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About American Eagle

American Eagle is the brand name for American Airlines that focuses on short-haul and medium-haul 'feeder' flights. The brand is also now known as Envoy Air. A feeder flight is a plane that brings-in (feeds) travellers from destinations not served by large carriers to hub airports for an onward journey on national and international airlines. This is sometimes known as a commuter carrier. These regional airlines are often wholly owned subsidiaries by American Airlines.

Often, when you purchase an American Eagle airfare, your air ticket will be under another airline name. For example, when you make an American Eagle reservation with us, your search results may include the following jet aircraft:


American Eagle Fleet and Operators


Compass Airlines Embraer E175 78–82 cm 13–15 cm
Envoy Air Bombardier CRJ700
Embraer ERJ140
Embraer ERJ145
Embraer E175
78–82 cm 13–15 cm
Mesa Airlines Bombardier CRJ900 81 cm 15 cm
Piedmont Airlines Embraer ERJ145 78 cm 15 cm
PSA Airlines Bombardier CRJ200
Bombardier CRJ700
Bombardier CRJ900
76–82 cm 13–15 cm
Republic Airways Embraer E175 84 cm 18–23 cm
SkyWest Airlines Bombardier CRJ700 84 cm 18–23 cm


American Eagle Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage weight and size limits will depend on which airline is operating the American Eagle flight. Check the individual airline page for the airline operating the flight to find out carry-on baggage rules:

Envoy Air


Mesa Airlines

Piedmont Airlines

PSA Airlines

Republic Airline

SkyWest Airlines


Checked Baggage

Checked baggage weight and size limits will depend on which airline is operating the flight. Check the page for the airline that is operating your American Eagle flight to read the checked baggage rules:

Envoy Air


Mesa Airlines

Piedmont Airlines

PSA Airlines

Republic Airline

SkyWest Airlines

American Eagle Check-In

Online Check-In

Depending on the airline operating the flight, passengers might be able to check-in for their American Eagle flight by visiting the American Airlines online check-in page. If passengers can't check-in for their American Eagle flight through the American Airlines online check-in page, they must check-in at the airport.

Airport Check-In

Passengers can check-in at the airport by visiting one of the check-in agents and the check-in desk of either American Eagle or of whichever airline is operating the flight. 


Economy Class

Economy Class is the only cabin class on most American Eagle flights, with a small number of flights also offering Business.

Economy Class Facilities

Passengers can check-in for their flights online prior to travel. 

Although the airline doesn't offer inflight entertainment, passengers can enjoy a variety of food and drinks from the airlines' inflight menu. 

Economy Class Seats

Seats are always comfortable with a good amount of space., however, Economy Class does differ slightly depending on the airline operating the flight on behalf of American Eagle and the aircraft being used.

Seats are usually set out in a 2 x 2 formation. 


Premium Economy

American Eagle doesn't have a Premium Economy class.


Business Class

American Eagle offers Business Class on a select number of flights.

Business Class Facilities

Passengers on Business Class are given a welcome drink, a meal, as well as complimentary food and drink. 

Although there's no inflight entertainment system, passengers are each given a copy of the airlines' premium inflight magazine.

What are Business Class Seats Like?

Business class seats are designed to give extra space and comfort. The seats are set out in a 2 x 1 formation.


First Class

American Eagle doesn't have a First Class cabin. If looking to upgrade from Economy Class, we suggest opting for Business Class if its available. 



American Eagle Destinations

American Eagle operates flights between 242 destinations and mainly concentrates on domestic USA routes. It takes passengers to their final stop, the link between their international flight and their home city. Key area of focus are: 

  • USA
  • Bahamas
  • Cuba
  • Guadaloupe
  • Martinique
  • Canada
  • Mexico




American Eagle Frequent Flyer Program

Because American Eagle is part of American Airlines, you can collect AAdvantage frequent flyer points when you buy your flights. It's really easy to link your airline rewards program to your flight booking with us, if you want any further information on how to do so, check out our Airline Alliance page. AAdvantage is one of our top airline loyalty programs to join, if you want to find out which other schemes made the top spot, have a look at our Frequent Flyer Blog


American Eagle Airline Alliance

The fact that you can collect AAdvantage points on American Eagle means that the airline is also part of the famous Oneworld Alliance. If you're an AAdvantage customer, you can collect miles on any Oneworld partner flights. 



Pay with PayPal

American Eagle flights can be paid with PayPal when booking with Alternative Airlines. You can even spread the cost of the ticket with PayPal Credit too. 



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