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What is LTC?

Litecoin is a type of cryptocurrency with the symbol 'Ł' and is a type of money that is completely virtual. Litecoin is the third-largest cryptocurrency and like its contemporaries not only is it a currency, but it's essentially like a bank's online network or Paypal, it functions as an online payment system. Litecoin is decentralised open source so is not controlled by banks or the government. The currency is also a peer-to-peer open platform in which anyone globally can participate in a currency that is similar to Bitcoin.

Each Litecoin is a file stored in a digital wallet, and can be sent (whole or as a part) to other people, or used to pay for goods. Litecoin was an early spinoff of Bitcoin, its aim was to improve on Bitcoin's shortcomings and in technical details is almost identical to Bitcoin.

Litecoin is different from Bitcoin as the Litecoin Network aims to process a block much quicker, allowing Litecoin to confirm transactions much faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin can process 56 transactions per second compared to the likes of Bitcoin which can only process 7. The currencies also use different cryptographic algorithms - Litecoin uses an algorithm called Scrypt, which is newer than the longstanding SHA-256 algorithm that Bitcoin uses.

Buy Flights with Litecoin

You can pay for flight tickets through our two cryptocurrency payment methods, XMoney (Utrust now rebranded to xMoney), and Binance Pay. Pay using Litecoin through when you book your flights through Alternative Airlines. Discover your flights from over 600 international airlines and find the right flights for yourself, then make sure to select LTC at checkout, enter your passenger information, and safely and securely purchase your flights.

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Benefits of Buying Flights with Litecoin (LTC)?


When buying flights using Litecoin, you benefit from the security offered by blockchain technology. Litecoin, uses cryptography to secure transactions, ensuring that your data and assets are safe and protected. This decentralised approach means that your payment doesn't rely on centralised institutions or corporations, reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorised access. Once your flight purchase is confirmed, you can rest assured that your payment information remains private and secure.

Global Accessibility

Litecoin's versatility allows you to make flight bookings from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. Whether you're using a mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet, Litecoin payments are supported across various devices. This level of accessibility gives you complete control of your funds at any time, enabling you to book flights globally without facing limitations or restrictions. Embracing Litecoin as a payment method empowers you to travel and explore with freedom from the limitations of traditional banking systems.

Fast Transactions

One of the significant benefits of using Litecoin for flight purchases is the speed of transactions. With no intermediaries like banks or government entities, Litecoin transactions are processed quickly and efficiently. This eliminates delays commonly associated with traditional payment methods. By choosing Litecoin, you can enjoy swift and uninterrupted transactions, allowing you to book flights effortlessly and focus on planning your journey.

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What Airlines accept LTC Payments?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agent that accepts Litecoin as a flight transaction on over 600 airlines through our website. It's unheard of for airlines to offer Litecoin as payment on their site but it is all possible to book your flights using Litecoin at Alternative Airlines.

Buy flights tickets and pay using Litecoin on airlines including American AirlinesDeltaSpiritAllegiant AirAlaska AirlinesSouthwestFrontierJetBlueSun Country AirlinesUnited AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesBritish AirwayseasyJetQantas and many more airlines across the globe.

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How to buy flights using LTC?

Search for flights

Enter your travel destinations, preferred travel dates, and the number of passengers into the search bar provided at the top of the page. Click on the 'Search Flights' button to begin the search process. Once you have found the flights that best suit your preferences, click on 'Confirm Selection' to finalize your booking.

Select Cryptocurrency

Once you have completed the passenger details section, scroll down to explore the diverse range of payment methods offered by Alternative Airlines. To opt for LTC payment, you must first select the 'Cryptocurrency payment' option.

Select LTC

Choose 'Litecoin (LTC)' as your preferred payment method. Once selected, a tick will appear next to your chosen payment option. Finally, click on 'Confirm Payment' located at the bottom of the page to proceed with the transaction.

Book your flight with Litecoin

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your flight payment using Litecoin. Once the payment process is finalized, your e-tickets will be sent to you. Booking a flight with LTC is a straightforward process, and now you're all set for your upcoming travel!

If you prefer to use alternative tokens like Bitcoin, Tether, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, UTK, CRO for purchasing flights, click on the links to learn more about how to do so.

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LTC for Flights FAQS

Which flights accept Litecoin?

Alternative Airlines allows you to search from over 650 different airlines and select Litecoin as a payment method for any route that you wish to purchase. This means that there are 650 airlines that accept Litecoin as payment when using Alternative Airlines.

How do I pay for flights with Litecoin?

If you'd like to pay with Litecoin, you'll be glad to discover that Alternative Airlines accepts Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies for air travel. It's an easy and secure way to pay with Litecoin and book flights. After selecting your dates and destinations you wish to fly and completed filling in the passenger details. You should select 'Cryptocurrency payment' and then 'Litecoin' at checkout. Once you've made the payment with Litecoin, you'll get the booking confirmed with Litecoin in minutes.

How do I know if my transaction has been successfully sent through?

Once your payment is made your flight transactions will show instantly in your transaction history under 'Alternative Airlines' which you could find on your Litecoin dashboard. Litecoin transactions normally take from 2 to 8 minutes which is faster than Bitcoin which takes 10 minutes to 1 hour. Until then your flight transactions will show as pending. If you are still having issues trying to locate your flight ticket transaction, you can contact us by email and we'll be happy to help.

How would I know if my flight transactions have been successfully sent?

Alternative Airlines allows you to book your flights in numerous other digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Stellar, Monero, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, UTK, USDT and many others. Find alternative cryptocurrencies you can use to book flight tickets.

I have some other questions about paying for my flights with Litecoin, who do I speak to?

Alternative Airlines Customer Service team are on call to assist you with your Litecoin flight enquiry and you can contact us by using our contact us page.