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Low Season Flights

Low Season Flights

Find out how to get cheaper flights by booking according to low season. Discover low season dates in each region.

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Low Season Flights

There are certain times during the year where flights are cheaper, due to being off-peak season, or low-season. These are times when there are less tourists, due to things like being away from the peak weather season (such as winter for skiing or sunshine for beaches), children's school holidays or away from large events.

When is Low Season Flights?

The low season varies around the world, according to weather and events for example. Below we have separated out many locations, along with their low season dates. You can use this as a guide to finding the cheapest flights around the world.

How to Find Low Season Flights

Use the guide below to find the best time window frame for low season flights. You can there use tools such as our best fare finder, to find the cheapest flight within a given frame.

Low Season Travel Dates

There are specific low season travel dates that mean travel is often cheaper. These time frames are generally less popular, meaning there are fewer crowds and therefore decreased demand, hence why travel companies often offer travel during these times at a cheaper rate. Keep scrolling to find the section on low-season travel for each destination.

Low Season Flights to Brazil

The low season in Brazil is between May and September. This is because this is the rainy season. However, it will still be possible to visit the popular destinations of the Amazon and Pantanal during this period, as the weather is nicer there during this time.

Airlines that fly to Brazil during low season include Turkish AirlinesEmiratesVirgin Atlantic and TAP.

Low Season Travel to USA

The USA is so huge that it's low season is fairly varied. However, generally the low season with the worst weather is between November through March. However, this may vary and extend depending on where you are located in this huge country.

The low season is also dependent on school holidays in the US. This means that although the low season is between November and March, holidays such as Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November), Fall break (1-2 weeks in September or October), Christmas Break (25th December and surrounding dates), Winter Break (1 week in February or March, sometimes coinciding with President's Day). In addition, spring break sometimes falls within March in accordance with Easter, so will mean that flight prices will go up at this time.

You can fly to the USA during low season with airlines such as DeltaIcelandair, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways.

Low Season Travel to Europe

Europe's low season is typically outlined as November to March, when the temperatures drop and the number of rainy days are on the increase. However, be aware that people often book holidays during Autumn school break, also known as October half term, and also during the Christmas break. Similarly, in countries that receive high amounts of snow and are ski destinations, they have a peak during the winter months, so this will lessen the window of low season flights. In addition, Christmas Markets are quite common in European towns and cities, so this will bring in tourists, bumping up the price to high season standards.

You can fly to Europe with airlines such as RyanairAir FranceBrussels Airlines and Iberia, during low season.

Low Season Travel to Australia

Generally, low season in Australia is during its winter months of June to August (it is in the Southern Hemisphere so has opposite seasons to countries such as the USA and the UK). However, there is variety within Australia due to the large size of the country resulting in different climates.

Sydney, located in New South Wales, is located within Australia's temperate zone. Although Sydney has good weather year-round, with an average of 340 sunny days, its low season is generally in it's autumn, between February and April, and also during its winter from May to August.

Cairns typically has two seasons; the wet and the dry. This is because of its location in the Tropical North Queensland. The low season is during the wet monsoonal season, between December to March.

Brisbane has its low season from December to February because it experiences severe heat, rain and humidity. November to March is also unpopular with tourists, as it is the hottest months and is unbearable to many.

In the Australian Northern Territory, or 'Top End' as its sometimes referred to, their low season is their wet season. This runs from October to April, and is when there is high humidity, monsoonal rain and tropical storms.

Fly to Australia cheaply in low season with airlines such as Cebu PacificScootQantas and Emirates.

Low Season Travel to Canada

Canada is a very large county with varying climate and weather. For example, you'd be able to travel in Vancouver during the winter months as there is rarely snow or sub-zero temperatures, whereas Montreal is freezing cold in December.

However, generally low season is considered to be in Autumn/Fall and Spring, with November supposedly being the lowest season month and therefore the cheapest.

You can fly to Canada during low season with airlines such as Air TransatWestJet and Royal Air Maroc.

Low Season Travel to Italy

Low season in Italy typically falls during the winter months, between November and March.

Low season flights to Italy are operated with airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways.

Low Season Travel to South America

South America is such a large continent that its low season varies depending on the climate of the area. Bear in mind that many countries in South America celebrate Easter, which pushes up the prices during these times, despite the weather.

Patagonia is far south which means many parts often get cut off during the winter due to heavy snow and cold temperatures. Low season here is usually from June through September.

The Galapagos Islands have two seasons; cool and dry or warm and wet. Low season is typically in the cool and dry weather, which falls between June and November.

Peru has a rainy low season which runs between March and April.

Fly to South America with cheap off-season flights from airlines such as AirEuropaAvianca and American Airlines.

Low Season Travel to Asia

In Southeast Asia, the region often has a monsoonal season. This often runs between June to October, and is considered the low season.

In Central Asia, the low season falls between November to March. This is because these times bring cold and snowy weather.

Airlines such as Air AstanaTurkish Airlines and AirAsia all operate flights to Asia during its low season.

Low Season Travel to Beijing

The low season in Beijing falls betewen December to March, when it is winter and temperatures are cold.

Fly with airlines such as Uzbekistan AirwaysUIA and Etihad to get cheap low-season flights.

Low Season Travel to Colombia

Low season in Colombia is usually from April till June, and then from October to November. This is typically when the weather is rainy, but means cheap prices and low crowds.

Fly to Colombia during off-peak season with airlines such as United, Avianca and Air Canada.

Low Season Travel to Cuba

Cuba generally has good, sunny weather year-round. However, the low season occurs from April to June and September to October due to an increased chance of rain and also hurricane season.

AirEuropa, Air Canada and Iberia are just some of the airlines that fly to Cuba during its low season.

Low Season Travel to China

Low season in China is during the winter months, between November and March. During this time, there is often cold temperatures and snow.

Fly to China in its low season with airlines such as LOT Polish AirlinesCzech Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

Low Season Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica's low season runs from May to December, and is often referred to as the green season because of the rain.

Delta, Iberia and Air France are some of the airlines that fly to Costa Rica during the low season.

Low Season Travel to Cancun

Cancun has a low season when tropical storms are more frequent, during the months of September to November. The months of February and May are also cooler, but away from the high season dates of spring break.

You can fly to Cancun in low season with airlines such as Condor, AirEuropa and Avianca.

Low Season Travel England

England's low season is during winter, from November to March, with a gap in mid-late December for Christmas.

Fly to England during low season with airlines such as Delta, Virgin Atlantic and United.

Low Season Flights to Johannesburg

The best time to visit Johannesburg for cheap flights and travel is during its winter season, which falls between June - August. During this time, the weather is cold with little rainfall.

Fly to Johannesburg in off-peak season with airlines such as United Airlines or South African Airways.

Low Season Flights to Manila

Manila is found in the western half of the Philippines, which has two seasons. November - May is the dry season, with June - October being the wet season. Therefore low season falls in the wet season between June and October, when typhoons and tropical storms are also common.

Philippine Airlines and China Airlines are just two of the airlines that operate flights to Manila during low season.

Low Season Flights to Egypt

Because Egypt is close to the equator, there is not much seasonal weather variety. However, Egypt still has a high and low season. During June - August, Egypt's temperatures are elevated, resulting in scorching, unforgiving and uncomfortable temperatures of 34 daily average and 22 nightly average.

If you think you can handle the hot temperatures of Egypt's low season and fancy getting a cheap deal, fly there with airlines such as EgyptAir and British Airways.

What is Low Season For Flights to Thailand

Thailand's low season lasts from July to October, when the weather is somewhat rainy. However, Thailand's weather in October is warm and sunny.

You can fly to Thailand with airlines such as Thai Airways or Emirates, during the country's low season.

Low Season For Flights to AMS

AMS is the main airport in Amsterdam. Amsterdam's winter is its low season, when temperatures are cold and rain is frequent. This season runs between November to February, with a gap in December for Christmas when prices peak again.

You can fly into AMS in low season with airlines such as Norwegian, UIA and Aeroflot.

Cheap Flights Low Season to Japan

Japan's low season is in winter, during the months of December, January and February.

Fly to Japan in off-peak season with airlines such as EVA AirSWISS or Singapore Airlines.

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