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Buy Flights with Tamara

Search for flights from over 600 different airlines and pay with Tamara at checkout to enjoy making your payments for flights in overtime.

At Alternative Airlines, we offer our customers an easy, fast, and convenient flight booking experience and complete their payment with over 25 payment options across 160 currencies.

Tamara offers customers to defer their payments up to 30 days or pay it in installments in 3 equal installments over the course of two months.

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How to Buy Flights With Tamara

Find the flights you want and fill in the passengers' information once flights have been chosen. You should then follow the steps below to take the loan:

  1. Select 'Tamara' at checkout.
  2. If you've already got an account with Tamara, you need to simply log in to your account. If not, create an account with Tamara first and then wait for it to get approved.
  3. Once you're accepted by Tamara, you just need to wait for us to confirm your flight.
  4. When your flights have been confirmed by us, we'll then send you your e-ticket. All you have to do then is to enjoy your flight and pay back your loan in time.

Tamara & Flights

Tamara is a Saudi Arabian based payment provider, which gives customers the ability to buy and enjoy the flights now and payback at a later date or overtime. Loans are needed to be paid back on time and with no interest and fees.

Why buy flights with Tamara?

Tamara gives you the choice to pay for flights at a later date and in installments with zero interest and to defer payments up to 30 days or either pay in 3 equal installments over the course of two months. What this means is that you can choose the option that best matches your needs, giving you flexibility when buying your flights.

It is interest-free! There's no added cost whatsoever, even if you pay in 3 installments.

You also get your loan accepted almost instantly!

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Tamara and Flights FAQs

Can I use Tamara to buy flights at Alternative Airlines?

Unfortunately, Tamara isn't currently available at Alternative Airlines. But, if you really want to split the cost of your flights or pay later, we have other financing options available such as PayPal CreditKlarnaZipClearpay and many more.

What happens if I missed my payment?

Tamara doesn't charge any fees however, they may charge late fees if a customer does not pay within the 30-day limit. All late fees, however, are donated to government-approved charities.

What cards does Tamara accept?

Tamara takes both debit and credit card payments including Mada, Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay.

What are the alternatives to Tamara?

Tamara is not available at Alternative Airlines at this time, but there are other options available that offer a likewise service: