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Religious Airline Meals

Religious Airline Meals

On this page you can find out which airlines offer special religious meals and find out how to request a specific meal for your flight.

Religious Airline Meals

There are many different meal options for each religion.  Many religious meal options will have to be pre-ordered before the flight if the airline in which you're flying isn't from a country where that religion is traditionally followed.

Pre-ordering a religious airline meal is very easy and can be done online within the Alternative Airlines booking process. If you'd like to pre-order a religious meal post-booking, please contact us.

Contact Alternative Airlines

If you make a booking through Alternative Airlines it is easy to pre-book a religious meal for your flight! To find out more, visit our page which explains how you can request a special in-flight meal. You can also call Alternative Airlines on +441293 874920.

Kosher Meals

Kosher airline food complies with Jewish dietary law and excludes meats such as hare, camel and pig. The airline code for a standard kosher meal is KSLM. However, there are variants for other kosher type meals.

Visit our kosher meals page.

Halal Meals

Halal airline meals consist of food suitable for halal diets. Non-Arabic airlines' will often not have halal meals as a standard option, so they'll need to be pre-ordered leading up to the flight. MOML is the airline code for a halal/Muslim meal.

Visit our halal meals page.

Hindu Meals

Hindu meals come in two options: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Vegetarian Hindu meals are usually referred to as Asian vegetarian meals and don't include any meat, fish or egg. The airline code for an Asian vegetarian meal is AVML.

Visit our Asian vegetarian meals page.

Non-vegetarian Hindu meals are simply referred to as Hindu meals and contain some type of meat and dairy but never beef of pork. The airline code for a non-vegetarian Hindu meal is HNML.

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Jain Meals

Jain meals are vegetarian Indian-style meals that conform to Jain community rules. The airline meal code for Jain meals is VJML.

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