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Avianca Ecuador, formerly known as AeroGal, is an airline based in Quito, Ecuador.


The airline operates passenger and cargo flights within Ecuador, between the mainland and the Galápagos Islands, and between Ecuador and Peru (on behalf of Avianca Peru) and Colombia (on behalf of Avianca).


It is one of the seven nationally branded airlines (Avianca Peru, Avianca Honduras, etc.) in the Avianca Holdings group of Latin American airlines.


At the present time they have 1 daily flight from Quito to Baltra, in addition to 6 weekly flights from Quito and 5 from Guayaquil to San Cristobal.


This is a trip of a life time, and Avianca Ecuador (Aerogal) provides an excellent service for its passengers.






3rd October 2017


Avianca Airlines and Sabre renew technology partnership

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, today announced a renewed partnership with Avianca for Sabre AirCentre Flight Explorer, its comprehensive flight tracking and monitoring solution. In conjunction with Flight Explorer, Avianca will utilize the Surface Manager module to provide full awareness of aircraft location on the ground, even before takeoff and after landing.


Flight Explorer streamlines data delivery, allows for intuitive flight management, enables integrated flight planning and allows users to set advanced, flight-specific thresholds based on industry or company requirements.  Flight Explorer also streamlines route analysis through graphical route displays that include real-time data such as weather and airspace restrictions. These capabilities help Avianca make decisions based on the most current data, ultimately saving on costs and minimizing disruptions which results in a better passenger experience.

Flight tracking is not a new concept. Before computers, airlines used flight plans to manually estimate locations at given times, but since then flight tracking technology has advanced to incorporate more sophisticated data – not only aircraft position but additional data such as weather and air traffic control information. Flight Explorer can easily adapt to include incremental data sources as they became available, meaning Flight Explorer is uniquely positioned to accommodate evolving industry recommendations and expanding data sources as the need arises.

"We are proud to continue our partnership and help Avianca adapt internal processes to meet increasingly complex company and regulatory requirements," said Vinit Doshi, chief marketing officer, Sabre Airline Solutions. "Flight Explorer delivers industry leading monitoring capabilities and does so without burdening the technology teams or end users."

Avianca will also rely on Flight Explorer's Surface Manager module for gate-to-gate monitoring, which delivers even more comprehensive decision support, improves efficiency and reduces the risk of error.

"Flight Explorer simplifies our route analysis with real-time data such as weather and airspace restrictions, allowing us to make quicker decisions and offer a better travel experience to our customers," said Miguel Montoya, senior vice president of technique and operations at Avianca.


About Avianca Holdings S.A.
Avianca Holdings S.A. comprises the airlines: Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca (Avianca), Tampa Cargo S.A.S. , incorporated in Colombia, Aerolineas Galapagos S.A. - Aerogal, incorporated in Ecuador, and the TACA Group companies: TACA International Airlines S.A., incorporated in El Salvador, Lineas Aereas Costarricenses S.A., LACSA, incorporated in Costa Rica, Trans Américan Airlines S.A., incorporated in Perú, Servicios Aéreos Nacionales S.A., SANSA, incorporated in Costa Rica, Aerotaxis La Costeña S.A., incorporated in Nicaragua, Isleña de Inversiones S.A. de C.V., ISLEÑA, incorporated in Honduras and Aviateca S.A., incorporated in Guatemala.



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Popular Routes


Quito   New York


New York   Guayaquil


Quito     Miami


Guayaquil    Los Angeles


Guayaquil    Galapagos Islands




The Fleet


Airbus 319






Airbus 320





Airbus 320-200






Mariscal Sucre International Airport

HUB Airport 

Mariscal Sucre International Airport  is the busiest airport in Ecuador and one of the busiest airports in South America.

Airlines that fly from and to Mariscal Sucre International Airport include Copa Airlnes, Delta Airlines, Iberia, KLM, United Airlines and Aerolineas. 



Star Alliance 




Star Alliance is one of the leading global airline network, which has 27 member airlines. Star Alliance was founded in 1997 with the five founding airlines: Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Canada, Lufthansa and United Airlines. The alliance has grown considerably now to airlines which fly to 1,321 airports and 193 countries, carrying 637 million passengers every year!




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Aerogal Merges with Avianca Aerogal was based in Quito and operated domestic flights in Ecuador. It was also the main provider of flights to the Galapagos Islands. Internationally Aerogal flew to Medellin and Bogota in neighbouring Colombia and from December ’08 to Miami in the USA. In 2009, AeroGal merged with the Colombian airline Avianca, and with VIP Ecuador in 2012. Avianca currently owns 81% of the airline. Despite the purchase by Avianca, AeroGal continued using its own identity until 2014, and will continue to operate in Ecuador. In 2014 the airline was renamed Avianca Ecuador. Aerogal Flights to Galapagos Aerogal’s main function was to connect the capital of Ecuador with the fascinating islands of the Galapagos (airports: Baltra and San Crisobal). However, it also had developed a network of domestic destinations: flights to Guayaquil, Quito, Manta, and flights to Cuenca. International services operated to Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia, from Guayaquil and Quito and from December 2008 operated a Quito-Guayaquil- Miami flight on Sunday and Monday. The new flights were timed so as to allow excellent connections in Miami for passengers travelling from London and other European airports. In fact the Miami connection offered the shortest total journey time from London to Guayaquil of 15h 30 mins (December 2008). Going forward Aerogal believed it could remain the best Ecuadorian carrier by offering the highest levels of customer service and being recognised as an innovative, go ahead airline. Aerogal operated an all Boeing fleet of 15 aircraft: a 727-200, twelve 737’s and two 757-200. One of the 757 aircraft also operated on the Miami service. The airline of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are a must-see in any one travellers lifetime and Avianca Ecuador (formally known as Aerogal) is a great way to get there. Avianca Ecuador (Aerogal) is also an active supporter of the World Wildlife Fund’s Marine educational programme in the Galapagos, which creates awareness and promotes ecologically sound tourism. Aerogal was previously awarded the prestigious Sustainable Tourism Award by the IGTOA. At the present time they have 1 daily flight from Quito to Baltra, in addition to 6 weekly flights from Quito and 5 from Guayaquil to San Cristobal. This is a trip of a life time, and Avianca Ecuador (Aerogal) provides an excellent service for its passengers. This is one company that definitely deserves to be referred to as a responsible airline and we applaud their fantastic work in the conservation and protection of a group of islands that are becoming ever more vulnerable and fragile. The Galapagos are worth protection and thank you Aerogal for doing your bit! START: Modules Anywhere END: Modules Anywhere The Best of Both Aerogal and Avianca Aerogal has served passengers flying to, from and within the Ecuadorean market since 1986 and in 2014, it was announced that Aerogal would merge with Avianca, an important, fast growing airline grouping which holds the umbrella brand for seven carriers including Avianca of Colombia, TACA of Central America and Avianca Brazil. Aerogal's network is now operated under the brand name of Avianca, using aircraft branded in Avianca livery but maintains its own identity within the group as Avianca Ecuador. This web site is operated by Alternative Airlines, which is part of the Flight Directors Group based in the UK. Flight Directors was proud to work closely with AeroGal prior to the takeover and represented Avianca for nearly two decades in the UK market. As experts in booking flights on the airlines of Latin America we are pleased to able to recommend flying with AeroGal, particularly now it is strengthen by its association with Avianca, which is building into one of the world's most respected airlines. We continue to get good feedback from our passengers using Avianca Ecuador, who have sucessfully combined the professionalism of Avianca with the friendliness and customer care values always evident in the smaller airline, Aerogal. Bookings can still be made here on the network of services once operated by Aerogal. Where some of the routes have not been taken over by Avianca, we offer an alternative on a range of other carriers. Avianca is Latin America’s longest established airline, and your flight is underpinned by decades of experience. New aircraft for AeroGal/Avianca Ecuador In May 2015 Avianca ordered 100 Airbus A320neo aircraft due for delivery in 2019. Part of this order is destined to renew the fleet of Aerogal/Avianca Ecuador. The order is the largest single order ever made in the history of Latin America aviation and it is clear that Avianca Ecuador is destined to be a major part of the success story being developed by the Avianca family of airlines

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