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Flights from Lubbock to Anywhere

If you're searching for flights from Lubbock but are not sure where you want to fly, you've come to the right place! Here at Alternative Airlines, we've created this helpful guide showing you which destinations you can fly to from Lubbock and what airlines you can book tickets with, so you can start planning your flights from Lubbock to anywhere in the world! We have 650+ airlines available to book with on our site and 40+ ways to pay - booking flights online couldn't be more flexible!

Use our search form at the top of the page to begin searching for flights from Lubbock to any destination of your choice!

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Where To Fly from Lubbock

We understand that it can be time-consuming when you're trying to figure out where your next vacation destination is going to be, especially if you're not sure what airport to fly from and where you can fly. If you are based in or around Lubbock, or your closest city is Lubbock, Texas, we suggest flying from Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport to another major airport nearby where connecting flights are available.

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB)

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport is a commercial service airport situated in Lubbock, one of the smaller cities in the state of Texas, USA. Although it is named an international airport, it only offers domestic flights in the US.

Due to the limited number of cities that you can fly to from Lubbock Airport, you'll need to fly to other major cities in the US in order to reach international destinations. For example, you can fly from Lubbock to Houston and catch a connecting flight from Houston to Vancouver. From Lubbock International Airport, you can fly to Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, Denver, Houston and Las Vegas.

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Flights from Lubbock to the USA

Vacations don't have to be expensive. Instead of flying abroad, why not fly domestically within the USA and explore a city you've always wanted to visit? You'll save money and won't have to endure long flight durations!

Domestic flights in the US are available from Lubbock International Airport to a select number of cities. From this airport, you can fly to Dallas, Phoenix, Austin, Denver, Houston and Las Vegas.

Airlines with domestic flights from Lubbock:
American AirlinesAmerican EagleSouthwest Airlines and United Express

Flight duration:
Flights around the USA from Lubbock can take around 1-2 hours.

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Flights from Lubbock to Canada

Canada has an abundance of naturally beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed all year round. It's the ideal destination for a winter break where you can take in Canada's snowy mountains and alpine forests. Direct flights from Lubbock to airports in Canada aren't available, however, you can book connecting flights instead.

To reach cities in Canada (e.g., Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, etc) from Lubbock, we recommend catching a connecting/stopover flight from other US cities.

Fly to Canada from Lubbock via:
Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to Canada:
Air CanadaAmerican AirlinesWestJetSouthwest AirlinesUnited AirlinesFlair AirlinesSwoop and Lynx Air

Flight duration:
Anywhere between 4-6 hours, depending on where your connecting flight departs and what Canadian city you're flying to.

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Flights from Lubbock to Central America

If you're aiming to get a tan during your vacation, visit Central America! Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica and many more Central American countries have luxurious sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Unfortunately, direct flights from Lubbock to Central America aren't available, but you can book connecting/stopover flights to reach your destination.

Fly to Central America from Lubbock via:
Austin, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Airlines with connecting flights to Central America from Lubbock:
United AirlinesSpirit AirlinesSouthwest AirlinesAmerican AirlinesFrontier AirlinesSun Country AirlinesAeromexicoVolarisVivaAerobusAvianca and Copa Airlines.

Flight duration:
Anywhere between 4-8 hours, depending on where you are flying to in Central America

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Flights from Lubbock to South America

If Central America isn't warm enough for you, go on an adventure to South America where you can experience dry deserts and tropical rainforests! You won't be able to reach South America with direct flights from Lubbock, but don't let this stop you. Connecting flights are available between Lubbock and cities in South America if you fly via other cities in the United States.

Fly to South America from Lubbock via:
Houston and Dallas

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to South America:
United Airlines and American Airlines

Flight duration:
Depending on where you're flying to in South America, the flight duration will vary. For example, if you're flying from Lubbock to Buenos Aires via Houston, the flight could last up to 12 hours. Or, if you're flying from Lubbock to Bogotá via Houston, it can last up to 7 hours.

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Flights from Lubbock to Europe

Europe consists of a unique mix of climates, cultures and cuisines. If you'd like to visit Europe for your next trip abroad, you can fly from Lubbock and book a connecting flight from another city in the US. Or, you can make the most of your European trip and book a multi-city flight around Europe.

Fly from Lubbock to Europe via:
Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to Europe:
Southwest AirlinesBritish AirwaysVirgin AtlanticAmerican AirlinesUnited AirlinesAir FranceDelta Air LinesIberiaLufthansaCondor and Eurowings.

Flight duration:
Flights from Lubbock to Europe can take around 10-14 hours, depending on the European country you're flying to and which city your connecting flight departs from.

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Flights from Lubbock to Asia

If you're thinking about travelling to Asia for your next vacation, whether it's in the tropical south or the temperate north, there are many ways to get there from Lubbock. Direct flights aren't available between Lubbock and Asia - you'll instead have to book a connecting flight that has 1 or 2 stops.

Fly from Lubbock to Asia via:
Dallas, Houston, Denver and Las Vegas.

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to Asia:
American AirlinesEmiratesUnited AirlinesSouthwest AirlinesJapan AirlinesAll Nippon AirwaysDelta Air LinesKorean AirEVA AirTurkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Flight duration:
The duration of the flight from Lubbock to Asia will depend on what country you're flying to and where your connecting flight departs. For example, if you're flying from Lubbock to Dubai via Houston, it can last up to 17 hours.

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Flights from Lubbock to Oceania

Oceania consists of some of the world's most unique countries, including Australia and New Zealand. You've also got the Oceanic Islands that are simply paradise. You won't be able to book direct flights from Lubbock to Oceania, however, connecting/stopover flights are available!

Fly to Oceania from Lubbock via:
Dallas and Houston

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to Oceania:
American AirlinesQantasUnited Airlines and Air New Zealand.

Flight duration:
Connecting flights between Lubbock and Oceania can take around 17-20 hours, depending on your stopover airport and whether you're flying to Australia, New Zealand or the Oceanic islands.

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Flights from Lubbock to Africa

Africa is not straightforward to get to from Lubbock, however, it's totally worth the multiple flights and long journey. Africa is made up of wild landscapes and nature reserves, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking for an adventure! Direct flights aren't available from Lubbock but connecting flights with 1-2 stops are available.

Fly to Africa from Lubbock via: 1st Stop: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas. 2nd Stop: Atlanta, Washington, New York, Chicago, Miami, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Toronto, Montreal, Rome, Zurich, Dubai

Airlines with connecting flights from Lubbock to Africa:
Southwest AirlinesDelta Air LinesAmerican AirlinesSpirit AirlinesFrontier Airlines, United AirlinesAllegiant AirJetBlueKenya AirwaysKLMAir FranceAir AustralBritish AirwaysVirgin AtlanticLufthansaTurkish AirlinesAir CanadaRoyal Air Maroc and Ethiopian Airlines

Flight duration breakdown:
Flights between Lubbock and Africa can last anywhere between 13-20 hours due to the multiple stopovers/connections required. As an example, a trip from Lubbock to Lagos can take around 14 hours with stops in Dallas and Atlanta. On the other hand, a journey from Lubbock to Johannesburg can take up to 22 hours with stops in Dallas and London.

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Flights from Lubbock to Anywhere FAQs

Where can I book flights from Lubbock to anywhere?

Right here at Alternative Airlines! We have 650+ airlines on our site that you can book tickets with, as well as 40+ ways to pay for these tickets, making the flight booking process more accessible and flexible than ever.

Booking your flights from Lubbock to anywhere is easy with Alternative Airlines. To begin, use our search form at the top of the page, set Lubbock as your departure city and choose any arrival city of your choice. We'll show you the best routes available based on your search criteria.

Where can I fly to from Lubbock?

Direct flights from Lubbock are only available to other cities in the USA. If you'd like to fly internationally from Lubbock, Texas, you'll need to get a connecting/stopover flight to your destination that stops in another city in the USA.

Booking a connecting flight is easy with Alternative Airlines - check out our connecting flights guide for more information. You can also book multi-city flights, letting you spend longer periods of time in the destinations you stop in compared to connecting flights.

Can I buy flights from Lubbock to anywhere and pay later?

Of course! When you search for your flights from Lubbock to anywhere with Alternative Airlines, you can secure your booking with many of the flexible payment methods we offer at checkout, including AfterpayKlarnaAffirm and many more. These payment methods let you spread the cost of your tickets over time, making your trip budget more manageable!

Please note that different payment plans will be available at checkout depending on the country you reside in and the currency you're paying for your flights in. Take a look at our Buy Now Pay Later guide for more information on the payment plans we offer!

Which airlines fly from Lubbock to anywhere?

Depending on your destination, there are many different airlines that fly from Lubbock and operate connecting flights between Lubbock and the six continents. Airlines that fly domestically in the US from Lubbock include American Airlines, American Eagle, Southwest Airlines and United Express. You can use these airlines to reach bigger airports where you can catch connecting flights to international destinations and other US cities.