cost Colombian airline. The airline mainly offers international flights to/from the country from destinations within the Americas, however, it does have a small internal route network, with regular flights between Bogotá and Cali, Cartagena and Barranquilla, as well as some other popular destinations.

Check-in times

Online: Online check-in is available from 72 hours up until three hours before scheduled flight departure time.

Airport: It's recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight departure time to check-in.

Airports within Colombia

Apartadó / CarepaAntonio Roldán Betancourt AirportAPO
AraucaSantiago Pérez Quiroz AirportAUC
Armenia / La TebaidaEl Edén International AirportAXM
Bahía SolanoJosé Celestino Mutis AirportBSC
BarrancabermejaYariguíes AirportEJA
Barranquilla / SoledadErnesto Cortissoz International AirportBAQ
BogotáEl Dorado International AirportBOG
Bogotá / ChíaFlaminio Suárez Camacho AirportGYM
Bucaramanga / LebrijaPalonegro International AirportBGA
BuenaventuraGerardo Tobar López AirportBUN
Cali / PalmiraAlfonso Bonilla Aragón International AirportCLO
CartagenaRafael Núñez International AirportCTG
CartagoSanta Ana AirportCRC
CorozalLas Brujas AirportCZU
CúcutaCamilo Daza International AirportCUC
Yopal (El Yopal)El Alcaraván Airport (El Yopal Airport)EYP
FlorenciaGustavo Artunduaga Paredes AirportFLA
Girardot / FlandesSantiago Vila AirportGIR
GuapiJuan Casiano AirportGPI
IbaguéPerales AirportIBE
LeticiaAlfredo Vásquez Cobo International AirportLET
ManizalesLa Nubia AirportMZL
MariquitaMariquita AirportMQU
MedellínEnrique Olaya Herrera AirportEOH
Medellín / RionegroJosé María Córdova International AirportMDE
MitúFabio Alberto León Bentley AirportMVP
MonteríaLos Garzones AirportMTR
NeivaBenito Salas AirportNVA
Pasto / ChachagüíAntonio Nariño AirportPSO
PereiraMatecaña International AirportPEI
PopayánGuillermo León Valencia AirportPPN
Providencia IslandEl Embrujo AirportPVA
Puerto AsísTres de Mayo AirportPUU
Puerto CarreñoGermán Olano AirportPCR
QuibdóEl Caraño AirportUIB
RiohachaAlmirante Padilla AirportRCH
San AndrésGustavo Rojas Pinilla Int'l AirportADZ
San José del GuaviareJorge Enrique González Torres AirportSJE
San Vicente del CaguánEduardo Falla Solano AirportSVI
Santa MartaSimón Bolívar International AirportSMR
SaravenaLos Colonizadores AirportRVE
TameGabriel Vargas Santos AirportTME
TolúGolfo de Morrosquillo AirportTLU
TumacoLa Florida AirportTCO
ValleduparAlfonso López Pumarejo AirportVUP
VillavicencioVanguardia AirportVVC
Image of yellow and white houses in Cartagena, Colombia

Who book internal flights within Colombia?

Colombia is a vast and beautiful country, with beautiful mountainous landscapes and great weather. But a lot of its key cities and destinations are far apart. For example, the capital Bogotá is an eight-hour drive from Medellin, a seven-hour drive from Salento and the drive from Bogotá to Cartagena can take 15+ hours without any stops. And, if you want to visit Colombia's Caribbean island, San Andres, you'll have no choice but to get a domestic flight. What's more, many of Colombia's routes require you to drive along tortuous roads that go up and over mountains, which can be dangerous for foreign drivers.

Fortunately, Colombia has more than 15 airlines that cover all of its major destinations. This can turn the 15+ hour journey from Bogotá to Cartagena into a short and safe 90-minute flight.

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Do I need a passport for flights within Colombia?

If you have a Colombian ID, you can use this and won't need a passport to fly internally within the country.

If you don't have a Colombian ID, you'll need a passport.

How early do I need to arrive for domestic flights in Colombia?

You should arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight departure time. Check-in deadlines will differ depending on the airline and not all airlines will allow you to check-in online. So, as a general rule, a minimum of two hours will give you enough time to get through the airport and arrive for your flight on time.

What is the baggage allowance for domestic flights in Colombia?

The baggage allowance will differ depending on the airline.

There is free baggage allowance on the country's national carrier, Avianca is 23 kg, with the option to purchase additional baggage. However, low-cost carriers might not give a free checked baggage allowance for internal flights.

Regardless of the checked baggage allowance, most Colombian airlines give a free carry-on baggage allowance, which is usually between 5–10kg.

Can I buy flights within Colombia online?

Yes, you can buy Colombian flights online at Alternative Airlines. Use the search form at the top of the page to search for flights between two different Colombian airports.