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Atlantic Airways is the national airline of the Faroe Islands, operating international passengers services from its headquarters at Vagar Airport.


Atlantic Airways flies to the following destinations including Vagar, Reykjavik, Mallorca, Gran Canaria, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Chania, Billund, Bergen, Barcelona and Aalborg. Atlantic Airways also operates charters for Danish tour operators to destinations such as Italy, Croatia, France, Scotland, Norway and the Czech republic, out of Copenhagen Kastrup and Billund airports.


The airline was established in 1987 and 1988 Faroese people were able for the first time to fly from Vagar to Copenhagen with their new Faroese airline company. Since 1997, Atlantic Airways have been flying to Aarhus and Billund in Denmark.


Atlantic Airways’ network consists of the NORTH routes, the Denmark routes and the SUN routes, the latter being very well received with many passengers choosing to fly directly from the Faroes to sun and summer in southern climes.


In 2007, Atlantic Airways was listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange.



“The Faroe Islands are more accessible and more affordable than ever before. Atlantic Airways serves a record number of destinations and the fact that SAS has entered the marked with their route between Copenhagen, has opened the marked and has attracted the attention of the foreign eye. Furthermore, there is an increase of domestic demand,” said Jákup Sverri Kass, CEO at Vagar Airport - International Airport Review




  Atlantic Airways offers its passengers 30kg checked luggage with a FLEX ticket and 1 piece and PC bag with a maximum of 8 kgs and size of 55x40x25 cm for carry-on luggage. Passengers travelling on a economy or 779 ticket are entitled to 20kg of checked in luggage and 1 piece and 1 PC bag of carry on luggage with a maximum of 8 kgs. 
Atlantic Airways offers exclusive benefits and awards of the EuroBonus programme offered to its customers. EuroBonus members will earn "Basic Points" when travelling with Atlantic Airways. Depending on the amount of basic points, passenger membership can be upgraded to Silver, Gold or Diamond level. 
  Atlantic Airways flies to some destinations including Copenhagen, Vagar, Billund, Reykjavik, Barcelona, Mallorca, Edinburgh and Rome. In March 2015, Atlantic Airways launched a new twice weekly service to Edinburgh Airport from Vagar Airport. Atlantic Airways' fleet consists of A-319s. Atlantic Airways also operates a helicopter department which provides a regular service to the outer islands, search-and-rescue activities and offshore transport in the North Atlantic. 

May 2018
UK's Atlantic Airlines Announce their top 20 alternative destinations

Atlantic Airways have gone down our alternative way of travelling, making a list of their top 20 alternative destinations and offering customers a chance to win a trip of a life time to one of these of their choice. All of their destinations are rated out of 5 for "alternativeness". The destinations that get 5 altenative stars are:

1. Kyiv & Chernobyl: a destination that feeds off humanities obsession with dark tourism, this tour offers you the chance to explore the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exclusion zone for two full days, incliuding a stay in a hotel built for scientific advisors.

2. World Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan: epic, well worth trip if you're getting bored of the olympics. I mean throwing a goats head around on horseback or cycling in a circle- i know which one I'd rather watch. 

3. 17 WHOLE DAYS in North Korea: this has got to be one of the longest North Korean tours on the market. God knows what you'll see for your £3250 



23rd November 2017
UK's Atlantic Airlines switches main hub to East Midlands

West Atlantic UK Ltd, the UK division of European cargo operator West Atlantic Group, has relocated its main operational hub from Coventry Airport to East Midlands Airport.

The freight specialist said in a statement the move was driven by a need to find increased space to accommodate its Atlantic Airlines (UK) (NPT, Coventry) unit's growing fleet of B737 freighters (six B737-300(F)s and ten B737-400(F)s) and the fact that many of West Atlantic’s customers are based at East Midlands Airport.

"We had outgrown our Coventry facility as it could no longer meet the demands and needs of our business," Nigel Hiorns, Managing Director for West Atlantic UK Ltd, said. "A new base is required due to the rapid expansion of our fleet, and our in-house maintenance capabilities especially as we prepare to launch new converted B737-800 freighters in February 2018.”

As such, the firm said it has leased 4,000 sqm of hangar space at the Leicestershire airport to be closer to its key customers, DHL Express and Royal Mail. 

West Atlantic also offers aircraft maintenance services and aircraft leasing which will benefit other cargo operators that are located at East Midlands Airport.


Source: ch-aviation



This summer, Atlantic will fly to Crete, Barcelona and Mallorca, and from late December through January also to Gran Canaria. Atlantic Airways will from 1st of April 2015 improve the exclusive benefits and awards of the EuroBonus programme offered to its customers. One of these improvements imply that EuroBonus members will earn "Basic Points" when travelling with Atlantic Airways. Travellers flying with Atlantic Airways will earn Basic Points, which go towards strenghtening their EuroBonus membership, based on ticket type and travelling frequency. Depending on the amount of “Basic Points” you earn, your membership can be upgraded to either Silver, Gold or Diamond level.
April 2016
Atlantic Airways announced a significant set of financial results with an increase in passenger numbers and new destinations
267,000 passengers flew with Atlantic Airways in 2015, which was a record year for the carrier. This is an increase of about 30,000 passengers compared with 2014 when 237,000 people flew with Atlantic Airways. This is an increase of 13 per cent. Atlantic Airways’ network consists of the NORTH routes, the Denmark routes and the SUN routes, the latter being very well received with many passengers choosing to fly directly from the Faroes to sun and summer in southern climes.
This summer, Atlantic will fly to Crete, Barcelona and Mallorca, and from late December through January also to Gran Canaria. 
During the high season, there are more than 40 departures from the Faroes to the various destinations, and during the low season, just over 20 departures. Atlantic Airways aims to continually provide good offers to Faroese travellers, and the company wants also to be an active player in the development of the Faroese tourist industry as the cheaper fares draw visitors from abroad to the Faroes.


Route Map 



Popular Routes


Edinburgh    Vagar


Billund   Vagar


Bergen   Vagar


Barcelona    Vagar


Reykjavik    Vagar


Rome    Vagar


The Fleet


Airbus A319-100









Bell 412













Vagar Airport 

HUB Airport


Vagar Airport is the airport serving the Faroe Islands, a self-governing territory of Denmark. Vagar Airport is used as the main operating base for Atlantic Airways and also the base for the low cost airline FaroeJet. The airport has one runaway and can handles nearly 250,000 passengers every year.

Atlantic Airways Helicopter division also operates from Vagar Airport flying domestically within the Faroe Islands. 








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Find Out More

Atlantic Airways is the national carrier of The Faroe Islands and is based at Vagar Airport. For Summer 2015 Atlantic Airways has announced a new route between the Faroe Islands and Edinburgh, Scotland. The twice weekly service starts on March 30th and has a flight time of one hour and 25 minutes. 

Atlantic Airways Flights

Atlantic Airways is the airline that connects the Faroe Islands with the rest of the world.

Many of their services are summer only but some of the destinations are year round. In 2013 Atlantic Airways wa awarded AIRLINE OF THE YEAR in the Bronze category of the European Region Airline Association in recognition of its pioneering work in satellite navigation systems and its role in providing a lifeline for the island community. 

Atlantic Airways connecting the Faroe Islands

Atlantic Airways is a great little airline often flying in terrible meteorological conditions (ie bad weather) ferrying passengers to one of Europe’s most remote outposts. For anyone who has ever visited any of the eighteen islands which make up this wonderful self-governing region of Denmark, the smell of really fresh air; the cries of over 2 million sea birds and friendliness of the Faroese people are unforgettable experiences.

Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways operates a fleet of 3 Airbus A319 aircraft and 2 Bell helicopters.

The 2 helicopters aer used for a variety of tasks, with one Bell 212 mainly serving the schedule flights to isolated islands, and for chartered operations and the other one, a Bell 412, equipped for search and rescue in faroes territory.

Atlantic Airways launches from Edinburgh to Faroes

      Well managed and customer friendly airline, Atlantic Airways, the national carrier of the North Atlantic Faroes islands, noisily launched its new twice weekly service from Edinburgh to the island's international airport at Vagar on 30th March with a traditional Scottish bagpiper serenading the inaugural flight.

Atlantic Airways to fly Faroes to London Gatwick

    Starting in May 2012, the Faroe Islands national carrier, Atlantic Airways, will start flying twice weekly between London Gatwick Airport and Vágar Airport in the Faroes.


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