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Guide on Airlines to the Hardest Destinations to Fly to

Hardest Destinations to Fly to

Information on flying to difficult countries, destinations restricted in aircraft landing areas, countries that don’t have airports and which airlines are flying to unsafe countries. 

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Which Places are hard to visit?

Are you trying to reach a country that is deemed unsafe to travel to? Are you searching for an airline that flies to a destination that is difficult to enter? Alternative Airlines is about finding alternative ways to fly to different countries. Whether it is for business, leisure or countries that are restricted to travel but still have allowed air travel. You can see all the countries and destinations listed below which are hard to visit.

Search and buy flights with Alternative Airlines and find an alternative method of travel into the country you wish to fly to. We understand travellers need to fly back to certain destinations to see their families or visit their home which is where Alternative Airlines is able to help. 

Destinations and Countries hard to fly to:


Why is Andorra hard to visit? 

Andorra is located in the Pyrenees region near Spain and France and is one of the smallest countries in Europe. This makes it hard for aircraft to fly into.

How do I fly to Andorra? 

Toulouse-Blagnac airport (TLS) which is based in France is one of the closest airports to Andorra. Airlines that fly there - easyJet, iberia, British Airways, KLM, TAP Portugal, Air France which you can buy online with Alternative Airlines.

You can also travel to Andorra by flying to Barcelona-El Prat in Barcelona. The airlines that fly there include Ryanair, Avianca, LATAM Airlines, Air Europa, Aeromexico, Delta Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines (MEA) and Aeroflot.


Why is Liechtenstein hard to visit? 

As Liechtenstein is a small country, there are no airports located there. The nearest airport to Liechtenstein is Zurich in Switzerland.

How do I fly to Liechtenstein? 

You can book flights to Liechtenstein with Alternative Airlines to fly to Zurich in Switzerland and then take the train to the Liechtenstein. Airlines that fly to Zurich include easyJet, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Iberia and KLM. If you are looking for domestic flights within Switzerland to then travel on to Liechtenstein, you can book flights on Edelweiss Air, Germania Flug and Helvetic Airways with Alternative Airlines.


Why is Monaco hard to fly to? 

Monaco is described as the safest place in Europe to visit, with grand yachts, cruises and famous for the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is slightly difficult to fly to because it is a small sovereign city state in the French Riviera.

How do I fly to Monaco? 

You cannot fly into Monaco, however, the nearest airport to visit is Cote d’Azur airport located approximately 14 miles away from Monaco in Nice, France. Flights from New York are available and can be booked via Alternative Airlines on airlines including TAP Air Portugal, Aeroflot and Polish LOT airlines.


Why is Nepal hard to fly to? 

Nepal is difficult to fly to because it only has one international airport. Tribuhvan International Airport is located in Kathmandu and is one of the most difficult airports for pilots to land at. The airport doesn't support Instrument Landing System, which means that any pilot that doesn't have the required training will not be able to fly to the airport. 

Additionally, the airport doesn't have many connections outside of Asia, with Turkish Airlines the only airline offering intercontinental flights.

How do I fly to Nepal? 

To fly to Nepal, you must fly into Tribuhavan International Airport, which is located in the capital, Kathmandu. Tribuhavan International offers domestic connections to most other major airports in the country, including Lukla Airport, which is the closest airport to Mount Everest.


Is it safe to fly to Tunisia? 

Tunisia is a relatively safe country to fly to and the beach resorts and tourist attractions are still open for the public. Some governing bodies advise travel to Tunisia, however airlines are still flying to the country.

How do I fly to Tunisia? 

If you are looking to fly to Tunisia, the main airports are Tunis Carthage International Airport, Enfidha - Hammamet and Djerba Zarzis International. Airlines that fly to Tunis Carthage Airport include Lufthansa, Jasmin AirwaysTunisair and Alitalia, Air Malta and Royal Air Maroc, which you can book with the online travel agency Alternative Airlines.

It’s easy to book flights to Djerba with Alternative Airlines on Air France, Turkish Airlines as well as the national carrier Tunisair.


Is it safe to fly to Libya? 

Libya is has experienced internal clashes since the civil uprising in 2011, making the country difficult to fly to. Travel to Libya is advised against and the main International Airport, Tripoli International Airport, is no longer operational so there are no direct flights to that airport. However, flights to Libya have not been suspended and you can still fly to Mitiga Airport in Tripoli.

How do I fly to Libya? 

If you are looking to fly to Libya, you can book flights online with Alternative Airlines to Mitiga Airport, in Tripoli, on the following airlines: Tunisair and Turkish Airlines.

Central African Republic

Is it safe to fly to Central African Republic? 

Central African Republic has seen many clashes in many parts of the country, near Bangui. However, airlines continue to fly there. Bangui M'Poko International Airport is the main airport of Central African Republic where all the international airlines fly into. There are many smaller airports for domestic flights.

How do I fly to Central African Republic? 

Many international airline carriers fly to Bangui M'Poko International Airport in the Central African Republic, which include: Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air France and Air Europa. Domestic airlines that fly into Bangui M'Poko International Airport.


Is it safe to fly to Eritrea? 

Many government bodies advise against all travel to Eritrea due to piracy and landmines, however, we understand that many families and business travellers need to fly there which you can book with Alternative Airlines.

If you are travelling around Eritrea but worried about carrying your bank cards, we recommend the safest way is to link your bank cards to a PayPal account and use PayPal to pay for your flights. That way you won't need to carry any credit or debit card with you and only remember the e-mail address you registered with and the password. Alternative Airlines accepts PayPal to pay for any flight on any airline and we recommend it as a safe method for travel.

How do I fly to Eritrea? 

There are flights to Asmara in Eritrea that you can book via Alternative Airlines. You can fly internationally from London airports on Turkish Airlines, Emirates or bmi Regional. Flights from the US are on EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines. There are also connecting flights which you can contact Alternative Airline about. 


Is the Democratic Republic of Congo safe to visit?

Travel advice to the Congo varies but the general advice is that it is unsafe to visit and The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises all travel to the provinces within Congo. This is due to the unstable situation of military operations and unrest.

How do I fly to the Congo? 

There are flights to Brazzaville (BRZ) based in Congo on Royal Air Maroc, Delta, Kenya Airways or Air France. You can also fly to Pointe Noire on Delta, Brussels Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.

Which of the difficult countries need visas?

Many countries require visas or tourist visas to be able to access the country. Some also need proof of flight ticket that you will be leaving the country so make sure that you have found out if you need a visa to enter a certain country before purchasing your flights and when you are leaving.

Travel Visas are also an option for some countries. You can see all the information on Visas worldwide. If you need proof of airline ticket in order to buy a visa, you can book your flights with Alternative Airlines. Please note of the refundable and non-refundable ticket rules if you are planning to buy a ticket for a visa.

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