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You can use Poli to buy your flights with Alternative Airlines. We give our customers the option to pay with Poli on all our flights, from over 700 airlines!

Pay your way when buying flights with Alternative Airlines. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the chance to use many different payment methods so that every one can pay in the most convenient way for them!

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Book your flights with Poli through Alternative Airlines and avoid excessive credit card charges.

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About Poli

Poli is an Australian online payment system that allows you to use your internet banking to pay for goods and services securely. Poli is an alternative to credit cards which offers customers a seamless and secure payment experience without the need for registration. The payment solution company was recently acquired by SecurePay Holdings, which is a subsidiary of Australia Post. Some of its largest merchants include Jetstar, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia

Banks that can be used with POLI

Australian Banks

ANZ, Bank of Melbourne, BOQ, BankSA, Bankwest, Bendigo Bank, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, CUA, IMB Building Society, ME Bank,NAB, Newcastle Permanent, People's Choice Credit Union, St. George Bank, Suncorp, Westpac

New Zealand Banks

ANZ, ASB, Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank, TSB Bank, Westpac


Poli Payments

What is Poli?

Poli is an online payment method that is widely used in Australia and New Zealand. Poli offers an alternative to credit cards by connecting you to your bank without the need for any kind of registration. 

Are Poli payments safe?

Yes. Poli does not store any sensitive information such as your online banking username and password. No one can access or see your online banking information during your Poli transaction. In fact, all communication takes place using HTTPS transport level security so that none of your personal information is stored or kept by Poli. 

How do I use Poli?

There's no need to register or sign-up. Simply select "Poli" as your payment method at checkout and then enter your online banking details. Poli cannot access your online banking details and none of your personal information is stored by Poli.

How do I pay with Poli?

Paying for your flights with Poli is simple and secure! Simply enter the destinations you want to fly to in the search bar above and choose your flight by clicking "confirm selection ." Once you have selected your flight, enter your passenger details and select "Poli" as your preferred payment method. 

Can I trust Poli?

Yes, there's no reason not to trust Poli. Poli transactions are not stored and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone. This means your bank details, username and password are safe and protected.

Poli is used by many people across Australia and New Zealand. 

Does it cost money to use Poli?

No, Poli is completely free to use. Poli also encourages its merchants to avoid charging customers any extra for using its service.

How long do Poli payments take?

Poli payments are received by the merchant instantly. Users also receive an immediate receipt of their purchase.

Are Poli payments instant?

Yes, Poli payments are transferred from your bank to the merchant instantly.

Can I buy Jetstar flights with Poli?

Yes! You can use Poli to pay for any flight on the Alternative Airlines website. Find flights with Jetstar and pay with Poli, here.

Can I buy Virgin Australia flights with Poli?

Of course! With Alternative Airlines you can use Poli to pay for flights with over 700 airlines. Find Virgin Australia flights here.

Poli News

24th December 2018

Buy flights with Poli and Alternative Airlines in 2019

Alternative Airlines is delighted to announce that we'll be accepting payments for customers using the Australian online payment system, Poli. 

Poli is extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand, allowing customers to quickly, safely and easily use their bank details to pay for goods online, without the need for a credit or debit card. 

Alternative Airlines is excited to offer Poli to customers from Australia and New Zealand and has no doubt that adding Poli as a way to pay for flights will enhance the flight booking experience with Alternative Airlines.