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Cheap Flights November 2023

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Cheap Flights in November 2023

Looking for cheap flights in November 2022? With Alternative Airlines, you can book flights with a choice of 600+ airlines and find great prices no matter where you're flying. We know finding the best deal can be tricky — that's why our site allows you to filter and sort your flight search so that you can find the cheapest prices with a click of a button.

Find a cheap flight and pay in any way that you want with our wide variety of payment options — we have more than 40 ways to pay!

Buy Cheap Flights in November with Alternative Airlines

Much like October, for many places across the world, November is a fairly cheap time of the year to fly. It doesn't matter why you're flying — for a vacation or for business — November is usually off-season for many destinations across the world, which means there are lots of great deals.

But, even if November is a cheaper time of year to fly (than say, August) you still don't want to overpay on a flight that you can get cheaper had you not been looking in the right places. At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights from more than 600 airlines, flying all across the world. So, it's really easy for you to find a flight from an airline with a cheaper flight. But, that's not all. We have lots of other tips and tricks for you to follow too...

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Tips for Booking Cheap Flights in November 2023

Use our calendar to find the cheapest flight

If you're not too worried about the specific date that you fly on in November, our calendar is the first place to start looking for a cheap flight.


We color-code the dates on our calendar so that all the cheapest days to fly on are in green and all the most expensive days to fly on are in red. Before you've even searched for flights, our calendar helps you find the cheapest day to fly on so that you don't have to do multiple searches to compare prices on different days.

Sort by 'lowest price'

After you've run a flight search on our site, you can sort your search by the lowest price. This will put all the cheapest flights at the top of your search and the most expensive at the bottom.

Check the lowest price for a certain airline

Another way to sort by lowest price is by clicking on one of the airline logos at the top of your search.

The airline logos all have the cheapest price on that airline underneath, so you can quickly scan prices and get an idea of which airline is the cheapest to fly on. By clicking on the airline logo, we'll filter your search so that you'll only see flights from that airline with the cheapest flights shown first.

Pick the right payment method

Okay, so buy now, pay later might not technically make your flight cheaper. But, it definitely can make your flight more affordable and easier to pay.

If you don't have the money to pay for the full price of your flight right now, you can use one of our buy now, pay later or financing payment options and spread the cost over time. Not only does this make the flight more affordable, it also allows you to secure your flight at today's price. Flight prices can change over time and you can't always guarantee that your flight won't go up in price if you leave it to buy at a later time.

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Ready to begin?

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for November 2023

Where Can I Fly?

Alternative Airlines offers flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide, so you can find cheap flights in November 2022 no matter where in the world you're flying. Here are some example routes and the airlines that fly them.

Cheap Flights to Cancun

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New York (JFK) ➡ Cancun (CUN) — non-stop return flights from $297 USD.

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Miami (MIA) ➡ Cancun (CUN) — non-stop return flights start from $227 USD.

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London (LHR) ➡ Cancun (CUN) — return flights start at £377 GBP.

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Cheap Flights to Vegas

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Chicago (ORD) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — direct round trip flights start at $161 USD.

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Atlanta (ATL) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — direct round trip flight prices from $161 USD.

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Denver (DEN) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — return flights from $100 USD.

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Cheap Flights to Orlando

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London (LHR) ➡ Orlando (MCO) — non-stop return flights start from £391 GBP.

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Toronto (DFW) ➡ Orlando (MCO) – non-stop return flights from C$290 CAD

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Toronto (DFW) ➡ London (LHR) — direct return flights from $130 USD.

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Cheap Flights to Bali

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Brisbane (BNE) ➡ Bali (DPS) — return flights from $1076 AUD.

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Melbourne (MEL) ➡ Bali (DPS) — return flights from $762 AUD.

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Sydney (SYD) ➡ Bali (DPS) — return flights from $863 AUD.

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Cheap Flights to Hawaii

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Los Angeles (LAX) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — direct round trip flights from $278 USD.

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Salt Lake City (SLC) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — return flights start from $403 USD.

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New York (JFK or EWR) ➡ Honolulu (HNL) — direct return flights from $610 USD.

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