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How to Order Baby and Child Meals

Kids Airline Meals

Not sure how to order an in-flight meal for your child or baby? Find out everything you need to know about in-flight child meals here.

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Child and Baby Airlines Meals

What is a Child Meal?

A child's meal is an airline meal prepared especially for children. The meal may come in a smaller portion size or use foods with a plain flavour.

What is the code for a kids airline meal?

The code for a child's meal is CHML. If ordering a child meal, always make sure you contact Alternative Airlines or the airline you are flying with at least 24 hours before your flight departure. For more advice on taking children with you on your flight, please visit our guide to flying with children and infants.

How do you order a child meal?

To order a child meal contact Alternative Airlines or the airline you are flying with at least 24 hours before flight departure and request a Child Meal (CHML). Although airlines endeavour to make sure that pre-ordered meals are delivered to passengers, it is always recommended to bring some extra food on the plane in the case of a mistake with your order.

Child Meal Emirates

Emirates allows its passenger to choose from a range of kids meals or airline staff will warm your milk or food. They also have milk formula and baby bottles on board if you need them. Children aged between two and 12 can enjoy the airline's kids’ meals.

Child Meal Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines provides a special meal for children. The meal comes in a smaller portion size using ingredients that are easy to bite and chew. The meal is suitable for children ages two to seven. Infant and child meals are available on all flights apart from between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Child Meal British Airways

Passengers can order a special meal for their child up to 24 hours before their British Airways flight. This can be done either by contacting British Airways, Alternative Airlines or by visiting the BA website. The airline offers nutritionally balanced meals for children and also has a "Feed Kids First" policy, which means your little ones will be some of the first people to tuck into their food on board.

Thai Airways Child Meal

Thai Airways provides both Infant/ Baby food (BBML) and Child Meals (CHML) onboard its flights. The infant's meal is recommended for infants up to 10 months old who are not yet eating solid foods. The Child Meal is recommended for children over two.

Child Meal United Airlines

Passengers on flights where meals are served are able to order special meals. The child's meal on board your United Airlines flight is recommended for children aged two to 12 years old.

Other Special Meals

For information on meat-free airline meals please visit our vegan and vegetarian airline food page. For a list of airlines offering halal, Kosher or gluten-free meals, please visit our HalalKosher and gluten-free pages. For information on other dietary requirements please click here. Please see our special meals page if you have any meal requirement and you may find what you're looking for.

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