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Viking Hellas

Viking Hellas

Update December 05th 2011

Viking Hellas has ceased to trade with its three aircraft being returned to the aircraft lessors. There is currently no information available as to what financial arrangements have been made to deal with outstanding creditors and it is unclear what legal status the company currently holds. It appears, however, that there is no likelihood of the airline restarting operations in the way described in their press release published on the 15th November 2011. Passengers seeking advice as to how to obtain refunds for unflown flights should deal directly with the travel agent though which they bought their flight tickets or write to the Head Office address in Athens: Viking Hellas K. Papadimitriou 33, 19003 Markopoulo, Athens, GREECE.

Update November 15th 2011

Viking Hellas is in continuing talks with prospective purchasers and Investors into Viking Hellas. Things are progressing, although slower than we anticipated. Meanwhile, we have also began negotiating with other carriers to ensure all existing bookings from 01st December 2011 are protected and allow us to re-open the booking system from December 2011.


OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  The recent re-structuring process of Viking Hellas Airlines has continued to move forward. The processes have taken a little longer than expected. With the recent last minute cancellations and re-scheduling of flights we think it is in everyone’s interest to resolve the outstanding flights for November 2011.  We have decided to cancel all flights for the month of November 2011. This difficult decision has been made, to give clarity to our programme and retain some honour within the flight network to Iraq. The next four weeks will give us an un-pressured time scale, to produce a strong company which we can build upon for the future of our dedicated agents and passengers. We regret the recent disruptions and hope this will give you sufficient time to protect existing bookings.