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No matter where in the world you choose to celebrate, Alternative Airlines offer flights from over 650 airlines flying over St.Patrick's Day weekend.

About St.Patrick's Day

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St.Patrick's Day is the cultural and religious celebration of Saint Patrick, the primary patron saint of Ireland. Traditionally, St.Patrick's Day was a day to celebrate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, however, in recent years, the day has become as much about celebrating Irish heritage and culture.

St.Patrick's Day is a public holiday in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Montserrat and is celebrated nationwide in these destinations.

There are also many other countries that celebrate St.Patrick's Day, despite it not being a public holiday. These are traditionally places that have large Irish communities, such as London and New York. However, today, there are many non-Irish people that celebrate St.Patrick's Day, including in places such as other parts of the US, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

When is St.Patrick's Day?

St.Patrick's Day is held on 17th March every year, which is the presumed date that Saint Patrick died in AD 461.

How can I find flights for St.Patrick's Day?

You can find flights for St.Patrick's Day at Alternative Airlines. Regardless of where you're flying from or to, Alternative Airlines offers flights from over 650 airlines worldwide, all flying over St.Patrick's day weekend.

Use our flight search at the top of the page to see flights to any destination over St.Patrick's Day weekend.

When was the first St.Patrick's Day?

The first recorded St.Patrick's Day parade was actually in New York City in 1762 after the influx of Irish immigrants in the mid-18th century. However, Ireland had been celebrating St.Patrick's Day without a parade before that.

Where to celebrate
St.Patrick's Day

Although it's an Irish public holiday, St.Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide. Fly to any of the St.Patrick's Day destinations below with Alternative Airlines.


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As you'd expect, Ireland's capital, Dublin, puts on the biggest and most colourful St.Patrick's Day celebrations in the world. Along with the Irish people and tourists that travel worldwide, you can enjoy live music, parades and beer and whiskey festivals over the four-day celebrations that Dublin holds each year.

What is the best Dublin airport to fly into?

The best airport to fly into in Dublin is Dublin Airport (DUB), which is connected to the rest of the world by Aer Lingus and many other worldwide airlines.


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For a more authentic, less touristy and — in some ways — equally spectacular St.Patrick's Day celebration in Ireland, head to Galway. Galway hosts six days of festivities that include a parade, music, art, film and poetry workshops.

What is the best Galway airport to fly into?

Shannon Airport (SNN) is the closest airport to Galway (one hour away), with international connections from airlines such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Ryanair and United.

If you can't find flights to Shannon Airport from where you're flying from, you can fly into Dublin Airport instead. This is around a two/three-hour drive away from Galway.

New York City

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Laying claim to the oldest St.Patrick's Day parade on record, New York City and its large Irish community celebrates St.Paddy's Day in style. St.Patrick's Day in New York City is the closest 'home from home' experience there is.

What is the best New York City airport to fly into?

The best airport to fly to in New York City is John F.Kennedy International Airport (JFK). As one of the busiest airports in the US, there are plenty of international and domestic connections to JFK airport. This includes from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Interjet and Ukraine International Airlines.

Buenos Aires

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Over 500,000 people celebrate St.Patrick's Day in Buenos Aires each year. The celebrations include live music, Irish dancers and more than 50 food and beer stalls (Guinness included).

What is the best Buenos Aires airport to fly into?

The best airport in Buenos Aires to fly into is Ezeiza International Airport (EZE). Buenos Aires is well connected to destinations across the world with airlines such as Aerolineas Argentinas, American Airlines, British Airways and LATAM.

New Zealand

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Auckland on St.Patrick's Day is a great place to celebrate all things Irish, with thousands of people dressing up to enjoy the street festivals and parades around the city.

What is the best Auckland airport to fly into?

The best airport to fly into Auckland is Auckland Airport (AKL). Auckland Airport is connected worldwide with airlines Air China, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Air Vanuatu, AirAsia X, Aircalin, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Korean Air, LATAM Chile, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Samoan Airways, Sichuan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Australia.