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Cheapest Destinations in 2020

If you’re planning to fulfil your new year’s resolution to explore the world this year, then the good news is that you don’t need to be rich to do so. Your pounds, dollars or euros can be worth a relative fortune in many of these budget friendly countries. Due to different levels of development and currency values around the world, some locations will simply get you much better value than others. So, take advantage and discover the cheapest places to travel to in 2020. We’ve even included a price guide so you can properly plan your budget for things such as accommodation, food and transportation (all prices stated are in USD).

Laos, Asia

Laos is known for its beautiful mountains and jungles that encompass 70% of the country, as well as its friendly locals and relaxed atmosphere. Laos has a wide range of relatively cheap activities to partake in, especially for those seeking an outdoor adventure such as trekking, climbing, kayaking, zip-lining or hot air ballooning.

The country has done exceptionally well to improve its infrastructure and become more accessible, but also not lose its remote rural vibe. If you want to lose yourself, escape the crowds and crave authenticity, then go visit Laos.

Despite the fact that accommodation can be slightly higher than most places in Southeast Asia, many of the great activities you can do in Laos are cheap. For example, you can look to pay $2.50 to see one of the most striking waterfalls in the world, Kuang Si. Just a mere $7 can set you back for a full day of tubing experience along the Vang Vieng river and $6 will let you enjoy a great tiger balm massage.

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Laos factfile

Currency: Lao Kip
Daily Budget: You can look to only spend around $28 a day in Laos.
Accommodation: A hostel room can cost you a mere $5–$10 per night, but a nice hotel room in Laos will set you back $35 a night.
Meals: Local tasty Laotian meals cost around $3–$9 per person.
Transportation: Renting a motorbike for a day can cost you $6–$15 or up to $25 for an intercity bus ticket.
Budget friendly cities: Don Det, Pakse, Wat Phu, Vientiane and Vang Vieng.
Sites to visit: Kuang Si Waterfalls, Mekong river and Khmer Temple.
Getting there by air: The main airport in Laos is Wattay International Airport (VTE), which is located in the capital city Vientiane. Airlines that fly to this airport include China SouthernTurkish AirlinesQatar AirwaysChina Eastern. However, you can also fly with the flag carrier Lao Airlines, which operates both domestic and international flights to nearby China, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Georgia, Europe

Georgia is one of those underestimated, mostly forgotten about European destinations that’s easily one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. You can discover the amazing Caucasian Mountain range, get your feet wet in the Black Sea and visit ancient hilltop monasteries all over the country. Guess what? Most will be able to enter Georgia without requiring a visa and stay there for up to a year.

Quality hotels are placed at decent price ranges, a meal at a local restaurant can go for as little as $3 and a local bus ride for less than $1. Additionally, museums and historical sites will set you back less than $3 on entry. Georgian locals are really warm and welcoming, and therefore hitchhiking is possible for short and long distance travel. You’ll find it hard to get bored in Georgia as there are many day trips, hikes and monasteries available for you to see and take part in. This destination is great for those who have more time on their hands than money.

From being previously featured in our ‘Cheapest countries to visit in Europe’ blog, Georgia is another destination that has made it onto our top cheapest destinations in 2020


Georgia factfile

Currency: Georgian Lari
Daily Budget: With $30 a day you can happily live in this beautiful country.
Accommodation: Hostels in Georgia cost $5–$15 a night. Staying in a hostel in Tbilisi is very cost efficient. Couch surfing is gaining in popularity, and is another great way to save on the cost of accommodation. Hotels, however, will set you back $40 a night.
Meals: You can look to pay anywhere between $10–$15 for Georgian cuisine. To save money you could try Georgian street foods such as Khachapuri, which will cost you around $0.50.
Transportation: You can enjoy a full day of bus and train rides for just $3–$5, an intercity ride can cost between $5–$10, or if you’re an expert budgeter hitchhike for free!
Attractions: As mentioned above, the entry fee for the pyramids range from $5-$30. A cinema ticket will cost around $4.
Transportation: You can expect to spend a total of around $3.50 a day on public transportation to get around places like Cairo.
Budget friendly cities: Batumi and Kutaisi.
Sites to visit: Vardzia, Old Town in Tbilisi, the Kura River and Ivari Monastery
Getting there by air: There are many airlines that fly to Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) in the capital city Tbilisi, including LufthansaUnited Airlines and Turkish Airlines. Low-cost carriers such as Pegasus Airlines and Georgian Airways are just a few of the country's regular low-cost options.

Bolivia, South America

Have you ever thought of visiting South America? Well, other than some of the other well known places in South America—for instance, Argentina, Chile, and Peru—if you’re on a budget and looking for a real South American adventure, Bolivia is the right choice for you. The salt flats and Death Road bicycle track are unmissable, the Amazon rainforest is largely remote and the country is greatly diverse.

You’ll need to stick to the locals lifestyle for tour trip to remain cheap. For instance, at a local restaurant you can eat a three-course meal for around $8. This is the same for transportation and accommodation — you should take the local buses, and walk into local guest houses instead of booking online. Tours to places like the salt flats can be expensive, but it’s well worth it.

Bolivia is another country that was previously featured in our blog the ‘Cheapest countries to visit in South America’, as well as making it onto our top cheapest destinations in 2020 worldwide!


Bolivia factlife

Currency: Bolivian boliviano
Daily Budget: $30 can last you a day in Bolivia.
Accommodation: The average price for a hostel is around per night and hotels can set you back $25.
Meals: You can enjoy traditional local specialities which cost around $8–$10 per day.
Transportation: Full day of local bus rides are available for around $1–$2, or $8–$15 for an intercity train ride.
Budget friendly cities: La Paz, Potosi and Sucre.
Sites to visit: Salt Flats, Laguna Colorada and Train Graveyard.
Getting there by air: There are many airlines that fly to Bolivia’s main airport, El Alto International Airport (LPB), including AviancaIberiaLATAM and Boliviana de Aviación. Flying domestically within Bolivia can be another option and you can do this with EcoJet and Amaszonas.

Morocco, Africa

We’ve listed Morocco in our ‘Cheapest countries to visit in Africa’ blog and now this budget friendly country has done well to make it on here. You can visit Morocco all year round and still experience sunshine, great food, outstanding hospitality and cheap flights.

Morocco offers you the chance to visit the dunes of the Sahara Desert and important cities such as Casablanca, Fez and Marakech, as well as its amazing beaches and even snowy mountains, forests and waterfalls. Morocco is most certainly a special country for visitors looking to experience the diverse culture of African, Arabian, European and Berber influences. Morocco doesn't have to be an expensive trip, if you know where and how to get the most out of your money.


Morocco factfile

Currency: Morcooan dirham (a closed currency; read more here)
Daily Budget: $40 a day is all you need in Morocco.
Accommodation: A room in a large city will cost around $10–$15 a night, or around $5 on the outskirts or in a smaller city.
Meals: Eating traditional food in the markets or ‘souks’ will be cheaper than going to a restaurant. You’ll be able to indulge in local foods such as tagine or couscous for about $4 whilst a three course meal for two in a mid-priced restaurant will cost you between $15-$20.
Attractions Guided tours around large cities can add to the budget, costing around $90 for a full day trip. Rather, explore on your own or opt instead for visiting a traditional hammam (like a turkish bath spa) starting from $1.
Transportations: Trains in Morocco are well interlinked, connecting to many of the major cities. A direct line ticket from Marrakech to Fez will cost you just under $20. Bus tickets around cities are even cheaper, costing only $0.50 for a one-way ticket.
Sites to visit: In rural parts of Ethiopia, it may be cheaper to fly domestically as there is better infrastructure for air travel than roads. Travel around cities such as Addis Ababa by bus will only cost around $0.40 per day.
Sites to visit: Marrakesh Medina, Hassan II Mosque and Oudaias Kasbah.
Budget friendly cities: Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech.
Getting there by air: As Morocco is in close proximity to Europe, finding cheap flights can be quite easy to find. So why not add a multi-city flight for a trip around Europe and Africa? Royal Air Maroc is the national carrier of Morocco, although you can also fly to Morocco with airlines such as Air Arabia MarocAir Algerie and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Romania, Europe

Although Georgia gets the award for the cheapest all-rounder European country, in many regards Romania is close to second. Credit to the diverse geography, Romania is increasingly popular as a budget friendly destination in Europe for multi-activity trips. The Transylvanian Alps are one of many mountain ranges and only a short train journey away from the Capital city of Bucharest. This is a stunning area for outdoor activities, not to forget about the impressive villages and castles that scatter the landscape making you feel like you belong in a wonderland. The country just about makes it to the top 20 of the most affordable countries in the world to visit.


Romania factfile

Currency: Romanian leu
Daily Budget: An average spend of $33 a day can do you well in Romania.
Accommodation: You can get a hostel bed for less than $5, or a mid range hotel room which costs up to $70.
Meals: A nice meal will cost you $5 or if you’re breaking the budget rules a meal will cost you $21 at a high end restaurant.
Transportation: You can look to spend around $8 for a long distance train or bus.
Attractions: Bran ('Dracula') Castle, the number 1 tourist spot is an unusually high $10 per person but there are many free things to do, including an excellent free walking tour of Bucharest.
Budget friendly cities: Cluj Napoca and Sibiu.
Sites to visit: Transylvania region, Piața Sfatului, Tampa Mountain and Black Church.
Getting there by air: You can fly to Romania’s main international airport, Henri Coandă Airport (OTP) and use airlines such as British AirwaysTAROMSWISS Airlines and Lufthansa. You can also fly using Romania’s wonder low-cost carrier Blue Air.

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