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Travel Visas - Know Before You Go

VISA Information

Find out all the information you need to know on visas worldwide, including which countries are visa free and what you should do if your VISA is refused after you've purchased your flight.

Travel visa

What is a travel visa?

A travel visa is an official permission from a country which lets foreign travellers visit or stay within that country for a specified amount of time. Travel visas usually come in the form of a physical document and the necessity to acquire one will depend on your nationality, the destination you're travelling to and how long you intend to stay in that destination.

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How to get a travel visa?

To obtain a VISA, you must fill out an application form and send it to the nearest embassy or consulate of the country you're visiting. The quickest way to get an application form is to visit the embassy website of the country you're visiting and download one from there. Alternatively, you can call the embassy or consulate of the country that you're visiting to schedule an appointment or find out any information specific to the visa rules of that country.

You can also find out the countries hard to fly to and see the airlines that are flying to them.

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My visa application has been refused, but I've already paid for my airline ticket

Don't panic! If you've bought an airline ticket and your visa application has been refused, you're almost guaranteed a refund, even if you've purchased a non-refundable airline ticket. Most airlines issue refunds when your visa application is refused if you provide them with proof of refusal (in the form of an official letter from the embassy or consulate). If you wish to request a refund because of a refused visa application, please send a copy of the refusal letter to us and we'll contact the airline to get the refund.

Visa Free Countries

The following countries are visa-free for US, UK, Australian and Canadian citizens:

  • Argentina: 90 days
  • Albania: 90 days
  • Bahamas: 8 months (3 months if Australian)
  • Barbados: 6 months
  • Bolivia: 90 days (Americans require a visa)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: 90 days
  • Botswana: 90 days
  • Brazil: 90 days (Americans require an e-visa)
  • Brunei: 90 days (14 days for Canadians, Australians must pay a fee)
  • Bulgaria: 90 days
  • Chile: 90 days (Australians must pay a fee)
  • Colombia: 90 days (Canadians must pay a fee)
  • Costa Rica: 90 days
  • Croatia: 90 days
  • Cyprus: 90 days
  • Ecuador: 90 days
  • Fiji: 4 months
  • Georgia: 365 days
  • Guatemala: 90 days
  • Honduras: 90 days
  • Indonesia: 30 days
  • Israel: 3 months
  • Japan: 180 days
  • Kazakhstan: 30 days
  • Macedonia: 90 days
  • Malaysia: 90 days
  • Mexico: 180 days
  • Moldova: 90 days
  • Mongolia: 90 days (30 days if Canadian, UK & Australia require a visa)
  • Morocco: 90 days
  • Namibia: 90 days
  • New Zealand: 30 days (6 months for UK, no restrictions for Australia)
  • Panama: 180 days
  • Peru: 183 days
  • Republic of Ireland: 90 days (no restrictions for UK)
  • Romania: 90 days
  • Serbia: 90 days
  • Singapore: 90 days (30 days if Canadian)
  • South Africa: 90 days
  • South Korea: 90 days
  • Taiwan: 90 days
  • Thailand: 60 days (reapply after 30 days)
  • The Philippines: 2 years (with monthly extensions)
  • Tunisia: 90 days
  • Ukraine: 90 days (15 days if Australian)
  • United Kingdom: 6 months
  • Vietnam: 30 days

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