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About the Airbus A320

Learn more about the Airbus A320

Airbus A320

Find out information on the Airbus A320 — the original model in the Airbus A320 aircraft.

Airbus A320

About the Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is a narrow body twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Airbus. The jet is part of the Airbus A320 family, which also consists of the A318, A319, A321 and ACJ Business Jet. The Airbus A320 was the first member of the A320 family and first flown in 1987.

The A320 is used on short-haul and medium-haul flights and can carry up to a maximum of 194 passengers. The A320 was the sole member of the Airbus A320 family up until 1994 when the A321 was released.

In 2010, Airbus revealed plans to replace all Airbus A320ceo (current engine option) with updated Airbus A320neo (new engine option). The Airbus A320neo was released in 2016, with Lufthansa being the first airline to fly the new jet. The final Airbus A320ceo jets were delivered in 2017 and, while some are still in circulation, Airbus stopped manufacturing the A320ceos shortly before. In total, there were nearly 5,000 Airbus A320ceo jets delivered between 1994–2017.

The Airbus A320ceo has two variants, the Airbus A320-100 and Airbus A320-200. However, the Airbus A320-200 is the definitive version as only 21 of the A320-100 were ever manufactured.

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Technical spec of the A320:

Here are the technical specifications for the Airbus A320-200neo and Airbus A320ceo:

Airbus A320-200neo:

  • Range: 6,300 kilometers
  • Length: 37.57 meters
  • Height: 11.76 meters
  • Wingspan: 35.80 meters
  • Track: 7.59 meters
  • Wheelbase: 12.64 meters
  • Max. Cabin Width: 3.70 meters
  • Cabin Length: 27.51 meters
  • Max Ramp Weight: 79.40 tonnes
  • Max. Fuel Capacity: 26,730 liters
  • Max. Take-Off Weight: 79.00 tonnes
  • Max. Landing Weight: 67.40 tonnes
  • Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 64.30 tonnes
  • Max. Possible Passenger Seats: 194
  • Typical Seating 2-Class: 150–180

Airbus A320ceo (with Sharklets):

  • Range: 6,200 kilometers (with Sharklets)
  • Length: 37.57 meters
  • Height: 11.76 meters
  • Wingspan: 35.80 meters (with Sharklets)
  • Track: 7.59 meters
  • Wheelbase: 12.64 meters
  • Max. Cabin Width: 3.70 meters
  • Cabin Length: 27.51 meters
  • Max Ramp Weight: 78.40 tonnes
  • Max. Fuel Capacity: 27,200 liters
  • Max. Take-Off Weight: 78.00 tonnes
  • Max. Landing Weight: 66.00 tonnes
  • Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 62.50 tonnes
  • Max. Possible Passenger Seats: 180
  • Typical Seating 2-Class: 140–170
Airbus A320 plane

Features of the Airbus A320

Unmatched comfort

The A320neo offers unmatched comfort in its category. The spacious cabin gives more personal space to each seat regardless of the cabin class, with a minimum of 18" of seat width in standard Economy Class. The cabin is also fitted with LED ambient lighting.

Fuel efficient & more green

The Airbus A320neo is one of the most fuel-efficient airlines in its class. The aircraft uses 20% less fuel than the A320ceo generation and produces less co2 emissions.


The Airbus A330neo uses new materials including titanium pylon and composite nacelle. As a result, the Airbus A330neo is expected to burn 25% less fuel than its previous generation competitors.

Great design

From its new window design to its mood lighting and updated lavatory comfort features, the Airbus A320 is a modern and stylish aircraft.

Extra baggage space

The Airbus A320 offers among the most space in the overhead lockers for any aircraft within its class. This allows for less strict baggage restrictions and ensures that there'll always be room for your carry-on baggage on the flight, meaning you won't have to worry about gate-checking your bag.