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Kinda Airlines Update

Kinda Airlines flights are unavailable as the airline failed to launch. Please take a look at alternative airlines below that fly similar routes to what Kinda Airlines planned to fly.

About Kinda Airlines

Kinda Airlines was a proposed Syrian airline that failed to launch. The airline was set to launch in 2014 however it faced many challenges which hindered its plans to launch, including the ongoing civil war in Syria and competitor airlines such as Syrian Air and Cham Wings Airlines.

Kinda Airlines was founded in 2010 and planned to operate flights to destinations within the Middle East, Europe and Asia. It was set to be based at Damascus International Airport and was named after the ancient city of Kinda in central Syria.

The airline initially had support and interest from the Syrian government, however, the Syrian civil war posed many issues for the start-up, making it difficult for the airline to secure efficient finances and necessary infrastructure to operate.

Hub Airport

Damascus International Airport

Kinda Airlines was set to be based at Damascus International Airport in Damascus, the capital of Syria. Since the onset of the Syrian Civil war, airlines such as Emirates and Egyptair have ceased flying to the airport. However, the airlines currently offering flights to the airport are Cham Wings Airlines, Fly Baghdad and Syrian Air.


Although Kinda Airlines didn't launch, it did manage to secure several aircraft for its fleet including Airbus A320 and A321 models. These type of aircraft would be ideal for the type of flights Kinda Airlines had planned to operate - short-haul, regional routes around the Middle East, Europe and Asia.