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Buy Flights Using Bundll

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Buy Flights with Bundll

Search and buy your flights from over 600 international airlines and pay using Bundll at checkout to make use of making your payments for flights overtime or in installments.

As a flight search and booking platform, we offer our customers an easy, quick, and efficient flight booking process along with the ability to make their payment using over 25 payment options from 160 different currencies.

Bundll allows customers to pay 14 days later or through its superbundll where it allows them to spread their payments across 6 fortnightly installments.

How to Buy Flights With Bundll

You can use Bundll if you are 18+ years old, have a valid debit or credit card, and also an Australian citizen.

Find the flights that are suitable for you and fill in the passengers' details. After this, follow the steps below to start taking out the loan:

  1. Select 'Bundll' at checkout.
  2. If you've already registered for an account with Bundll, all you need to do is simply log in to your account. If you haven't however, you can do so by simply first creating an account with Bundll and then wait for the account to be approved.
  3. Once the account has been approved by Bundll, you'll need to then wait for us to confirm your flight.
  4. Once your flights have been confirmed by us, we will then send you your e-ticket. All you have to do is then to enjoy your flight and pay back your payments overtime.
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Bundll Flights

Bundll is an Australian based payment provider that allows customers to purchase and enjoy repay at a later date. Loans are needed to be paid back on time and with no interest and fees charged whatsoever. Bundll offers a 24 hour gace perid for those that missed a repayment however after this period Bundll will chargeat a fixed rate.

Why buy flights with Bundll?

Bundll gives you the choice to pay for flights by either repaying in 2 weeks time or opt for the superbundll which allows you to pay in 6 fortnightly instalments. This ultimately means that you can select the plan that best matches your needs, giving you flexibility when it comes to buying your flights.

Bundll and superbundll is completely interest-free! What's more is that there's no additional cost whatsoever, even if you pay in equal installments.

You also get your loan accepted almost instantly with Bundll!  

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Buy Flights With Bundll FAQs

Can I use Bundll to buy flights at Alternative Airlines?

Currently, Bundll is currently unavailable as a payment method at Alternative Airlines.

However, if you are looking to pay overtime for your flights, we have other financing options available for you to choose from including PayPal CreditKlarnaZipClearpay and many more.

What happens if I missed my payment?

There's a missed fee on your account if you missed your payment. This will be stated on the terms and conditions. However, if you paid on time, there won't be any extra costs. Bundll offers also offers a 24 hour gace perid for those that missed a repayment however after this period Bundll will chargeat a fixed rate.

Can I use Bundll if I'm not based in Australian?

Yes, you can, if you are over the age of 18 and have a valid debit or credit card and also a valid Australian ID.

Can my Bundll loan application be denied?

Yes, your income needs to be verified first before getting your account approved. Checks will also be made with your credit score, the time you spent at your current address, and many other factors.

Are there any hidden fees or is interest charged using Bundle?

Bundll doesn't have hidden fees or charge interest whatsoever.

What are the alternatives to Bundll?

Bundll is not currently available at Alternative Airlines, however, there are other options available that offer likewise services: