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BinterCanarias, also known as Binter, is a regional airline based in Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain.


The airline operates as an inter-island services within the Canary Islands and services to Morocco, Portugal and Western Sahara. Binter currently serves 18 airports with close to 1,000 weekly flights, predominantly across the Canary Islands, but it also operates international sectors to Cape Verde, Gambia, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal and Senegal.

BinterCanarias flies to many destinations including El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Graciosa, Lanzarote, La Palma, Tenerife, Agadir, Cape Verde, Casablanca, El Aaiun, Lisbon, Madeira, Marrakech, Banjul, Ponta Delgada, Dakar and Nouakchott.


BinterCanarias has several hub airports including Gran Canaria Airport, La Palma Airport and Tenerife North Airport.


The airline is an integral part of the life of the Canary Islands, both for the residents who use it to hop between islands and the increasing number of tourists who wish to see more than one of these beautiful islands during their stay.


BinterCanarias' fleet consists of ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600s and Bombardier CRJ900 as well.



Frequent Flyer Program


BinterMas level is obtained when when flying with BinterCanarias only.


The Silver level is attained with 2,500 points and the Gold with 8,000. Customers can earn points by presenting their BinterMas card when flying with BinterCanarias and can earn points by reserving flights, accommodation, car hire and other services.


Frequent Flyer members can take advantage of advance information of offers, waiting list priority on BinterCanarias flights, exclusive offers, check-in by telephone, priority baggage handling, additional card for spouse, Gold check-in counter and free extra weight for their luggage. 








BinterCanarias offers in flight magazine and passenegrs are allowed to bring one hand luggage with a maximum weight of 6kg.

Economy class  passengers are allowed to bring 20kg for their checked baggage.


BinterCanarias offer online and airport check- in. BinterCanarias offer a Loyalty Program called BinterMas for frequent travelers.

Passengers can earn points when they travel with BinterCanarias and depending on the destination and BinterMas card level they can have upgrades double points and free flights. In March 2016, BinterCanarias expanded connections between the Canaries and the African continent with new flights to Morocco, specifically destinations Agadir and Casablanca






29th January 2018

BinterCanarias launch cheap flights between Lisbon, Madeira and the Canary Islands

From today, BinterCanarias have launched their new 'Bintazo' campaign, allowing passengersto purchase tickets at lower prices to fly from the various international destinations the company are operating. The offer will also apply to BinterCanarias connecting flights in Morroco and West Africa. 


The new 'Bintazo' will be applied to tickets purchased between Monday 29 January and 12 February to fly between 1 March and 30 June 2018. The minimum price per route is € 71.09 for Madeira's flights and € 98 for Lisbon flights in the case of round trips. All those who wish to take advantage of this promotion can purchase the tickets through the company's usual sales channels: the website, the Binter app, via telephone (034 902 391 392) or travel agencies and counters at Airports, where you can check the conditions and prices for the various destinations.


19th December 2017

BinterCanarias announces it is #1 carrier in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria was Spain’s sixth busiest airport in 2016, behind the country’s two hubs in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the inbound traffic hot spots of Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Alicante. However, as the main operational base (in terms of weekly seats and frequencies) for the Canaries’ inter-island operator BinterCanarias, the airport is the fifth busiest in Spain for movements and cargo throughput, according to Aena data for last year.

The airport is currently served by 43 airlines (based on OAG schedules for w/c 18 December), a tally which unlike the vast majority of Europe’s airports (and indeed Spain’s) peaks in the winter and not the summer, given the fact that the island is a winter sun destination but with a growing year-round appeal. The same can be said for the airport’s network of non-stop destinations, which rises from 113 in August to 128 in December.


19th December 2017

Binter and Canaryfly will improve inter-island passenger connectivity

Canaryfly and Binter canary airlines have reached a collaboration agreement whereby they commit to process the change of flight from one airline to another, without costs or penalties for the user, in order for their customers to gain flexibility and service to benefit from the multitude of flights that both add daily between the islands.

This agreement will only apply to passengers who have purchased a full fare, in the case of Canaryfly, Fleximás or Flexible, in the case of Binter, as long as there are seats available for the same class on the flight to which it is intended to change. 

With this initiative both companies want to improve their customers' options and favor connectivity between the islands, so that, in case their clients need to change their flight, they have more options to choose from.

22nd November 2017

BinterCanarias launches Lisbon link

Celebrating BinterCanarias’ new service to Lisbon are Sergio Millanes, Director, Tenerife North Airport, Alberto Bernabé, Cabildo de Tenerife Tourism Counsellor, Isaac Castellano, Canary Islands Government Tourism Counsellor and Candelaria Umpiérrez, Director General of Planning and Tourism Promotion, Canary Islands Government.

BinterCanarias opened a new route from Tenerife North (TFN) to Lisbon (LIS) on 29 October. It will serve the 1,323-kilometre sector twice-weekly with its CRJ series aircraft. The Spanish regional airline will face no direct competition on the new route.



April 2017

BinterCanarias announced it will add a Sao Filipe service from April 2017. 

Binter Cabo Verde earlier this month launched new domestic route, which saw the inaugural service of Praia – Sao Filipe route on 15APR17. This route is operated by ATR72 aircraft, serving 6 times a week


March 2017

Binter Canarias announced that it will increase its flights between the Canaries and Funchal from one to two weekly flights on Thursdays and Sundays starting on March 26.

In the high season the offer will be increased for a daily flight. The offer of daily flights between Gran Canaria and Madeira is reserved for the months of July, August and September, but there will be a second round-trip flight every Sunday. It should be noted that from 22 June Binter Canarias will join the islands of Tenerife and Madeira three times a week.

The new frequency, to join the flights of Monday and Friday, will be held on Saturdays. The flights are made by ATR 72 with a capacity of 72 passengers


March 2017

Binter Canarias announced it will expand its network with a Bombardier CRJ1000 aircraft under a leasing agreeement with Air Nostrum

It will be the first CRJ1000 operated by Binter. The CRJ1000 aircraft to be leased to Binter was delivered to Air Nostrum March 30 at Bombardier’s facility in Mirabel, Canada. Air Nostrum now has 36 CRJ aircraft in its fleet, including 19 CRJ1000s. In May 2017, Binter Canarias announced it had completed its deployment in Cape Verde. Binter's subsidiary in Cape Verde will complete the deployment of its inland route network in the African country by flying to the seven islands that have the airport: Santiago, Sal, San Vicente, Buena Vista, Fogo, Mayo and San Nicolás. The airline began operating domestic flights in the Cape Verdean archipelago last November 12, after several months of efforts to obtain the operator license that would allow it to break the monopoly of the public company TACV until then.  

The Spanish company, which intends to replicate in Cape Verde the inland route business model it has managed for years in the Canaries, began operations in the country with connections to the two most populated islands, Santiago and San Vicente, and its main destination Sun and beach tourism, Sal. 



December 2016

BinterCanarias launched the 'Business Class' for international routes between Tenerife and Gran Canaria to Dakar

Passengers may check three bags of 23 kilos, plus hand luggage, and have access to lounges and a process billing, shipping and preferred landing. They can also use the fast track passport control at the airport in Dakar.

On board, the 'Business Class' has a special differentiated cabin, located on the front of the plane, which will have a double seat for private use, plus extras like a lunch Premium, pillow products and blanket or newspapers and magazines. Binter Canarias is set to benefit as Funchal Airport grew by 13.4% for the first three quarters of 2016. 


August 2016

BinterCanarias and the Government of Canarias created the campaign to promote the Canary Islands as a business platform in Africa

The Government of Canarias and Binter presented the campaign Together promotion to go further, which bind to publicize the brand Canary islands European Business Hub in Africa and spread abroad the advantages of the islands as a platform logistics and business with Africa. 



July 2016

BinterCanarias announced it would rent one of its aircraft to operate interisland routes in Cape Verde

Binter aircraft will operate flights Cape Verdean airline TACV the under wet lease for three weeks, according to the agreement signed between the two airlines. The flights have started this Wednesday, July 27. The aircraft has moved from the Canaries to Cape Verde to operate domestic routes is a device manufacturer ATR, model 72500, with capacity for 72 passengers. To service it has moved from the Canary Islands a team of around 20 professionals, consisting of crews and maintenance personnel.


In September, Binter announced final preparations to begin flying between the islands of Cape Verde. Binter Canarias will operate ATR 72 aircraft model 500 to Cape Verde in order to operate interisland connections in the African country. It is expected that in the coming weeks Binter CV obtained from the Cape Verdean authorities operator's certificate to begin offering inter-island flights in the African archipelago, where it plans to replicate the existing system of air transport in the Canary Islands, in order to contribute to its development bringing the experience of more than 27 years connecting islands. Binter relationship with Cape Verde began in 2012, when it started operating direct flights between the two archipelagos, moving from then on this route to a total of 36,500 passengers.Currently the airline flies twice a week to the country, every Tuesday and Friday, in a triangular operation whose destinations Islands Sal and Santiago.


In November 2016, Binter CV has secured its Air Operator's Certificate from the Cape Verde civil aviation authority ahead of its planned launch later this month. The Binter Canarias subsidiary plans to begin scheduled flights on Saturday, November 12. Initial services will cover São Vicente-Praia-Sal using a single ATR72-500, D4-CCA. Thereafter, a second ATR72 is expected to join the fleet before year-end following which the network will be expanded to other points around the archipelago and even internationally. A third aircraft, type unspecified, is also slated to arrive in January next year.





 Route Map 




Popular Routes


Tenerife   Lanzarote


Lanzarote London


Gran Canaria   Tenerife


Fuerteventura   London



The Fleet


ART 72-500


Bombardier CRJ900-ER







ATR 72-600






Bombardier CRJ900






Gran Canaria Airport

HUB Airport



Gran Canaria Airport (sometimes also known as Gando Airport and frequently, but incorrectly, referred to as "Las Palmas Airport"), is a passenger and freight airport on the island of Gran Canaria.

It is an important airport within the Spanish air-transport network (owned and managed by a public enterprise, AENA), as it holds the fifth position in terms both of passengers and cargo transported, and fourth in terms of operations. It is also ranks first of the Canary Islands in all three categories. Airlines that fly from and to Gran Canaria Airport include Air Berlin, Air Europa, and Easyjet.




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Binter Canarias is a Spanish Regional airline based in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Binter Canarias Flights Binter Canarias was a subsidiary of Iberia airlines but is now independent. It operates both domestic and international scheduled services including Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife and El Hierro within Spain. International destinations include Funchal, El Aaiún, Marrakech, Milan, Nouakchott and Paris (CDG). Canary Island Flights on Binter Canarias Binter Canarias is an integral part of the life of the Canary Islands, both for the residents who use it to hop between islands and the increasing number of tourists who wish to see more than one of these beautiful islands during their stay. If you’re planning a holiday in any of the Canary Islands and fancy a day or two away to another (or even to Marrakech) check out the regular frequencies of Binter Canarias timetable.

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