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The Best Burgers in the World

Whether you like them plain, slathered with sauce or piled with toppings, nothing beats a good burger. In celebration of UK National Burger Day, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite burgers from around the world.

In no particular order...

1)The Godburger — Kanazawa, Japan

Good for: living up to expectations

The god burger in faustine zhou

Photo Credit: Faustine Zhou

Giving yourself a name like ‘The Godburger’ is a bold move. It puts you at risk of setting the bar too high and leaving burger-lovers disappointed far and wide. Fortunately, The Godburger — sitting on a quiet street behind the Tokyu Department Store in Kanazawa — knows just how good its burgers are and more than lives up to its name.

You won’t find anything too outlandish at The Godburger, with fried egg, chilli beans and gorgonzola cheese being amongst its most adventurous toppings. But when the patties are this good, who needs all that extra stuff anyway? That’s not to say that The Godburger lacks option, there’s over 15 different burgers to choose from (with one vegetarian burger) and a nice selection of imported beer to wash down it with.

Recommended burger

The flavour-packed bacon cheeseburger, which is also delicious with added avocado.

Take me to Kanazawa

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Alternatively, travel to one of Tokyo’s main airports, Tokyo Haneda (HND) or Tokyo Narita (NRT), and get the high-speed train to Kanazawa.

2) El Corral — Bogotá, Colombia

Good for: when you’re hungry

Featured in our Local’s Guide to BogotáEl Corral is a burger-chain that can be found all throughout Colombia, as well as in parts of Chile, Panama and Ecuador. El Corral is notorious for cooking up the biggest and best burgers in Colombia and, in our opinion, some of the best in the world!

Originally, El Corral opened as a fast-food eatery, commonly found in food courts and big shopping areas within Bogotá. However, today, El Corral has a number of gourmet table-service restaurants (El Corral Gourmet) dotted around the country too, with a significantly different but equally delicious menu. At El Corral Gourmet, you can choose from additional gourmet burger-combos and toppings that can’t be found at the fast-food El Corral, such as a variety of extra cheeses, South American sausage and fried vegetables.

Be prepared, El Corral’s burgers don’t come small. So, make sure you visit on an empty stomach!

Recommended burger

If you want something with a Colombian twist, try the Corral Costeña found at the El Corral fast-food restaurants. This burger is made up of a beef patty, mayonnaise, fried banana chips and queso costeño (a soft and salty cheese originating from the Colombian Carribbean coast).

For a vegetarian option, head to El Corral Gourmet and try the standout Hamburguesa Portobello Apanado con Quinua (breaded cheese-stuffed portobello mushroom burger with honey mustard, tomato, avocado and coriander).

Order your burger with a side of fried yucca and thank us later!

Take me to Bogotá

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3) Tuning Bar&Burger — Budapest, Hungary

Good for: watching how your burger is made

Tuning bar burger


Photo credit: @catetahany

Tuning Bar&Burger is a cosy burger bar in the lively Jewish quarter of Budapest. One of the first things you’ll notice at Tuning Bar&Burger are the TV screens and projectors that show live filming of each individual burger being cooked and carefully assembled in the kitchen.

But, don’t get the wrong idea, this burger joint is much more than just a gimmick. The menu boasts 17 different mouth-watering burgers (one vegetarian option), with each as exciting the next. Perhaps the bravest of the bunch is the Rockefeller Burger, which consists of a beef patty, grilled goose liver, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickles, cheddar, black forest ham, grilled apple, truffle pesto, and saffron mayonnaise.

Each burger is accompanied with a side of coleslaw, fries and a zingy red onion jam.

Recommended burger

The Rockefeller might be Tuning Bar&Burger’s busiest burger but sometimes, less is more.

That’s why our top pick at Tuning’s is the Cheese and Beef Burger. The Cheese and Beef Burger is put together with angus beef patty, lettuce, red onion, pickles and cheddar cheese. The burger is then submerged under a flood of red leicester cheese sauce. It’s a sticky, cheesy, beautiful mess.

Take me to Budapest

Budapest Ferihegy Airport (BUD) is the main airport in Budapest. Airlines that fly to Budapest Ferihegy include RyanairLOT Polish AirlinesVueling and Wizz Air.

4) Flower Burger — Milan, Italy

Good for: Vegan burgers

People holding burgers with unique coloured burger buns


Photo credit:@flower_burger

When it comes to finding the best vegan burger in the world, our vote goes to the fast-food Italian chain, Flower Burger, which was founded in Milan in 2015.

Flower Burger’s menu is seriously fun in both flavour and flash. Not only do the burgers have a selection of amazing patties and tasty toppings (soybean sprouts, tropea onion tartar and magik sauce to name a few), but each burger is placed between a rainbow-coloured bun.

Flower Burger can be found across 10 different cities in Italy, with international restaurants in Rotterdam and Marseille.

Recommended burger

The Tofungo burger. It might be the least spectacular looking of the bunch (see the Cherry Bomb burger and Spicy Chickpea burger for the multi-coloured instagrammable buns), but when it comes to burgers, it’s what's on the inside that counts. The Tofungo burger consists of a smoked tofu and green pea patty, seasoned mushrooms, gentilina lettuce, spinach, tomato and mushroom sauce, all placed between a white multicereal bun.

Take me to Milan

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5) Matt’s Bar – Minneapolis, USA

Good for: the Jucy Lucy

Mats bar jucy lucy


Photo credit:@outtacontrolmn

We couldn’t celebrate national burger day without mentioning one of our favourite style of burgers — the Jucy Lucy. The Jucy Lucy is a specific type of burger that has melted cheese in the middle of the burger, instead of on top.

For the best Jucy Lucy in the world, look no further than Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, which — along with one other restaurant 10 minutes down the road — claims to be the place that invented the Jucy Lucy.

Was Matt’s Bar really the first to do the Jucy Lucy? Only they will ever know. But, what you can be sure of, is that Matt’s Bar 100% does the best Jucy Lucy burger in the world. The patty is cooked to perfection — ever so slightly charred on the outside, while maintaining its tenderness on the inside and oozing with cheese with every bite.

Matt’s Bar is a no-frills type of place. It offers delicious comfort in a basic setting. And to be quite honest, as long as they keep cooking the burgers as well as they do, we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Recommended burger

If you go to Matt’s Bar for anything other than the Jucy Lucy, you only have yourself to blame. Unfortunately, there aren’t any vegetarian or vegan burgers on the menu.

Take me to Minneapolis

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