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Buy flights with Nano

Buy Flights with Nano

Buying flights and paying using Nano (XNO) is made easy thanks to Alternative Airlines. You can use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights from over 600 global airlines and checkout using one of the 70+ cryptocurrency options that we offer. Use this guide to discover more, including how you can book flights using Nano. 

Explore a diverse selection of over 70 cryptocurrencies, featuring Nano, which is just one the cryptocurrencies we offer. Opt for renowned choices like Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, Binance Coin, and Ethereum, or utilise alternative options like Neo, Bitcoin SV, Fantom, Harmony, Jasmy, plus many more. Check out the guide below to seamlessly book flights using Nano or discover the full spectrum of cryptocurrency options available.

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What is XNO?

Nano Coin (XNO) is a digital currency. It was designed to enable fast transactions, with zero fees. XNO was founded in 2014, and launched in 2017, and has grown rapidly since, with a big following in the crypto community. XNO was originally known as RaiBlocks (XRB), but became Nano as part of a rebranding, with the aim of targeting mainstream adoption.

How does Nano Coin work?

The majority of other cryptocurrencies use blockchain, which is a leading distributed ledger technology, best known for being used by popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. Nano is a bit different. It combines elements of blockchain with a DAG (directed acyclic graph) algorithm. This means that each Nano account has its own blockchain, which stores its transaction and balance history - only the owner of the account controls it. This system also means that, by nature, it remains lightweight, and can ensure a much faster processing time compared to other digital currencies.

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Benefits of Buying Flights with Nano (XNO)?

Nano is a digital currency, developed to provide a reliable and viable alternative to fiat currencies. Nano has a number of key advantages compared to other payment currencies. Perhaps the best qualities about the coin is its simplicity, compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Nano is Easy to Use

By design, Nano is simple and easy to use, even for beginners to digital currencies.

There are No Fees

There are no fees incurred by making digital transactions. This makes the currency the perfect choice for those looking to buy and sell other digital coins and tokens!

Transactions are Instant

In fact, all transactions are completed in less than a second. XNO is the perfect option for quickly paying friends and family, as well as smaller, ‘everyday’ micropayments, such as paying the rent, buying goods in a store, or sending money across borders.

Nano is Growing

The system has unlimited scalability; the team behind the Nano Coin has stated that they have a mission to make it a global currency.

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What Airlines accept XNO Payments?

At Alternative Airlines, you can make flight transactions using Nanon, a cryptocurrency payment accepted on our website across more than 600 airlines. While it's not a common option offered by many airlines, we provide you with the opportunity to conveniently book your flights using Nano. You can purchase flight tickets and utilize Nano for payments with a wide range of airlines, including American AirlinesDeltaSouthwestFrontierSpiritAllegiant AirAlaska AirlinesUnited AirlinesJetBlueSun Country AirlinesAir CanadaBritish AirwayseasyJetQantas and numerous other airlines worldwide.

Step 1 - Search for Flights

How to Buy Flights Using XNO?

Search for flights

Start by using the search bar at the top of the page. Enter your departing and arriving airport, travel date(s), the number of passengers and your cabin class. Click 'Search Flights'. 

When you've found the flight for you, select 'Confirm Selection' to be taken to the checkout area.

Step 2 - Select Cryptocurrency

How to Buy Flights Using XNO?

Select Cryptocurrency

Once you've completed the passenger details section, simply scroll down to explore the diverse array of payment options offered by Alternative Airlines. To opt for XNO payment, begin by clicking on the 'Cryptocurrency Payment' choice.

Step 3 - Select Nano (XNO)

How to Buy Flights Using XNO?

Select XNO

Choose 'Nano (XNO)' as your preferred payment method. Once selected, you'll notice a checkmark beside your choice. To finalize the transaction, just click 'Confirm Payment' located at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 - Confirm booking with Nano

How to Buy Flights Using XNO?

Book your flight with Nano

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete your flight payment using Nano. Once the payment is processed, we'll promptly send you your tickets. Booking a flight with XNO is a straightforward process, and you're all set for your upcoming journey!

If you prefer to use alternative tokens such as Bitcoin, Tether, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, UTK, CRO for flight purchases, you can click the provided links to learn more about the respective payment procedures.


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Nano for Flights FAQS

What is Nano?

Nano describes itself as a decentralised, sustainable, and secure digital currency. Nano has the aim of empowering individuals, with the most efficient and accessible digital money on the market.

Can I buy flights with Nano?

Alternative Airlines allows you to pay for any flight you would like to buy using Nano and select from over 600 global airlines. This means that there are 600 airlines that accept Nano as a payment method when using Alternative Airlines.

How long would my Nano transaction take?

A Nano transaction can take less than a second which is faster than Bitcoin (normally takes 10 minutes to an hour). Until then your flight transactions will show as pending. If you're having problems trying to locate your flight transaction, you can contact us by email and our team will be on hand to help.

What is the currency code for Nano?

The currency code for Nano is XNO. Many people also refer to Nano as XNO.

Why should I use Nano to buy flights?

As it’s quick, reliable, and instant, Nano makes checkout super fast and easy. As it’s digital, there is no need to go hunting for your debit or credit cards. What’s more, there are absolutely no transaction fees. So no matter where in the world you are, or no matter where you want to travel to, Nano is the perfect way to pay.

Can I buy Nano in US dollars (USD)?

Currently, you’ll have to deposit another cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or Ethereum, into the exchange, then trade those coins for Nano. Nano is widely available on popular crypto exchanges around the world.

Can I use Nano to buy flights?

Yes, you can! Book through Alternative Airlines and you can choose from over 70 cryptocurrency options when booking your flights. Choose from hundreds of international airlines, including all major carriers as well as many smaller regional airlines, and checkout using your preferred crypto coin. Some of our cryptocurrency options include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DSH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT).

Thanks to our cryptocurrency provider Coingate, we also offer Dogecoin (DOGE)Cardano (ADA)Basic Attention Token (BAT)AragonAlgorand and Bitcoin Cash, as well as many other cryptocurrency options.

What are some of the other cryptocurrencies I use to buy flights in?

Alternative Airlines allows you to reserve your flights using a variety of virtual currencies. You can also use many other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, CRO, USDT and numerous additional options. Discover the full list of cryptocurrencies you can utilize to purchase your flight tickets and explore our blog to learn about the reasons to buy flights with cryptocurrencies for flight bookings.