Cheap Flights from Manchester to Lahore

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Cheap Flights from Manchester to Lahore

At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights from 600+ airlines including Pakistan International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, British Airways and many more. With that, you also have the option to pay for your flights with over 40 payment methods across 160+ currencies including British Pound Sterling (GBP).

If you wish to make your flights more affordable with flexible payment plans, you can choose to pay with one of our Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and financing options. In the UK, we offer financing options including Klarna, Zip and PayPal Credit.

Cheap Flights from Manchester to Lahore

Flights between Manchester (MAN) to Lahore (LHE) include both direct and indirect flights. Due to the availability of the flights, direct flights may not be available daily. As of August 2020, Pakistan International Airlines is the only airline that offers direct flights between the two destinations.

Manchester to Lahore is a popular route for leisure travellers wanting to visit the destination as well as seeing friends and families. Depending on the period you are flying, prices for these routes can vary and the day you choose to fly will have an impact on the ticket price too.

Direct flights between the two destinations take around 9 hours whereas indirect flights usually last around 12-13 hours. As a general rule, direct flights are often more expensive than indirect flights, and we also show you the cheapest day to fly on using our best fare finder.

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights From Manchester to Lahore

Use our calendar to find the cheapest days to fly

The day you are looking to fly is as important as how far in advance you are booking your flights. For example, departing from Mondays may be cheaper than departing on Fridays. The prices are also affected by ticket availability. Therefore, this is where our best fare calendar comes in to help you find the best date to fly.

The dates on the best fare finder are displayed in three different colours, green, amber and red. Green indicates that flights are cheaper and red days mean ticket prices are relatively more expensive than other days.

Alternative Airlines Cheapest Flights Calendar

Sort your search by the lowest price

When you've started the search and we showed you all the flights available for your route, you can sort the results by the 'Lowest Price'. The cheapest flights will then appear on the top. You can even select 'Direct' on our filter to only show direct flights.

Sort by cheapest flight filter on Alternative Airlines search results (MAN-LHE)

Lowest price by airline

Is there a particular airline you wish to fly with? We can help you find that flight!

On the top of the search result, we show you all the airlines flying between the two destinations and the lowest ticket price they offer.

Once you select the airline, we'll just show you the schedule for that particular airline, so you just need to select the time you want to fly.

Alternative Airlines Cheapest Flight Airlines Banner

Buy Now, Pay Later

How you pay is as important as what you pay.

Choosing different payment methods don't make your flight cheaper, but it could make your flights more affordable by utilising flexible pamyent plans.

Using a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) or financing option means you can spread the full cost of your flights into instalments or monthly payments to up to 18 months. This means you have more flexibility as to how you pay back the cost of your flights.

At Alternative Airlines, we offer PayPal Credit, Klarna and Zip in the UK to help making flights more accessible for you.

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights from Manchester to Lahore

Booking for your next flight from Manchester to Lahore is simple. Follow the steps below:


Enter 'Manchester (MAN)' as the departing airport and 'Lahore (LHE)' as arriving airport, select travelling date using our best fare finder to start your search.

Alternative Airlines Search Form MAN-LHE


Once we've showed you all the flights available for your route, you can either choose the airline you wish to fly with on the top bar in the search results. Or you can sort the results by 'Lowest Prices' with the filter on the left.

Select and confirm your flight selection and proceed to the next step.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results MAN-LHE


Enter all the passenger details and choose the add on you wish to add to your flight.

Scroll down on the page to then select the preferred payment method and select the financing options we provide if you wish to make your flights more affordable.

If you are looking for Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and financing options for your flights, we offer PayPal Credit, Klarna and Zip in the UK.

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