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Why Alternative Airlines?

Buy flights with DigiByte

Use the search bar above to find flights from over 600 global airlines and pay for them using Digitbyte.


How do I pay for flights with DigiByte?

You can buy flights with DigiByte by following these simple steps.


Enter the date and destinations that you want to fly on a click 'search flights'.

Alternative Airlines flight search MIA–HAV 15/05/20–23/05/20


On the next page, we'll show you all the flight options from airlines flying on the dates and destinations that you've selected.

Alternative Airlines Search Results MIA–HAV 15/05/20–23/05/20


Choose a flight and confirm your selection.

Alternative Airlines American Airlines Selected MIA–HAV 15/05/20–23/05/20


Fill out the details on the next page. When you get to the payment section, select 'Cryptocurrency payment'.

Alternative Airlines Payment Method Cryptocurrency Selected MIA–HAV 15/05/20–23/05/20


Scroll down and click 'continue to payment'.

Alternative Airlines Confirm Payment


On this page, you'll have a chance to review the flight details and make sure the correct payment method has been selected. If everything is good to go, click 'pay now & book your flights'.

Alternative Airlines Confirm Cryptocurrency Payment


You'll now be able to complete your flight payment using DigiByte with XMoney (Utrust has rebranded to XMoney). Select DigiByte as the cryptocurrency that you want to pay in and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment.

Alternative Airlines UTRUST Payment DigiByte Selected

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte is a public, decentralised blockchain. DigiBytes are highly secured and scalable and cannot be hacked or destroyed. This ensures that currency, information and digital data is always protected with DigiByte

DigiByte puts a focus on offering fast and secure transactions. With its forward-thinking mindset, DigiByte is the longest, fastest and most secure UTXO blockchain on the market.

DigiByte for Flights

Which flights accept DigiByte?

You can use DigiByte to pay for flights on more than 650 airlines at Alternative Airlines. We accept DigiByte as a payment method through the payment method XMoney on any airline flying any route.

Are there other ways I can buy flights with DigiByte?

At the moment, the only way to pay for flights using DigiByte is to select 'Cryptocurrency payments' at checkout and pay with XMoney and CoinGate.