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Buy flights with Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay as a payment method when you buy airline tickets with Alternative Airlines.

Book Flights With Apple Pay

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Choose Apple Pay as a payment method when buying flights through Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines offers the option to pay with Apple Pay on all flights, from over 650 airlines around the world! These can include United Airlines, easyJet, British Airways as well as JetBlue!

Apple Pay Flights

Apple’s secure one-touch payment function allows our customers to pay for their flights faster, more conveniently and securely than ever before. Users simply have to select the card of their choice and authorise a secure payment using fingerprint recognition on their device.

Infographic showing things you can buy with Apple Pay

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming a very popular payment method for online purchases. the American low-cost carrier, which allows passengers to use it for in-flight purchases. In July 2016, Apple announced that Apple Pay's monthly users are up over 400 percent year over year. More than half of the service's transaction volume is coming from outside the U.S. and worldwide, there are more than 11 million points of sale across all participating Apple Pay countries.

Buying Flights with Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Through an Apple device, Apple Pay is a digital payment service (e-wallet) that uses a unique transaction code and specific number. It works like a major credit or debit card, however card number details are never stored on your device or merchant servers or never shared by Apple. Transaction information is never shared and your purchases are only stored in the Wallet for your convenience, nothing else.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay allows you to pay for items by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch up to the contactless payment terminal. You can also use Apple Pay on some websites, including Alternative Airlines, and in some iOS apps.

Apple Pay removes the need to enter a PIN to verify your identity when making a purchase by using its Touch ID sensor, inbuilt into the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus home button. With your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can use Apple Pay to pay on Alternative Airlines in Safari.

All you need to do is add your credit or debit card payment details to the Wallet app on your device, and the next time you are in a shop all you need to do is hold your iPhone up to the payment terminal with your finger on the Touch ID button of your iPhone in order to keep the transaction secure.

If you have an Apple Watch you don't need the extra level of security offered by Touch ID as your Watch is linked to you from the moment you put it on your wrist and link it to your iPhone.

How does Apple Pay work on iPhone or Ipad?

  1. Tap the Buy with Apple Pay button.
  2. Check your billing, shipping, and contact information to make sure that they're correct.
  3. If you need to, enter your billing, shipping, and contact information. Apple Pay will store that information so you won't need to enter it again.
  4. When you’re ready, make your purchase and place your finger on Touch ID. When your payment is successful, you’ll see Done and a checkmark on the screen.
  5. Alternative Airlines will automatically send you a confirmation of your booking and your e-tickets will be issued within 24 hours.

How does Apple Pay work on MacBook Pro and Touch ID?

  1. Tap the Buy with Apple Pay button.
  2. Check that your billing, shipping, and contact details are all correct.
  3. If you need to, enter your billing, shipping, and contact information. Apple Pay will store that information so you won't need to enter it again.
  4. When you're ready, make your purchase. Follow the prompts on the Touch Bar and place your finger on Touch ID. If Touch ID is off, tap the Apple Pay icon on the Touch Bar and follow the prompts on the screen. When your payment is successful, you'll see Done and a checkmark on the screen.
  5. You will automatically be sent a confirmation of your booking by Alternative Airlines and your e-tickets will be issued within 24 hours.

How does Apple Pay work with other Macs?

  1. Make sure that you're signed in to the same iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. Also, your Mac needs to have Bluetooth on.
  2. Tap the Buy with Apple Pay or Apple Pay button.
  3. Check your billing, shipping, and contact information to make sure that they're correct.
  4. When you're ready, make your purchase. On your iPhone, place your finger on Touch ID or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch. When your payment is successful, you'll see Done and a checkmark on the screen.
  5. A confirmation of your booking will automatically be sent by Alternative Airlines. Your e-tickets will be issued within 24 hours of confirming booking.

What Travel Agency accepts Apple Pay?

Customers booking flights through Alternative Airlines on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3 can now process their bookings using Apple Pay. Whether you’re shopping on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, use Apple Pay without having to create an account or log in.

How do you set up Apple Pay on your phone?

To start setting up Apple Pay you will need a compatible iPhone. Currently, Apple Pay is available on the following devices, which will all receive the latest iOS 11 updates:

  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE

If you have a compatible device, go to the Wallet app and click add credit or debit card. You can then tap add credit or debit card, either scanning a card or entering your security information to set up the new card.

Apple Pay will then prompt you to say your bank may need to verify some information, so you may have to call your bank. Once your bank has verified your card, tap next and you are ready to use Apple Pay.

In brief: Go to Wallet > tap Add Credit or Debit Card > tap Next > scan your card or enter its code > agree to terms and conditions > verify your card with your bank.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Yes! Apple Pay uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when sending a payment using Apple Pay the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account details. This makes sure that you don't have to worry about paying people you may not know.

What Travel website accepts Apple Pay?

Alternative Airlines accepts Apple Pay for to use on any airline ticket from over 650 airlines such as United Airlines, Jetblue and many more. We know that this is a safe and secure way to pay for many of our travelers and want to make sure they feel comfortable when reserving their flights.

What currencies can you use to pay with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay can be used for any online transactions on Alternative Airlines in all currencies.

How safe is Apple Pay?

Very. Apple Pay requires you to enter your card details but also verify payments with your fingerprint ID, which is almost impossible to forge or copy. However, while it would be hard to steal an iPhone and then pay using it and almost impossible to hack the payment itself, it is possible for someone who has already stolen a credit card to set up a fraudulent Apple Pay account.

How to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch?

To set up Apple Pay on an Apple Watch, simply go to the My Watch tab > tap Wallet & Apple Pay > follow the steps to add a card by scanning or entering the card details > tap next to verify your information with your bank finally, tap next to start using Apple Pay.

How to set up Apple Pay on iPad and Macbook Pro?

Setting up Apple Pay on iPad is very similar to setting it up on an iPhone. Simply go to Wallet, select Add Credit or Debit card and follow the instructions. On some Macbook Pro versions you can set up Apple Pay to use the laptop's Touch ID function. Head to Wallet, add card and follow the steps to enter your card details as above. Then you can pay using Apple Pay in Safari, using Touch ID to check your payments.

Where can I use Apple Pay in the UK?

Apple Pay can be used anywhere that has contactless payment, including on public transport and the London Underground.

Are there alternatives to Apple Pay?

Yes, you can buy flights with other alternative mobile wallets including PayPal and Google Pay, with Alternative Airlines. Flight discounts are also available if you choose to pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit.

Further information on
Apple Pay

Check your transaction history

When you view your card in Wallet, you’ll see the last transaction for each credit card or debit card. You might also see the last ten transactions for your cards. Just tap the card and tap. Then tap the Transactions tab. Depending on your bank, you might see only transactions made from your device. Or you might see all transactions made from your credit or debit card account, including all Apple Pay devices and your plastic card. Some banks provide only initial authorization amounts to Wallet, which might be different from the final transaction amount. Depending on your bank, you might see different transaction amounts from locations such as restaurants, gas service stations, hotels, and car rental companies. Always refer to the credit or debit card statement from your bank for final transaction details. If a transaction was declined, contact your bank or card issuer for help.

Peer-to-peer Apple Pay

Messages users will soon be able to make and receive payments with friends and family instantly. With the launch of iOS 11, you can now use credit and debit cards already in Wallet to pay instantly with money in a new feature, Apple Pay Cash. With this you can pay people instantly, or even tell Siri to make a payment.

Coming soon:
Apple Card

What is Apple Card?

Apple Card is a credit card that was created by Apple. It allows users to effortlessly make purchases using a virtual card, which can be accessed in the Wallet app on any iPhone. Or, via a physical card, which can be used worldwide at any store that accepts contactless payment. The physical card will not have the card number, CVV security code, expiration date or any other card details printed on the card. However, all these card details will be visible on the virtual card through the Wallet app.

Apple Card Benefits

Cash back

Apple offers a great cash back reward system for those using the Apple Card. This includes:

  • 3% cash back when using the Apple Card (physical or virtual) to make purchases on Apple apps or in retail Apple stores
  • 2% cash back on purchases that are made through Apple Pay
  • 1% cash back every time the physical card is used to make any purchase

Cash back rewards are paid out daily.


Thanks to everything related to the customers Apple Card being readily available to access on the Wallet app, the Apple Card is extremely handy. The ease and convenience of being able to apply for an Apple Card, redeem rewards and track and monitor spendings (down to the merchant name, location and date of transaction) all in one place makes for an unparalleled credit card experience.

It's very secure

Because barely any details are printed on the physical card, the Apple Card is extremely safe from fraud. In addition to this, each Apple Card user has a unique card number that is created for each device and securely stored within that device.

Transactions can only be made with the Apple Card through Touch ID or Face ID. And, if a cardholder doesn't trust the merchant that they are buying from, they can generate a new one-time use card number for that transaction.

When is Apple Card released?

Apple Card has been released - it was released in summer of 2019.

Am I able to use Apple Card to purchase flights?

Yes! Customers are able to purchase flights with Apple Card here at Alternative Airlines.

Can I earn cash back by purchasing flights with Apple Card?

Yes, customers can earn cash back by purchasing flights with Apple Card through Alternative Airlines. When purchasing flights through Apple Card and Apple Pay on our website, customers will be able to earn up to 2% cash back on reservation made.

Apple Pay

February 28th 2018

10% of young adult Americans have used Apple Pay in-store, ahead of competing mobile wallets

A survey of 1,000 young adults Americans found that more than 10% of them had used taken the opportunity to make an in-store purchace with Apple Pay. This was well ahead of Google Pay at 4% and Samsung Pay’s 2%. The figure was even higher when it came to online purchases in the same 18-35 year old demographic, which was found to be closer to 15%, most likely driven by App payment. Interestingly, there was little difference in usage between Millennials (25-34) and Gen-Z (18-24): online usage was identical, and it was within one percent for in-store usage (11% Millennials, 10% Gen-Z).

When it came to peer-to-peer payments, however, Apple Pay was left far behind market leaders PayPal and Venmo. For Gen-Z, it was 23% Venmo and 17% PayPal against less than 3% for Apple Pay. Millennials were more closely split between the leaders (25% PayPal, 23% Venmo), but still under 3% Apple Pay. That seems likely to change: when it comes to interest in using Apple Pay for person-to-person payment, that hit 8% and 12%. The survey didn’t get into the reasons for the disparity between interest and behavior, but it’s likely a mix of only being able to use Apple Pay to send money to other iPhone users, and older iPhones that don’t support it.

25th October 2017

Apple is continuing the expansion of Apple Pay today with the addition of four new countries; Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates – the Scandinavian countries first reported last week

Apple Pay enables users to pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch at retailers with contactless terminals. Users can also Apple Pay on supported websites with iOS devices or the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Today, in Denmark, Apple Pay will work with Nordea bank customers and Jyse bank customers (debit cards only). Apple Pay in Finland and Sweden is now supported by Nordea and ST1 bank.

In the United Arab Emirates launch, there are six banks for Apple Pay: Visa cards at Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, HSBC, mashreq, RAKBANK (Mastercard) and Standard Chartered Bank.

To add a new card with Apple Pay, open the Wallet app on iPhone, iPad or find Wallet in System Preferences on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. For Apple Watch, add cards in the companion iPhone Watch app.

At brick and mortar stores supporting contactless transactions, users can checkout with Touch ID on their iPhone just by tapping their phone on the reader whilst their finger is resting on the home button.

For Apple Watch, users must double-click the side button to bring up their Apple Pay card and then moving their arm in proximity of the NFC reader. This will also be the preferred activation method for Apple Pay on iPhone X, which replaces Touch ID for Face ID.

Another new feature coming to Apple Pay very soon is Apple Pay Cash, which enables person-to-person payments over an iMessage app. This feature will be US-only when it is released later this year (probably with iOS 11.1).

13th October 2017

Discover enables rewards redemption via Apple Pay

Discover announced this week that it will enable its cardholder to redeem Cashback Bonus rewards for a statement credit through Apple Pay, according to a press release. It is the first major credit card issuer to offer the ability to redeem rewards after a purchase through Apple Pay.

The Discover Cashback Bonus redemption through Apple Pay requires an iPhone 6 or later. Card members must have:

  • A Discover card added to Apple Pay.
  • The Discover Mobile app version 8.9.0 or above installed.
  • A rewards balance higher than purchase amount.

In order to redeem Cashback Bonus for statement credit through Apple Pay, Discover card members just:

  • Make a qualifying purchase with a Discover card using Apple Pay on an iPhone.
  • Select "Tap for Details" under the Discover redemption message in Apple Wallet.
  • Then tap to redeem Cashback Bonus as a statement credit in the amount of the purchase.

11th October 2017

Apple Pay in New Zealand to Expand to BNZ Soon

BNZ, aka Bank of New Zealand, plans to begin offering Apple Pay in the near future.

When Apple Pay support is implemented, BNZ customers will be able to use the Apple Pay service with their BNZ Advantage Visa credit cards and BNZ Flexi Debit Visa cards.

Apple Pay launched in New Zealand in October of 2016 in partnership with ANZ, and at the current time, Apple Pay is only available to ANZ customers. Apple Pay has been slow to roll out in New Zealand because of the wide adoption of eftpos, which already offers New Zealanders a contactless payment solution that carries no fees for retailers. BNZ does not have a set date for the release of Apple Pay, but expects the feature to become available later in the month of October.

19th September 2017

Didi Announces Apple Pay Support

China’s major ride hailing service has announced support for Apple Pay.

Called Didi, it’s quite literally China’s version of Uber – as TechCrunch notes, the company acquired Uber China last year, though Didi itself was founded back in 2012. Didi now claims it has about 400 million users in the country, and that it facilitates 20 million rides each day.

Now, some of those rides will be paid for with Apple Pay – though probably not many. This summer, MacRumors reported that between Q1 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017, Apple’s marketshare in the country dropped from 12.7 percent to 9.2 percent; more recently, The Financial Times asserted that Apple Pay had less than one percent marketshare in August.

It seems that while Apple Pay performed better in China at its launch than many analysts had expected, already-dominant domestic interests like Alipay have ultimately prevailed. And indeed, Didi also accepts payments via Alipay, WeChat Pay, QQ Wallet, and CMB OneNet Service, in addition to Apple Pay.

Use Apple Pay with Face ID on the New iPhone X

For Apple Pay users, the iPhone X will be an adjustment. Gone are the days where you could rest your finger on the home button and hold your device within range of a contactless reader. Without Touch ID on the iPhone X, this isn't possible. But have no fear, Face ID is here.

The new security feature from Apple that replaces Touch ID on the iPhone X will provide authentication where Touch ID normally would, and this includes Apple Pay. So whether you just bought a new iPhone X and you don't know how to use Apple Pay and Face ID yet, or if you're just interested in seeing how it's done, I'll explain below.

To use Apple Pay on the iPhone X, unlock the device, then double-click the side button to bring up the Apple Pay app. Once there, you must actively look at your iPhone X to verify your identity with Face ID, so open your eyes and take off your sunglasses. You will know when you've been identified by your device when the little blue symbol near the center of the screen changes from "Face ID" to "Hold Near Reader.