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pregnant women at the beach

The Best Babymoon Destinations

Emma Langley

A babymoon is often the last chance for mums-to-be to have a relaxing getaway and spend some quality time with their partner, friend or family member before their new baby arrives. Although the idea of a new addition to your family is extremely exciting, this may be the last time for a while that you will be able to unwind and put yourself first before dirty nappies and sleepless nights become part of your everyday life.

Most women can safely travel up until the beginning of their third trimester (28 weeks) of pregnancy, however it can be confusing trying to find a destination which is safe for both you and your baby, whilst meeting all your desires for a perfect babymoon. Zika is just one virus that you’ll want to avoid when pregnant, and with other considerations such as temperatures, activities and entertainment, and flight duration to consider, you may be stumped knowing where to go.

So, we’ve taken the hassle from you and composed a list of our top 8 favourite destinations for babymoons. We’ve also arranged them by regions, so that you can plan how far you want to travel based on where you are located and also so you can plan the season of the region, as some may be too hot during summer months if you are heavily pregnant. You’ll also find some top-tips at the end of the blog to help you plan the perfect babymoon.


1. Kauai, Hawaii: For a tropical beach babymoon

If you’re after a babymoon where you can sit back on a beach and relax whilst soaking up the sun and impressive sights, then you should head to the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Although all of the Hawaiian islands are idyllic, Kauai in particular provides the perfect setting for a babymoon. As one of the less visited islands, the sparkling blue waters of the island’s hidden and secluded beaches oozes an inviting and chilled-out atmosphere so you can properly de-stress. Be sure to visit Hanalei Bay if you are looking for some of the best beaches in all of Hawaii.

If the island’s picturesque beaches aren’t enough to sway you, this island is also known for its luscious greenery and is actually nicknamed ‘The Garden Island’. From the striking mountains of the Napali Coast to the tumbling waterfalls such of Wailua Falls, Kauai offers a unique and spectacular sight at every turn. If you’re looking for some alone time during your babymoon, then your travel partner can keep themselves occupied with the many land, air and water activities that the island has to offer.

Not only is this one of the only tropical destinations which is currently safe in regards to the Zika virus, but the island is also fairly stress-free with regards to travel, especially for American travellers who do not need a visa. You can read more about domestic flights in the USA here, including information about passports and travel documents needed. Flights from the west coast of the USA generally take around 5 hours, which is considered an acceptable journey for most pregnant women.

kauai beach with mountains in the distance in hawaii

Take me to Kauai

Kauai has its own airport, Lihue Airport, which has great connections to elsewhere in Hawaii, but also the mainland US and Canada. You can fly into there with airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines, United, American Airlines and Alaska AirlinesSouthwest have also recently announced they will soon be flying into Lihue Airport.


2. Blue Lagoon, Iceland: For a relaxing soak in the lagoons

Iceland as a country has a reputation for being very relaxed and is one of the safest countries in the world. With that in mind, travelling to Iceland provides a total stress-free trip, where you can be at one with nature.

For most pregnant ladies, the thought of a holiday where you are able to soak and chill out in what is essentially a giant bathtub is the idea of paradise. The waters of the lagoon are naturally heated by nearby lava flows, which do wonders for your tired and aching body and feet. The water is also rich in minerals, which is great for any stretched and sore skin and will help making you feel pampered. You can even go further with the pampering and book yourself into a nearby Icelandic spa treatment!

The Blue Lagoon is considered safe for pregnant women, and the temperature is generally around 37°C year-round. In the summer months, some women may find the water too hot and uncomfortable, however the temperature varies around the lagoon so you can wander round until you find a cooler spot. It is also a good idea to have plenty of water before and after going into the lagoon to make sure you stay well hydrated.

blue lagoon waters in iceland

Take me to the Blue Lagoon

The nearest airport is actually Keflavik Airport, although you may prefer to fly into Reykjavik Airport and pair your babymoon with a few days in the Icelandic city. To fly to Keflavik Airport, you can fly with Iceland’s flag carrier; Icelandair. Alternatively, there are many airlines which fly seasonally from around the world including S7 AirlinesAir Greenland, Scandinavian Airlines, Vueling and Lufthansa. What’s great is that although Iceland is considered part of Europe, its location is halfway between Europe and North America meaning a flight from the north east coast of the USA or Canada is only just above 5 hours long - a perfectly acceptable flight duration for a babymoon for US travellers.

3. Cornwall, UK: For when the summer heat gets too much

UK’s beaches often get overlooked for the seemingly prettier and sandier beaches of Southern Europe. However, the beaches of Cornwall are not to be forgotten, as they are rated amongst the best in the world. Spectacular sandy beaches stretch for miles across bays, with hidden and secret coves, all complete with the dazzling turquoise waters. Cornwall’s south coast in particular is a great setting for a babymoon, which is more sheltered from the cold winds of the north and west.

The southern coast of Cornwall has different options to offer its visitors. For those who truly want to get away from it all, head to the remote beaches of Harlyn and Kynance for some peace and quiet. For couples who’d prefer to stay on beaches near towns and amenities, there are plenty of quaint Cornish towns such as Marazion or Porthmeor. Despite common preconceptions of British food, the Cornish have many delicacies that are a must try. Although you may have to give the traditional Cornish clotted cream a miss (as it’s often made with unpasturised milk), make sure you satisfy those savoury cravings with a Cornish pasty — minced or diced mince with potato, swede and onion encased in a delicious pastry.

What’s perhaps the best bit about Cornwall for a babymoon is its modest temperatures from the refreshing and cooling sea breeze. Whilst it doesn’t have the extreme temperatures of the Mediterranean, Cornwall’s summer temperatures average at a comfortable 20°C, with maximum temperatures rarely going above 25°C. These comfortable temperatures are great for women who find the hot summer temperatures elsewhere in Europe too much, especially for those who are nearing the end of their second trimester.

cornwall beach

Take me to Cornwall

Cornwall Airport Newquay offers flights from the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain with airlines such as Scandinavian AirlinesFlybeAer LingusEurowings and Ryanair. You can also fly to major UK airports such as London Gatwick or Heathrow from all over the world and drive or get the train to Cornwall.

4. Tuscany, Italy: For when you want to go away with toddlers

If you already have toddlers or children but want to go away for a relaxing babymoon you may be stuck thinking of a destination. However, why not consider Tuscany in Italy? Picture basking in the sun outside a villa, looking out onto the rolling green vineyards and medieval towns, all whilst the kids are kept entertained with a pool and other outdoor activities.

One of the best bits about Italy when travelling with young children is that you don’t have to worry about finding kid-friendly restaurants, as the infinite choices of tasty pizza or pasta found at any restaurant are sure to please even the fussiest children.

If you’re feeling up for it, you can even venture out of the villa with day trips to the must-see and nearby cities or Florence, Siena or Pisa, where there are more-than-enough things to see and do to keep the kids occupied. Tuscany is also never too far from a beautiful beach, so consider a day trip to the towns of Tirrenia, Calambrone or Marina di Vecchiano if that’s more your thing.

tuscany italy

Take me to Tuscany

There are many airports in Tuscany, so be sure to research your destination before you travel to see which airport is most conveniently located to where you are staying. However, the most popular airports are Pisa or Florence with airlines such as Ernest AirlinesPobeda, easyJet, Alitalia and Swiss International Air Lines flying there. You can also check out our flying with children page, for tips about going on a plane with kids.


5. Marrakesh, Morocco: For some of the world’s best spa treatments

Growing a baby is hard work, and your body does some pretty amazing stuff throughout the 9 month process. So why not give something back and reward your body with a pampering babymoon, complete with spa therapies and treatments?

Head to Morocco to experience luxurious massages and treatments, complete with authentic Moroccon argan oils to enhance your wellbeing. Marrakesh offers fascinating culture in the local markets, many historical sites such as the Bab Agnaou, delicious and pregnancy-friendly foods and most of all, intricate and cooling riads to retreat to. Morocco is also one of the only places in the whole of Africa which is free from malaria, which is great for pregnant ladies as it isn’t recommended to take malaria prophylactics when pregnant. Even better is that Morocco is one of the cheapest countries in Africa - discover more about how to make a holiday there cheap over on our Cheapest Countries in Africa blog.

Although you may have to skip on saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis due to the risk of overheating and dehydrating, there are plenty more features of spas that you can enjoy. A massage will be good for any types of back ache or tiredness you may be experiencing, and many spas will have specially adapted chairs or bean bags so that you don’t have to lie face down. It may be a good idea to check with the spa before you travel that they can provide a pregnancy massage with a special chair or beanbag. Also, you should check which oils they use, as there are some aromatherapy oils that should be avoided, especially in early pregnancy up to 12 weeks.

La Mamounia, a spa and hotel in Marrakesh, is just one option which provides a specific pregnancy massage aimed at relieving pregnancy tensions with their ‘mum-to-be massage’. However, if you choose a spa with no pregnancy-specific treatments, you can still treat yourself to a pedicure for those aching feet, a head and neck massage and a manicure or facial. Make sure to also make use of the pool, and even participate in gentle exercise classes such as yoga.

prednant women by a pool


Babymoon Spa at La Mamounia. Photo Credit: lamamouniamarrakech

Take me to Marrakesh

To fly to Marrakesh you will need to find flights to Marrakesh Menara Airport. You can choose to fly here on Morocco’s national carrier Royal Air Maroc, or choose one of the many other airlines that fly here, including NorwegianTransavia, Wizz Air and Air Arabia Maroc.

Middle East

6. Muscat, Oman: For winter sun

If you are planning a babymoon in the dreary winter months and want to catch some winter sun, then Oman is for you. The optimum time to visit this country is from October to April, where the temperature is comfortably in the mid to high 20s.

Not only is Oman one of the Middle East’s safest countries, but compared to its neighbours Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Muscat is tranquil, yet revitalising in comparison. Oman is home to some breathtaking sights, including the sea views at Muscat, the endless sand dunes to the west and the mountains in Nizwa, just southwest of Muscat. If you fancy venturing out of Muscat to see some of these other sights, you’ll be glad to know that it’s fairly easy to hire a car, and the roads out of the city are well maintained so you won’t be bouncing about in the car, worrying about the safety of you and your bump.

There are many museums in Muscat for you to enjoy which gives you an insight into the country’s history. The Bair Al Zubair Museum, for example, showcases Omanian heritage of swords and daggers - the very kind that feature on the country’s flag. If you’d prefer to be more engaged with the country’s culture, then why not people watch at one of Muscat’s famous souks. By people watching, you get to experience the hustle and bustle whilst sitting back and enjoying a refreshment, thus without the stress and sore feet from a day haggling and shopping. You may even pick up a trick or two from successful hagglers, and be up for giving it a go yourself. In the evenings, enjoy a leisurely sunset stroll along the Mutrah Corniche to take a look at the vibrant buildings imposed in front of the glorious mountainous backdrop. Make sure to look out for the historical 16th century Mutrah Fort and the Riyam Park lookout tower in the shape of an incense burner.

muscat oman

Take me to Muscat

Muscat International Airport serves flights from all over the world. Fly there with Oman’s national airline, Oman Air, or choose from airlines such as SalamAir, Kish Air, Air India or Thai Airways.


7. Fukuoka, Japan: for a city babymoon

If beach holidays and sitting back really isn’t your thing, you may be better to consider a city break. In Asia, however, Japan is one of the only countries which is Zika free. Luck has it that Japan is also home to some beautiful and cheap cities for you to choose for your city break babymoon destination.

Although Tokyo really is spectacular, it can be quite hectic for a babymoon destination, and may leave you feeling more stressed than at home. In addition, you may not have the energy required to take in all that Tokyo has to offer, so it might be better saving Tokyo for a holiday that isn’t a babymoon.

Instead, head to the less crowded city of Fukuoka which offers Japanese city life at a slower and more enjoyable pace. Fukuoka offers everything from a glorious cherry blossom season in the spring, ancient and traditional temples, beaches at Hakata and the iconic “Wisteria Tunnel”. Fukuoka is also featured on our Cheapest Cities in Japan blog, so be sure to read that to find out how to travel to Fukuoka on a budget.

If the city life gets too much on your babymoon and you start getting easily tired, we suggest heading out in the morning before returning to your hotel for some afternoon rest before heading out again in the evening. Fukuoka is also famous for its food, and although it’s advisable to avoid raw-fish sushi, you can still enjoy sushi made with cured or pickled fish, and also some warming ramen.

fukoka japan

Take me to Fukuoka

Fukuoka Airport is the closest airport if you want to fly direct. They offer flights from much of Asia with airlines such as Skymark Airlines, Japan AirlinesChina Eastern Airlines and Air China.


8. Fraser Island, Australia: For a royal babymoon

Fraser Island (or K’gari which translates to ‘paradise’ in Butchulla) is an island located on the southeastern coast of Queensland, Australia, just along the coast from Brisbane.

A World Heritage site that offers rainforest, forests, swamps, dunes and beaches all in one place. The island itself is actually a huge sand island, and is the largest of its kind in the world. The Seventy-Five Mile Beach is an exciting highway where you can wildlife spot all the birds of prey and even dingoes! Fraser Island does not only have sea-beaches, but also world-famous dune lakes such as Eli Creek, which is home to striking turquoise waters situated next to 72 different shades of sand, including many reds and yellows! Stick to bathing and swimming in pools or dune lakes, as the sea can be treacherous and dangerous for swimming so is not recommended. If you fancy a trip into the rainforests, you can get 4-wheel-drive vehicles to take you in land. However, be sure to check they will be able to make it suitable for pregnant ladies as you don’t want to be bumped and thrown around during the drive.

If this wasn’t enough to sway your opinion, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) famously took a babymoon to Fraser Island in October 2018 when pregnant with their child, Archie. If this destination is good enough for royalty, then it’s certainly good enough for you!

fraser island australia

Take me to Fraser Island

Hervey Bay is the closest port in which you can reach Fraser Island, with QantasLink and Virgin Australia offering flights there from Brisbane and Sydney. From these cities, there are many major airlines which operate flights including QantasJetstar AirlinesTigerair Australia and Regional Express Airlines.

Top Tips for planning a babymoon:

Ask your doctor

Before booking anything, you will need to check with your doctor that you are safe to fly and go abroad. This involves checking the activities of your trip, the flight duration and where you are going. Some airlines may require a doctor’s certificate to prove you are safe to travel, so make sure your doctor will be willing to provide this if needed.

Non-stop flights

Keep stress at a minimum by choosing a non-stop flight. There is less hassle involved in non-stop, or direct flights, giving the best relaxing and stress-free start for a babymoon.

Plan your hotel

It is a good idea to make sure that your hotel is close to a reputable hospital. Although most babymoons do not involve any complications, it will give you peace of mind knowing that if there are any complications, you will have the medical help nearby if needed.

Don’t fly too far

If you are nervous about flying when pregnant, it may be best for you to choose a destination that isn’t too far away from your home. It’s best to keep flights short because although there is no increased danger in flying when pregnant, it can be uncomfortable to have long flights when pregnant so try to keep them under 6 hours.

Book a seat on the plane

To make your flight more comfortable, even if it is only a short journey, you should consider selecting your seat. By doing this, you can choose a seat with more leg room so you can stretch out more, or one which is closer to the bathroom for if you need to go. Find out more about how to book a seat when booking with Alternative Airlines here.

Fly in the second trimester

For most women, the first trimester is often filled with morning-sickness and extreme tiredness. However, the third trimester you will be getting pretty large and find it harder to get around. Most women find that the best time to go on a babymoon is during the second trimester, between 4 and 6 months. However, it is important to check the guidelines of you airline you are flying with. We have put together a table of popular airlines and their guidelines over on our flying whilst pregnant page, so be sure to check that out if you are unsure.

Don’t stress yourself out

When planning a babymoon, it is important to remember your own limits and restrictions. You should know that this won’t be like other holidays you’ve been on, where you can go out and be adventurous and do exactly what you want. Try to keep it as relaxing as possible by not planning too many activities and by scheduling some down-time.

Avoid destinations with the Zika virus

The Zika virus can cause birth defects in babies where the mother is infected. Although the destinations mentioned above were free of a Zika outbreak at the time of writing, be sure to double check the destination before booking on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.


Talking of viruses, make sure you check with your doctor about being up-to-date with any travel vaccinations. There are some vaccinations that contain ‘live’ vaccines which pregnant women may not be allowed, however, your doctor will be able to assess the risk of contracting a virus vs. the risk of the vaccination and best advise you. You can check which travel vaccinations you may need for each region of the world here.

Consider Refundable Flights

When purchasing flights with Alternative Airlines, you have the option to purchase flights which can be returned for a refund. Pregnancy can be uncertain at the best of times, so when planning a babymoon far in advance things may change and you may need your babymoon to change. If the time comes to travel and you don’t feel up for it, or if you baby arrives early, then you won't lose out on money as you can change your mind with a refund. Read more about refundable flights with Alternative Airlines here, including the terms and conditions of the tickets.

Remember: Every pregnancy is different and if you have any concerns about activities and exercise when pregnant, then it is best to consult a medical professional before you travel. Make sure you enjoy your trip and don’t push yourself too hard.

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