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About Lanmei Airlines

Lanmei is abbreviation for Lancang-Mekong River. Mekong River, part of Lancang River stretching out of Southwest China, flows through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and into South China Sea. The identification of Lanmei Airlines looks like a peacock spreading its tails. Lanmei Airlines has a peacock as its logo because it symbolizes propitious totem in both oriental and western culture. The six spread feathers that make up the wings-like logo represents the six Greater Mekong River countries who are community of common destiny drinking the same water. The logo also looks like a rotating aircraft engine, implying to supply new and steady thrust to these six nations. Based in Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap, Lanmei Airlines is a local Cambodia air transport company, whose strategy is to build up consensus, to help development, and to share benefit. As a new-network and low-cost company, Lanmei Airlines strives to build “sky highways” for Lancang-Mekong cooperation and is committed to be the leader in Cambodia aviation and tourism industry. There are three aircrafts in the Lanmei fleet as of February 3rd 2018: one Airbus A319-100 and two Airbus A321 - 200S.  The airline was founded in March 2016 and commenced operations in September 2017.




Carry-on Baggage

For all routes operated by Lanmei Airlines, each passenger is allowed to carry ONE piece of carry-on baggage, which must not exceed 115cm (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) in size and 7kg in weight. In addition to the cabin baggage mentioned above, a passenger is entitled to bring 1 more small item, which must not exceed 80CM (40cm x 30cm x 10cm) in size, aboard the aircraft. These items include:

• Small handbag

• Laptop bag

• Small backpack

• Camera bag

• Briefcase


Any item exceeding the free carry-on baggage allowance must be checked in.


Checked Baggage

Each passenger is entitled to 15kg free allowance of checked baggage. For the excess amount, charging rates are as follows.





      Cambodia   Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh International Airport
          Siem Reap   Siem Reap International Airport
          Sihanoukville   Sihanoukville International Airport








Macau International Airport

          Hong Kong   Hong Kong International Airport




  Roman Tmetuchl International Airport
      Vietnam   Ho Chi Minh   Tan Son Nhat International Airport
      Thailand   Bangkok   Suvarnabhumi Airport






19th June 2018

Lanmei Airlines adds four new routes to China

Lanmei Airlines are have begun adding new routes to China from late last month. The Cambodian carrier has already launched two new services to different cities in China from Siem Reap International Airport (REP) and will launch another one today. Lanmei Airlines plans to launch a fourth route later this month.


Lanmei Airlines will operate the following services:

  • Between Siem Reap and Nanning three times a week from 29th May 2018. Lanmei Airlines will use an Airbus A321 aircraft to operate this service
  • Between Siem Reap and Xi'An three times a week from 6th June 2018. Lanmei Airlines will use an Airbus A321 aircraft to carry passengers
  • Between Siem Reap and Jinan three times a week from 19th June 2018. Lanmei Airlines will use an Airbus A321 to operate this service
  • Between Siem Reap and Guiyang from 28th June 2018. Lanmei Airlines will us an Airbus A319 to transport passengers on this service.


2nd June 2018

Lanmei faces more competition on one of its routes 

GX Airlines launch first scheduled international service between Nanning and Siem Reap. The new Chinese carrier plans to fly this route twice a week. GX Airlines will use an A320 to ferry passengers on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The route isn't without competition, however, from Lanmei Airlines and Cambodia Angkor Air. Both airlines already provide flights twice a week from Nanning to Siem Reep, so it will be interesting to see what this does to flight prices. This is just one of the 32 destinations GX Airlines will be flying to and from the end of this year.


18th May 2018

Lanmei Airlines starts two new routes connecting China and Cambodia

On 15th May, the Chinese owned airline which bases itself in Cambodia launched two new routes that will connect China and Cambodia.


The first route is a service between Phnom Penh (PNH) and Guangzhou (CAN) that the airline will operate daily. Lanmei will use the A319 aircraft to fly between Phnom Penh and Guangzhou and the journey will take a total of three hours. The second route that the airline will fly is between Siem Reap (REP) and Changsha (CSX), operating three times a week using an Airbus A321. The estimated flight time for this service is four hours.



29th April 2018

Lanmei contributes to Cambodia's airports recieving more passengers

The operator VINCI Airports, who operates three airports in Cambodia, has reported that 3 million passengers used these airports in the first quarter of 2018, a 26.1% year-on-year increase. At Phnom Penh Airport, the country's capital, this upward trend is even steeper at a staggering 34.5%. The capital’s airport handled 1.4 millions passengers, while the increase was mainly attributed to new services introduced by Malindo, Vietjet and Shenzhen Airlines. Chinese carriers such as Spring, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines all increased services to Phnom Penh.


Local Cambodian start-up airlines, JC International and Lanmei Airlines, may also be responsible for the surge in traffic, as both recently established flights to Singapore and Bangkok. Passenger traffic at Siem Reap airport increased by 17.4%. Travellers from China topped the passenger lists, while domestic travel also expanded. This is part of a ever-growing tourism trend in the country, who saw the number of international travellers visiting the kingdom reaching 5.6 million in 2017, up 11.8% (statistics from the Ministry of Tourism). If precditions are correct, Cambodia should be letting through its immigration over 6.1 million tourists this year.


22nd April 2018

Lanmei Airlines begin service from Cambodia to Singapore

Lanmei Airlines operated its first service from Cambodia to Singapore today. The Cambodian airline will fly between Phnom Penh International (PNH) and Singapore Changi (SIN) five times a week for the first week of service, and then add an additional route to run six times weekly in May. Passengers will be flown via A319 jets and the journey is expected to last around one hour and ten minutes.


The airline celebrated the launch of this service earlier today with a team gathering, photos, and a congratulatory cake gifted by dnata.


10th April 2018

Lanmei and JC airlines  receive customer access software

International Airlines, along with its rival, Lanmei Airlines, will get access to a bigger global market after signing distribution system agreements with Sabre, one of the world’s largest software companies. The Cambodian airlies will now feature similar systems to popular online travel agencies. Tourism reached an all-time high in Cambodia last year, and it just keeps on growing. With seven airlines now in operation across the country, compared with two only four years ago, start-up airlines such as Lanmei and JC International are the future of Cambodia’s air travel infrastructure. 


A recent report from consultancy CAPA Centre for Aviation indicates that the rise in tourism throughout Cambodia is driving an important shift in the aviation industry.

With seven airlines now in operation across the country, compared with two only four years ago, start-up airlines such as Lanmei and JC International are shaping the future of Cambodia’s air travel infrastructure.

Rakesh Narayanan, vice-president of airline business for Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific, said that as the leading global distribution system in Cambodia, Sabre was pleased to support the rapid development of two of Cambodia’s growing carriers.

“With these new partnerships, Sabre will provide both Lanmei Airlines and JC International Airlines access to innovative solutions, enabling the addition of new bookable content on our platform,” Mr Narayanan said.

“Cambodia’s travel industry is changing. By providing our new partners with the technology they need to embrace industry shifts, access to our global network of agents will help them achieve their business objectives as they shape Cambodia’s travel industry,” he added.

Eric Li, deputy general manager in the commercial department of Lanmei Airlines, said: “Making our content available to a wide range of domestic and international consumers is central to our strategic vision.

“Our partnership with Sabre will not only help propel our brand globally, but also play a crucial role in the future success of our business.”

Tang Chun, CEO of JC (CAMBODIA) International Airlines, said: “Building a partnership with a leading technology partner such as Sabre supports our plan to further expand operations.

“As we continue to invest in our success, Sabre will provide us with the necessary network to support the massive wave of inbound tourism that Cambodia is witnessing.”

The combined number of passengers in Cambodia’s three international airports surpassed the eight million mark last year for the first time in the country’s history, an event hailed as a milestone for the fledging aviation sector.

This year there has been a rise of one million passengers compared with 2016, when the total number of passengers in the country’s three international airports – Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville – amounted to seven million, according Cambodia Airports.


3rd April 2018

Lanmei Airlines adds Siem Reap service to China

There were celebrations at Siem Reap to mark Lanmei Airlines’ inaugural service to Shijiazhuang on 2 April. The Cambodian carrier will offer three flights per week on the 2,964-kilometre airport pair. This is currently the airline’s only link from Siem Reap to China. Lanmei Airlines commenced operations on a new link between Siem Reap (REP) in Cambodia and Shijiazhuang (SJW) in China on 2 April. It will serve the 2,964-kilometre airport pair with its A320 family fleet and faces no direct competition. Flights depart Siem Reap at 09:55 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. OAG schedules show that this is currently the only connection the airline is due to offer to Shijiazhuang during S18. It is also the airline’s only scheduled service from Siem Reap to China this summer. 


27th February 2018

Cambodia's Aviation Sector sees seven more airlines and more to arrive in 2018 - Lanmei Included

Cambodia’s aviation sector is growing at such a fast pacethat it is leading to a rapid expansion of the Cambodian fleet. There are now seven airlines in Cambodia, together operating a combined fleet of 30 aircraft, compared to two airlines operating seven aircraft four years ago.

A minimum of 3 novel airlines are planning to launch operations in 2018, while several of the existing airlines are pursuing further fleet expansion. The Cambodian fleet will likely reach 40 aircraft by the end of 2018. JC International Airlines, an ambitious start-up which began operations less than a year ago, could become the largest airline in Cambodia by the end of 2018, based on fleet size. Cambodia Angkor Air and Sky Angkor Air are now the largest local airlines and are also the most established.


4th February 2018

Cambodia's Aviation Sector sees more than $3 billion investment in the last 20 years.

According to the latest report from the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA) more than $3 billion has been invested into local air transport and infrastructure in the last two decades. This means Cambodia Angkor Air, along wirh other local carriers such as Sky Angkor Airlines and Bassaka Air, can continue to expand and improve their services. Last year, the kingdom of Cambodia welcomed almost 9 million people to its three international airports, a year-on-year increase of 15%.


Sinn Chanserey Vutha, SSCA’s deputy director, said there are 300 international and 50 local flights in the kingdom every day. 46 airlines fly directly to the kingdom, while 25 operate code-share flights. “The liberalization of the aviation sector has multiplied the number of routes, while reducing travel times and fares. “It has boosted tourism, trade, investment and job creation,” Mr Chansereyvutha said.


22nd January 2018

Lanmei fills Mekong flight gaps 

Khiri Travel Cambodia says direct air services between Cambodia and Vietnam’s capital cities were long overdue, a comment made after Lanmei Airlines established a Phnom Penh-Hanoi route last month. One of Cambodia’s leading inbound tour operators Khiri Travel tweeted at the weekend saying “it’s about time someone connected the capitols of Cambodia and Vietnam.” But reflecting a common sentiment amongst inbound travel companies, Khiri Travel said “we are not endorsing or promoting Lanmei Airlines just yet.”




History of Lanmei Airlines 

Lanmei Airlines (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. was founded on Mar. 7th, 2016, and commenced its maiden flight on Sep. 29th, 2017, which is a Cambodian native aviation company. Named after Lancang-Mekong River, Lanmei Airlines’ logo looks like a peacock spreading its tails. Lanmei Airlines chooses peacock as logo because it symbolizes propitious totem in both oriental and western culture. The six feather of the wings-like logo represents the six Greater Mekong River countries who are the community of shared destiny & shared river. The logo also looks like a rotating aircraft engine, implying to supply new and steady thrust to these six nations.

Lanmei Airlines’ strategy is to build up consensus, to help development, and to share benefits. With background of Lanmei Cooperation Mechanism (LMC), Lanmei Airlines is serving Cambodian “Quadrangle-Development” Strategy and China’s B&R Initiative. Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville as three bases, combined with tourist market, Lanmei Airlines is making an “on & off board and on & off line” featured product platform and becoming a new network public airlines which meets “Connectivity” demands and builds up a “sky-highway” for the six Greater Mekong River nations’ economic, trade and cultural exchanges.

Inspiring from low-cost mode, Lanmei Airlines is creating new mode of “Public Aviation” featured as “Three Big, Three High, Three Special, and One Low”. Lanmei Airlines is to purchase single-type aircraft with single configuration to promote passenger load factor and use ratio and to keep lowering cost while keeping forever safe and to keep offering affordable tickets for the public. Meanwhile, Lanmei Airlines keeps offering featured service and easy product portfolio to supply homelike flight experiences for passengers while inside cabin Lanmei six nations’ native language will be working one. Lanmei Airlines employee’s image is “faithful, professional, honest and striving” and we will keep “serving the public” as our service idea. Lanmei Airlines is committed to forging first-class and unique aviation service.



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