Pay For Flights With Multibanco

Use Portugal's most popular payment method to pay for your flights at Alternative Airlines. We accept the cash and ATM payment method, Multibanco, on all flights offered through Alternative Airlines.

Once you've selected your flight at Alternative Airlines and confirmed your booking with Multibanco as your payment method, you'll be given a reference number. Use this reference number to pay for your flights at 13,000 ATMs across Portugal or by using your online banking at home.

What is Multibanco?

Multibanco is an interbank network and the most popular payment method in Portugal. Multibanco links 13,000 ATMs of all major banks in Portugal and allows people to use a wide range of services through the ATM machine.

Multibanco is the most common way that Portuguese people complete online purchases. Once you've selected Multibanco at checkout and completed your purchase, you'll be given a reference. This reference number can be taken to an ATM or paid off via your online banking app within a set number of days.

Why use Multibanco to book flights?


Multibanco is connected to more than 13,000 ATMs across Portugal. This means that you can complete your flight purchase using the reference number provided at checkout on most ATMs in the country.


Multibanco is supported by all major banks in Portugal, so you won't miss out.


Multibanco gives you the choice of how you want to pay. You can either use your mobile banking app to complete the flight purchase at home or if you'd prefer, visit an ATM and do finalise it with your card.

Buy Flights with Multibanco FAQs

How do I pay for flights with Multibanco?

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Select the flight that you want to buy and choose Multibanco as the payment method at checkout.

Once you've confirmed your purchase you'll be given a reference number.

All you need to do next is select is to choose 'Payment and other services' and 'Payments for services/purchases' at an ATM or on your online banking, enter your reference number and complete the purchase.

*Please note that there is an expiry date for your purchase. If you don't pay for your flights within the set number of days stated, you'll lose your flight reservation.

Can Multibanco be used outside of Portugal?

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No. Multibanco is only available as a payment method to passengers in Portugal.

Which airlines accept the payment method Multibanco?

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At Alternative Airlines, you can use Multibanco to pay for your flights on more than 650 airlines. This includes the Portuguese airlines Azores AirlinesOrbestPortugália AirlinesSATA Air Açores and TAP Portugal.

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