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Buy Flights with SplittyPay

Alternative Airlines is an online flight search and booking platform, that offers customers a quick and easy booking experience. Our site also offers customers the chance to customise their booking experience by using the airline filter to narrow down their preferences! Here, at Alternative Airlines you can choose to pay in over 40 different ways, including cryptocurrency, Credit and Debit cards and many pay later payment options. 

SplittyPay is a Buy Now Pay Later payment option that lets you split the cost of your purchases into easy and manageable repayments. With SplittyPay you can slice the airfare of your flight over 3 instalments at a zero interest rate. When you choose to pay with Splittypay you can secure great deals today without having to worry about paying for the full amount at once.

How to pay with SplittyPay

If you're 18+ years and have a valid e-mail address you can use SplittyPay to make secure your payments. Follow the steps below to search and book flights using SplittyPay:

Search for flights that are suitable for you and fill in the passengers' information. After this, follow the steps below to start taking out your loan:

  1. Select 'SplittyPay' as your preferred payment option at checkout.
  2. If you already have an active SplittyPay account, all you need to do is log in to your account. But, if you don't already have a SplittyPay account, register for a SplittyPay account.
  3. Once SplittyPay has confirmed your account, you'll then need to wait for a loan approval to confirm your booking.
  4. After your booking has been confirmed, we will then send you your e-ticket via email. Once you have paid the first payment at booking, you'll only have to make 2 more payments.
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SplittyPay Flights

Splittypay is a payment plan provider that lets customers enjoy purchases immediately without paying for the full price at once. When you choose to pay with Splittypay at checkout you can divide the cost of your flight into 3 easy instalments. It's super easy to create a Splittypay account - all you need is a phone number and a password.

Why buy flights with SplittyPay?

Splittypay is a great buy now pay later option that makes it easy for you to make purchases with instalments. Splittypay lets customers make purchases straight away and pay in 3 monthly instalments. What makes Splittypay even better is that it's completely interest-free!

Please note that Splittypay is currently not available as a payment option at Alternative Airlines.

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Buy Flights with SplittyPay FAQs

Can I use SplittyPay to buy flights at Alternative Airlines?

Unfortunately, SplittyPay is currently unavailable as a payment option at Alternative Airlines.

However, if you're looking for an alternative and want to break up the cost of your flight over monthly instalments, we have a number of other Buy Now Pay Later options that you can select at checkout including  AfterpayPayPal CreditKlarnaTendoPay and many more! To begin searching for a flight, use the booking tool at the top of the page, fill in the required details and select the 'Search Flights' button. Once you have found the perfect flight for you, head to checkout and select the payment plan option that best suits you and your financial circumstances. 


What happens if I missed my payment?

If you don't make a payment on time with SplittyPay then you'll be charged a late payment fee. Please ensure that all payments are made on time in order to avoid extra fees.

Can my SplittyPay loan application be denied?

Yes, it can! If you don't meet the requirements for SplittyPay, your account will be denied. If you have made late payments from previous purchases then it's likely that SplittyPay will deny your request for a loan. 

Are there any hidden fees when using SplittyPay?

SplittyPay is completely interest-free! This means that you'll only have to pay for the price of your purchase without any hidden fees. However, if you make a late payment SplittyPay may charge you a small late fee.

How many instalments with SplittyPay?

SplittyPay lets you chop up your purchases in 3 instalments! The first instalment is charged at the time of booking, the second after 30 days and the third after 60 days.

What are the alternatives to SplittyPay?

Unfortunately, SplittyPay is not available at Alternative Airlines as a payment method, however, we have many other available payment plans options that let you spread the cost of your flight including: