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Syrian Air is the flag carrier airline of Syria and operates to many destinations worldwide.


The airport's hub is located at Damascus International Airport. Syrian Air flies to many destinations including Algiers, Cairo, Khartoum, Yerevan, Bahrain, Tehran, Baghdad, Najaf, Ammam, Damascus, Latakia, Qamishli, Aleppo, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and many others.


Syrian Air offers flights to Syria, a Mediterranean country with unique position across three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.


Syrian Airlines are also known as Syrian Arab Airlines and have a great network and offer a real alternative for customers travelling from London and other European cities to Damascus and cities within Syria. Currency in Syria is Syrian Pound. 


Syrian Air has codeshare agreements with Conviasa and Yemenia.


Frequent Flyer Program


Syrian Air has a frequent flyer program to reward its regular passengers.

The frequent flyer program has three levels of membership:








Syrian Air offers two travel classes with all the comfort services available to passengers.


On Syrian Air flights passengers can enjoy two type of meals and choose between red or white meat.


For short haul routes with Syrian air, the carrier offers a variety of light meals including sandwiches after the main meal.


Business Class with Syrian Air is an experience designed to cater for passengers’ business needs based around total comfort during the flight and an environment that allows them to relax or work.


Syrian Air Business Class passenger have a special counter, meals and seats.


In November 2016, Syrian Air announced that it will start operating flights to Kuwait from Qamishi International Airport.

The establishment announced recently that three Airbus aircrafts have been repaired and put in service. Syrian Arab Air Lines pleased to announce that it has increased the number of the scheduled flights regarding Sharja & Abudabi stations which now became two flights a week. 

Syrian Arab Airlines is pleased to resume its flights to Bahrain one flight a week every Saturday from 30th May 2015.  






Route Map 



Popular Routes


Bahrain    Abu Dhabi


Beirut   Amman


Damascus    Doha


Cairo    Damascus


Damascus    Kuwait


Damascus   Jeddah


The Fleet


Airbus A320-200









Illyushin II-76













Damascus International Airport

HUB Airport


Damascus International Airport is the international airport of Syria and has two runaways and can handle nearly 7 million passengers every year. Damascus International Airport is the hub airport for Cham Wings Airlines, Syrian Air, Kinda Airlines, Fly Damas and Syrian Pearl Airlines.

Other airlines which fly to and from Damascus International Airport include Caspian Airlines and Iran Air.  




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Syrian Airlines are based in Damascus and operates within Syria and internationally to fifty airports across Europe, Mid East, Africa and South Asia. Syrian Airlines Flights Syrian Airlines (Syrian Arab Airlines) are government owned, based Damascus, Syria and operate to fifty airports in Syria, throughout Europe, to Africa, the Middle East and to Economy and Business class The original airline came into being way back in 1947 with flights from Damascus to Aleppo, DerAlzour and Kamishili. Today Syrian has an impressive route network of 50 cities spanning the whole of Europe, North Africa, Middle East as well as to Moscow, Khartoum, Mumbai, Delhi and Karachi. Most Syrian Airlines flights feature a two class configuration with their economy seats considered to be amongst the most comfortable and widest seats in their class. Syrian Airlines Business Class takes passengers to a different level. Enjoy large seats that recline up to 72° with total control allowing you to adjust the angle of your legs into a position that provides the most comfortable seating position for you. Enjoy some of the best Middle Eastern food, European pastries, cakes and gateau. A true Syrian in-flight experience. Syrian Airlines Mid East Flights. Syrian Airlines are also known as Syrian Arab Airlines and have a great network and offer a real alternative for customers travelling from London and other European cities to Damascus and cities within Syria. Unfortunately this airline does not operate flights that connect with the London services to their Middle East destinations which is a pity as this good airline is missing out on potential business for customers who wish to travel in comfort and avoid the crowded non stop flights. However is you are travelling to a domestic airport within Syria you will find this a very convenient airline with good schedules and connecting flights and well worth a try. Another big plus travelling with Syrian Airlines are the very high standards of comfort and excellent onboard service enjoyed by passengers travelling in both Economy and Business class We are pleased to say that we have been appointed ticketing agent for Syrian Airlines. Just complete the "Look and Book" section for availability, immediate on line reservations, instant confirmation and electronic tickets by email. Syrian Airlines operates fleet of Boeing 727, 747 and Airbus A320’s and has placed orders for a further 7 aircraft.