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Cheap Flights March 2024

Cheap Flights in March 2024

Discover cheap March flights for 2024. Find flights from over 600 airlines and have the option to pay with more than 40 payment methods across 160+ currencies. Make the best out of the payment methods available and our site features to save the most for your flights.

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Buy Cheap Flights in March with Alternative Airlines

Are you looking to go away in March? Whether that is to fly to enjoy your March Break or celebrate St. Patrick's Day, flights may be more expensive because of the occasion.

Search flights with Alternative Airlines means it won't be a concern as we have ways to show you the cheapest flights available and a selection of payment options available to make your flights more affordable.

We have tickets from over 600 airlines so there's always more than one flight to select from for your route, making it easy for you to find the cheapest flight for you.

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Tips for Booking Cheap Flights in March 2024

Use our calendar to find the cheapest flight

We offer you our Best Fare Finder, which is essentially a calendar with colours indicating the cheapest date to fly. This is available before you start searching for your flights, so you'll find it easier to look for the flight for you.

The calendar highlights all of the cheapest dates to fly on in green and the most expensive dates to fly on in red. If you're flexible with your dates and don't mind when you fly, it's a great way to find the best deals throughout the month.

Sort by 'lowest price'

You can then sort the flight results by 'Lowest Price', making the cheapest flights available at the top. You may find flights with connections cheaper than direct flights, which is good for those who don't mind the slightly longer travel duration.

Check the lowest price for a certain airline

Got an airline in mind that you wish to fly with? Simple! Select the airline you wish to fly with on the airline selector at the top of the search result, you'll also find out the relevant flight prices underneath the airline logo too.

The airline with the cheapest fare is on the left and the most expensive airline on the right. Once you've selected the airline you wish to fly with, we'll only show the airline you've chosen for the route.

Pick the right payment method

Remember how you pay is as important as when you fly. You may have found the cheapest flights available for your family trip, but still having issues paying in full at the point of booking. That's why we are offering Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and financing options for you to make flights more affordable using flexible payment plans.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for March 2024

Step 1 - Fill out Search Form, Cheap Flights

Fill out the search form

Fill in our search form by entering your departing and arriving airport, cabin class and the number of passengers to start your flight search.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for March 2024

Step 2 - select the date you wish to travel in March 2024

Select the cheapest days to fly

Then select the dates you wish to travel - this will be where our best fare finder will be displayed.

The cheapest days to fly are highlighted in green. Select the 'Search Flights' button when you've chosen your preferred travel dates.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for March 2024

Step 3 - Select to show lowest price first

Sort and select flights

When we completed the search to show you all the results, we'll show you all the flights available for your route. Use the filters we mentioned above to locate the perfect flight for you.

If there are other criteria you need for your flights, you can also use our filters on the left to filter all flights that don't meet one of the criteria.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for March 2024

Different payment methods available at checkout

Pay your way

Then fill-in the passenger details at the top of the page and select all the added services you need for the flight. Scroll down to select the payment method you preferred. Once you've selected the payment method you wish to proceed with, click 'Continue to Payment' to proceed. When your flights are confirmed, we'll then send you your e-ticket so you're ready to fly.

Tip: Use our Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and financing options to make your flights more affordable.


Where Can I Fly?

With flights from over 600 airlines, there'll always be an option for you regardless of where you're heading to. Here are some examples of the prices for some routes:

Hallstatt, Austria

Cheap Flights to Europe

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ Berlin (MUC)— direct round-trip flights from $537 USD.

Plane icon

Los Angeles(LAX) ➡ Milan (MXP) or Milan (MXP) — return flights start at $497 USD.

Plane icon

Miami (MIA) ➡ Barcelona (BCN) — round trip flights (direct) start from $317 USD.

Las Vegas, USA

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Plane icon

San Francisco (SFO) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — round trip flights from $205 USD.

Plane icon

Houston (IAH) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — return flight prices start from $239 USD.

Plane icon

Chicago (RFD) ➡ Las Vegas(LAS) — return flights from $334 USD.


Cheap Flights to London

Plane icon

New York (JFK) ➡ London (LHR) — return flights start from $435 USD.

Plane icon

Sydney (SYD) ➡ London (LHR) — round-trip flights from $1,629 AUD.

Plane icon

Vancouver (YVR) ➡ London (LHR) — return flights from C$731 CAD.

Dubai at sunset

Cheap Flights to Dubai

Plane icon

London (LHR) ➡ Dubai (DXB) — direct round-trip flights from £254 GBP.

Plane icon

Frankfurt (FRA) ➡ Dubai (DXB) — return flights from €378 EUR.

Malaga, Spain

Cheap Flights to Spain

Plane icon

London Gatwick (LGW) ➡ Madrid (MAD) — direct round-trip flights from £50 GBP.

Plane icon

Manchester (MAN) ➡ Malaga (AGP) — return flights (direct from) from £51 GBP.

Plane icon

Frankfurt (FRA) ➡ Barcelona (BCN) — round-trip flights from €108 EUR.

Where is hot in March?

For the most part, the weather in March is on the cooler side, often entailing wind, rain and cloudy skies. Why not escape this wintery weather and experience sunshine and warmth by jetting off to a warmer destination this March?

Book your flights to a hot destination this March with Alternative Airlines and set off to the warmer climate you've been longing for.


Cuba, an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, is a popular summer destination for many. However, many people don't realise that Cuba is a warm destination all year round, even in March. The average temperature in Cuba in March is 28°C, and that temperature stays warm even into the evenings, perfect for a relaxing stroll or watching the sunset.

  • Average March Temperate: 28°C
  • 8 hours of sunshine daily


On the South coast of Spain, Seville is a great all-round destination. The 4th largest city in Spain, Seville is jam-packed with history, culture and great cuisine.

Plan a trip to this beautiful city next March and explore your surroundings in a comfortable 21°C, enjoying an average of 7 hours of sunshine each day.

  • Average March Temperate: 21°C
  • 7 hours of sunshine daily

St Martin

St Martin, located in the Caribbean, is an island of two halves. One side is complete with casinos, shopping centres, and an overall livelier atmosphere and the other is quaint, traditional and full of charm. Divided by the French and the Dutch, St Martin has lots to offer on both sides making it a perfect destination visit, especially in March. During this typically wintery month, St Martin has an average temperature of 28°C and is also one of the driest months of the year.

  • Average February Temperate: 28°C
  • 9 hours of sunshine daily

Buenos Aires

Situated on Argentina's south-eastern coast, Buenos Aires is a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital that experiences pleasant temperatures year round. March is a prime time to visit this bustling city as you still get the benefit of warm weather, without the crowds of visitors - they appear at the end of the month. The average temperatures in Buenos Aires in March are around 22°C, making it an ideal holiday spot to do some exploring and sightseeing.

  • Average March Temperature: 22°C
  • 7 hours of sunshine a day


Cyprus, a beach lover's paradise. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is full of culture, good food and even better parties! This destination is not often the first that comes to mind when booking a getaway in March, however, it's one not to be missed. In March Cyprus enjoys a comfortable temperature of around 21°C and almost a 70% chance of sunshine every day, ideal for those days you're wanting to explore.

  • Average March Temperature: 21°C
  • 7 hours of sunshine daily

What is the hottest country in Europe in March?

Cyprus is the hottest destination in Europe to visit in March, with temperatures averaging at 22°C. The Canary Islands follow closely with temperatures of around 20°C/22°C.

What are the hottest places to go on holiday in March?

The hottest places to go on holiday in March are Cuba (28°C), Cancun (34°C), India (32°C), and St Martin (28°C).

Where in the Caribbean is hot in March?

During the month of March, the warmest destinations in the Caribbean include Barbados, Anguilla, Aruba and Grenada. The Caribbean naturally has a warmer climate so a visit to any of these destinations would be a great experience.

Cheap flights for March Break 2024

As the world is slowly re-opening, fully vaccinated travellers or those tested negative for COVID-19 are allowed to travel again. Are you ready to have a relaxing holiday with your family by flying out to your favourite destination? It'd be a wonderful opportunity for you to finally visit places again after a long time and deservedly spend the school holiday.

March break is often a popular period for people to travel in Spring before Easter. Due to its popularity, flights during March break is often more expensive than usual so it's important that you find the cheapest deal possible.

Because we offer over 600 airlines at Alternative Airlines, you can easily find the cheapest flights available for your route, showing you flights from both legacy carriers and the low-cost carriers available globally.

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights in March Break 2024

Use our calendar to find the cheapest days to fly on during March break

How far in advance you book your flights is as important as when you fly. As it's a popular holiday period, the date you fly in and out does have an impact on the flight ticket price. For example, flying out on a Monday may be cheaper than departures on a Friday. You can even find the cheapest flight available in the other days of March too if you wish to prolong your March break holiday. Find cheap flights in March is never easier.

How do you know which date to select? Don't worry, we've made it easy for you. Our 'Best Fare Calender' in the search form indicate the cheapest date to fly using three colours, red, amber and green. The colour green presents the cheapest date to fly and red being the most expensive.

Sort your search by the lowest price

Once you've chosen the date to fly and started the search, we'll show you every flight available for you and you can sort the flights by 'lowest price'.

Lowest price by airline

If you've got an airline in mind and only want the results of that airline, you can select the airline on the filter at the top of the search results. We show you the airline logo and the prices available with them.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Remember how you pay is just as important as when you fly. You got the choice of over 40 payment methods available including Buy Now Pay Later options around the world. Paying with the right payment provider means you can make your flights more affordable with flexible payment methods.

Most of the payment options we offer have no interest and no hidden fees. With some of them, you can even choose to split your payment into 18 monthly payments.

How to find and book cheap flights for March Break

  1. Enter the departing and arriving airport, select your travel dates, cabin class and number of passengers to continue. Remember to use our Best Fare Finder when you are choosing your date of departure and return.
  2. We'll then show you all the flights available for your route. You can use our filters mentioned above to find the preferred airline/route you wish to fly. If you want flexibility on your ticket, remember to select flights with 'Flexible cancellation' or 'flexible changes'.
  3. Fill in the passenger details and select all the add-ons you wish to have on your flights. If you are looking for Buy Now Pay Later and financing options, select PayPal CreditZip and Affirm if you are in Canada.

Where can I fly?

At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights from over 600 airlines, so you can essentially fly to and from any airport.

Cheap Flights to Florida

  • Toronto (YYZ) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — return flights from C$ 392 CAD.
  • Toronto (YYZ) ➡ Miami (MIA) — return flights start at C$ 392 CAD.
  • Vancouver (YVR) ➡ Miami (MIA) — return flights start at C$ 619 CAD.

Cheap Flights to Jamaica

  • Vancouver (YVR) ➡ Montego Bay (MBJ) — indirect round trip flights start at C$ 957 CAD.
  • Toronto (YYZ) ➡ Kingston Norman (KIN) — indirect round trip flight prices from C$ 845 CAD.
  • Vancouver (YVR) ➡ Miami (MIA) — direct return flights from C$ 987 CAD.

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