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A Guide to Jain Airline Food

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Jain Airline Meals

What is a Jain airline meal?

A Jain airline meal is a meal type provided by airlines that is suitable for people of the Jain community. The meal is a strictly vegan meal that excludes all animal products. Additionally, Jain meals don't contain any onion, garlic or other root vegetables. The meal is made with fruit and vegetables that grow above the ground and also uses a variety of Indian spices. The Jain meal falls under the category of 'religious meal' but can also sometimes be found under the 'vegetarian meal' type option too.

As a completely vegan meal type, the Jain meal can be used as an alternative for Vegans. However, because some vegan meals (VGML) might use root vegetables, we suggest that Jain people should not order a vegan meal.

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What Is The Jain Airline Meal Code?

The IATA airline meal code for a Jain meal is VJML, this stands for 'vegetarian Jain meal'. In rare circumstances, an airline might use the meal code meal JNML, which simply stands for 'Jain meal'. These meal types are no different and the JNML still completely excludes all animal products and root vegetables.

How Do I Order A Jain Airline Meal?

To order a Jain meal post-booking, either contact us or the airline directly to add the meal type to your booking.

Some airlines will allow you to add a Jain meal to your itinerary at the time booking. At Alternative Airlines, you can always put in a request for a Jain meal at the time of booking. However, this is subject to availability from the airline.

Jain Spices

What Is An Example Of A Jain Airline Meal?

A Jain airline meal will consist of either fruit or vegetables that grow above the ground and will be cooked with Indian spices. A Jain meal might consist of rice and dry beans, lentils or chickpeas cooked in an Indian curry sauce. This will be served with water, a bread roll and a dessert.

Are Jain Airline Meals Better?

Because of the variety of spices used in Jain meals, they can be quite flavoursome and tasty. However, we don't suggest ordering a Jain meal if you don't like fruit or vegetables.

Which airlines offer special Jain meals?

Check which airlines offer Jain meals and find out how far in advance to order.

*Only available on flights to/from India

Adria Airways--
Aegean Airlinesx24
Aer Lingus--
Aerolineas Argentinas--
Air Astanax24
Air Baltic--
Air Canadax24
Air Chinax48*
Air France--
Air Indiax72
Air New Zealandx24
Air Serbiax48
Air Tahiti Nui--
Air Transat--
All Nippon Airwaysx24
American Airlines--
Asiana Airlinesx24
Austrian Airlinesx48
Azul Airlines--
Bangkok Airwaysx24
British Airwaysx48
Brussels Airlinesx48
Caribbean Airlines--
Cathay Dragonx24
Cathay Pacificx24
China Airlinesx24
China Easternx24
China Southernx48
Condor Airlines--
Copa Airlines--
Croatia Airlines--
Delta Airlines--
Eva Airx72
Garuda Indonesiax24*
Gulf Airx24
Hainan Airlines--
Hawaiian Airlines--
Hong Kong Airlinesx24
Jet Airwaysx24
Korean Airx24
La Compagniex51
Malaysia Airlinesx24
Middle East Airlines (MEA)x24
Oman Airx24
Pakistan International Airlines--
Philippine Airlinesx48
Qatar Airwaysx24
Royal Jordanian--
SAS Scandinavian Airlines--
Shenzhen Airlines--
Silk Airx32
Singapore Airlinesx24
South African Airwaysx48
Sri Lankan Airlinesx48
Swiss International Airlinesx24
TAP Portugal--
Tarom Airlines--
Thai Airways--
Turkish Airlinesx24
United Airlinesx24*
Vietnam Airlinesx24
Virgin Atlanticx48
Virgin Australiax48
Xiamen Airlines--
XL Airways--

Other Religious Meals

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Other Special Meals

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