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Buy Flights with Pledg

Book flights at Alternative Airlines and choose Pledg at checkout to secure your flights now and pay later. With Pledg and Alternative Airlines, you can buy now and pay later in a two different ways. Here are the different options:

Deferred payment — this gives you 30 days to pay back the cost of your flights. Once you've confirmed your flights with Alternative Airlines, you have 30 days to pay Pledg back the cost of your flights. Your flights are secured from the moment that you confirm them with Alternative Airlines and there's no upfront cost

Pay in 3 or 4 — this allows you to spread the cost of your flights over time in 3 or 4 payments. The payments will be taken automatically from the card that you provide and will be taken bi-weekly, depending on what you prefer

Monthly payments — this allows you to spread the cost of your flights into monthly payments. You can choose between 3–12 months and you're debited on the same date on each month

How to Buy Flights With Pledg

Once you've found the flights that you want to buy on the Alternative Airlines website and entered your passenger details for the flight, do the following:

  1. Select Pledg at checkout.
  2. Submit a few details to Pledg, so that they can verify you and see if your eligible for a loan.
  3. Once you're approved by Pledg, you can confirm your flights with Alternative Airlines.
  4. Once you're booking is confirmed, we'll send you your e-ticket right away. Your flights will be booked. All you have to do is pay back Pledg under the conditions of the option that you've selected.
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Pledg Flights

Pledg is a French payment method that allows you to spread the cost of your purchase over time. Through Alternative Airlines, you can spread the cost of your flights using Pledg.

Why buy flights with Pledg?

Pledg is a great way to pay for flights as it can break up the cost. Plus, payments with Pledg are really easy to manage.

If you choose the Pay in 3 or 4 or monthly options, all you need to do is set-up the payment card that you'd like to pay with and Pledg will automatically debit your account under the installment plan that you've chosen.

Or, if you choose to defer payment by 30 days, payments are made manually.

No matter which option you choose, Pledg brings a load of convenience when buying flights by giving you more time to pay while locking in today's prices.

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Buy Flights with Pledg FAQs

Can I use Pledg to buy flights at Alternative Airlines?

Unfortunately, you can't use Pledg to buy flights at Alternative Airlines at this time.

However, if you're looking to pay for your flights over time, you can do exactly that when you select Klarna at checkout. Klarna is available in many European countries, as well as in Australia and the US.

What are my installment options with Pledg?

With Pledg, you can split the cost of your purchase in to any number of installments that you like, between 2–12. At Alternative Airlines, we usually allow people pay pay back monthly in installments between 3–12 months. Or, bi-weekly, with payments made in 3 or 4 installments.

How long can I defer my payment for?

Pledg allows you to defer your payment by 15 or 30 days. With the current options on our site, you can use Klarna to 'Pay Later' and defer your payment by 30 days in some European countries.

Can my loan application be denied?

Yes, Pledg can deny your application if they determine that you're not eligible for a loan or cannot verify your details.

Which cards can I use with Pledg?

You can set-up payments to Pledg with CB, Visa and MasterCard.

What are the alternatives to Pledg?

We don't offer Pledg as a payment method at Alternative Airlines. But, here are some alternative payment options that you can use to pay back the cost of your flights over time: